Boyana Atanasova


Best Speakers for EDM

Finding the best speakers for EDM events can be harassing since many companies do not show all their products or even make it difficult to see all options on offer. You’re head of the production, making a fresh, original mix for the club’s soundtrack. You have to nail it; the quality of the next DJ …

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Best Speakers for Garage

Whether you are looking to host hobbies, hobbies, or your businesses need music for entertaining clients, there is no shame in wanting to make sure you sound good. Finding the best speakers for your garage is essential. Agitate: While some speaker models do well on paper, they might not be compatible with all your cars’ …

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Best vocal compressor

You know the pain of getting a good vocal sound as an indie musician, you need to be able to control noise, nuance, and dynamics. That is where Compressors come into the picture. Muddy vocals and bad-sounding recordings can ruin a big chunk of your musical life. if you’re looking for the best vocal compressor, …

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