Belkin TuneStudio for iPod

Belkin TuneStudio for iPod – A Quick Review

The Belkin TuneStudio is that the initial 4-channel audio mixer that enables you to produce high-quality digital recordings together with your iPod. This iPod mixer permits the input of up to four totally different instruments or audio sources. Audio is recorded on to your iPod for immediate playback.

TuneStudio is compact, portable, and hard enough to face up to life in an exceeding rehearsal space or on the road. Bands will simply connect devices and microphones to TuneStudio and use their iPods to record jam sessions. If you are a podcaster, use the TuneStudio mixer to record your shows to iPod either in an exceedingly studio or on location.

Additional applications for the TuneStudio include: capturing and sharing lectures, shows and seminars; capture and distribution of company meeting minutes, and therefore the creation of audio-based coaching materials.
Despite its promise, initial impressions are not favorable, because the device sounds like a 6-year-old’s builder set. however, any doubts quickly dissolve after you realize the device is more durable and additional skilled than it’s. Of course, the concentration is that iPod dock, and therefore the TuneStudio comes with some of the spacers to permit it to figure with totally different iPods.
The layout of the mixer ought to be acquainted with most musicians and podcasters, with a row for every one of the four tracks, associate effects section and a friendly level meter instantly below wherever the iPod sits.
All the buttons feel fairly rugged, however, the degree and tone controls do wobble a bit if you apply enough pressure. The potentiometers below the knobs are plastic and not metal, thus road-ruggedness isn’t assured. Our solely alternative issue with the look is that the “Peak” lightweight on every track is not visible enough, then it is simple to push every channel to distortion.
Despite its transportable appearance, the mixer runs off an influence adapter solely. this is often a shame as batteries would have supplementary to its utility.
TuneStudio: it’s huge and friendly and is capable of semi-professional results. It actually sounds higher than what you’ll be able to get out of a TASCAM recording equipment.
Forget multitracking onto the iPod — the Voice Memos application designed into the player will not support it: it’s Stereo recordings solely. The device is barely helpful during this incarnation after you wish to record a band, or cluster of speakers, at once. thus sleeping room guitarists trying to create demo tapes needn’t apply.
Recordings on to iPod and thanks to the constraints of the Voice Memos application we have a tendency to may solely record it live — there is no overdubbing capability.
The recorder is capable of quite a little bit of headroom, with a comparatively smart signal to noise magnitude relation of 90dB. however, it wasn’t at risk of droning interference from computers as some low-cost mix desks are often. whereas the sound quality can rely upon your microphones and instruments we have a tendency to had smart results with a Rode NT1000.
Where the TuneStudio comes into its own and is as a USB mixer, and that assumes this is often what most musicians can use it for. Connecting it to the laptop may be a snap, and although the name that the ASIO4. All driver gave it absolutely was incomprehensible — an extended string of numbers — we have a tendency to were able to use the Belkin in Cubase with no lag or dropouts.
The mechanical device and it did a decent job of pressure a voice and guitar while not adding any further noise.
While there is a conjoint basis also associate daunting quantity of knobs — significantly within the playback section — the manual is incredibly smart and also offers tips to newcomers on combining weight and mike placement.

A High-Quality Four-Channel Mixer
The first of its kind, the TuneStudio may be a four-channel mixer letting digital recordings created directly onto associate iPod at 16-bit 44 rate quality in uncompressed WAV format for crystal clear audio. Recorded things are often contending back instantly. Audio is streamed although the integral USB interface to and from a laptop or mac. TuneStudio conjointly works as an associate external sound card, permitting input and output of audio to a laptop from its connectors.
Each channel includes a 3-band combining weight and pan and level controls. High-quality phantom-power-enabled XLR inputs give up to 60 decibels of mike gain and a high-quality stereo mechanical device with makeup gain enhances audio dynamics and keeps audio levels at intervals the recording limits of the iPod. Compression is controlled by one knob. The TuneStudio options LEDs to point master audio level, power standing, peak indications, and compression.

Record Jam Sessions whereas on the tour
The TuneStudio is compact and rugged, creating it ideal for bands on the road because it will face up to life on the road. Jam sessions are often simply recorded by merely attaching instruments and microphones to the TuneStudio.

For those inquisitive about an additional transportable recording resolution, like for interviews, the Belkin GoStudio conjointly provides high-quality uncompressed recording directly onto the iPod.


• Records directly into associate iPod Video or iPod Classic in 16-bit, 44kHz quality
• A high quality stereo mechanical device with frame gain enhances audio dynamics and keeps audio levels at intervals recording limits of the iPod
• Plays back audio directly from the iPod while not the necessity of a laptop or mac pc
• Phantom power enabled XLR inputs to give up to 60 decibels of mike gain.
• Streams audio through a USB interface to and from a laptop or mac pc.
• Each channel is supplied with 3-band combining weight, pan, and level controls
• LEDs indicate master audio level, power standing, peak indication, mechanical device activity, and recording standing
The TuneStudio is presently compatible with:
• iPod nano (3rd generation), 4GB and 8GB
• iPod classic, 80GB and 160GB
• iPod nano (2nd generation), 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB
• iPod 5th generation (video), 30GB, 60GB, and 80GB
The iPod dock section leans towards the gimmicky, however, the mixer itself is great. If you are looking for an easy-to-use USB mixer that is additionally able to build impromptu recordings on the go, the TuneStudio is a wonderful alternative.