B.C. Rich Stealth Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Guitar

B.C. Rich Stealth Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Guitar

B.C. Rich is a music instrument manufacturing brand that specializes in the making of bass guitars and electric guitars. It is founded in 1969 by Bernardo Chavez in Los Angeles, California and was known for its guitar’s atypical body shapes which pose as a unique characteristic to distinguish from other guitar-making companies.

B.C. Rich guitars used to be a brand for guitars in a five-and-ten store for a range of genres, but are more connected to heavy metal because of its badass shells and the sharp-edge sounds. With the distinct exterior features that make it different to Rock n Roll guitars or Country guitars, it was eye-catching. Since the vocalist and guitarist, Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. was fascinated by their guitars, B.C. Rich started focusing on the mental side of genres within the markets. It was the fundamental equipment to have for the revolutionary craze of heavy metal. The beginning of a new era, B.C. Rich is used by the most famous artists around the world.

Artists such as Michael Antony from Van Halen, Carlos Alomar who has worked with David Bowie and Tom Araya have been using and recommend B.C. Rich guitars. One of the best is the brutal guitarist of Slayer, Kerry King, who supports B.C. Rich’s guitars and plays them with the talent and blood-thirsty skills that emerge from the guitar. Even the gun-blazing, rose-blooming Slash (aka Saul Hudson) uses B.C.

Rich guitars and owning a custom-made guitar by B.C Rich, known as “Slash Bich”. B.C. Rich is listed as the No.1 go-to company for its guitars that bring heavy metal alive since it is the definition of black, infernal and soul-absorbing.

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Charles Michael “Chuck” Schuldiner (aka “The Godfather of Death Metal”) was one of the initiators or pioneers of the Death Metal music genre and was ranked top 10 in 2009 as one of the greatest metal guitarists. To pay a tribute to Schuldiner’s death in 2001 due to brain cancer, B.C. Rich has released a special type of their Stealth model series, which was mainly used by Schuldiner. The B.C. Rich Stealth Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Guitar is a one-pickup guitar with explorer-like rounded body shape, light in weight and rebel-looking in design that will fit perfectly in the hands of death metal guitar players.

B.C. Rich Stealth Schuck Schuldiner Tribute Guitar is a combination consisting of all the best features that any guitarists would need to have. It has alder body wings with a beveled edge around the top integrated to the mahogany neck. Usually, alder material and maple are designed to combine together, but this is a sporadic and exclusive occurrence for B.C. Rich. Its maple neck and fine-ebony material used for the fretboard with 24 jumbo frets and 24 5/8” scale length allows the guitarist to freely move among the neck.

A wrap-around bridge and a Dimarzio X2N Humbucker pickup aim to put the tube amps on its hottest model to project a very high-gained and bright tone with only just one volume control to display the same sounds for the remembrance of Schuldiner’s tone. This can be very astonishing to professional guitarists and collectors out there. What makes this guitar, even more, lavishing and value-packed is that it is hand-crafted with the emotions being laid upon it for Schuldiner’s 18 years of presence in this world since his debut.

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• Body Shape: Star
• Body Type: Solid body
• Body Wood: Alder
• Bridge: Wrap-around B.C. Rich Quad bridge
• Number of Pickups: 1
• Bridge Pickup Type: Active Humbucker
• Controls: 1 volume
• Neck Wood: Mahogany
• Neck Joint/Construction: Neck-through
• Fretboard Material: Ebony
• Frets: 24 jumbo – 5/8”
• Scale length: 24 – 5/8”
• Fretboard Inlays: Diamond
• Hardware: Chrome
• Number of Strings: 6
• Pickup Switch Type: 3-way pickup selector
• Pickup: Dimarzio X2N
• Pickup Configuration: Single-coil
• Top Style: Bevel top
• Tuners: Grover Mini Rotomatics
• Weight: 2.99 Kg
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 50.8 x 127 x 20.3 cm

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The onyx finish gives this B.C. Rich Stealth Schuck Schuldiner Tribute Guitar smooth and attractive finish, which is specifically designed for those who want an all-black instrument that lasts for decades. The use of this finish gives the color black a variation that mesmerizes its audience with its voluptuous curves and style. The price is still yet to be announced, due to its possible unavailability in the current market. If you are into guitars, or you are a guitarist or even a collector of rare guitars, then be prepared to save up for this miraculously created artwork. It is definitely worth having.

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