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Best Bass Synth Pedal

As a bass player, you want to get the most out of your instrument. You’re not looking for shiny gadgets or gimmicks, you want it to be easy to play and sound good. Finding the best bass synth pedal can be a soul-sucking hell. You need to sift through countless hours of Youtube videos, Google …

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Best Beginner Banjo

How to choose a good banjo if you are a beginner musician? Well, It’s a delicate instrument with many different strings, styles, tunings and bodies. Not to mention so many banjo types! When choosing the best beginner banjo, it can be hard work to find the right one. This is where best beginner banjo can …

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Best Denon Receiver

Who is the best friend of an audio contractor? An audio receiver solves audio challenges easily and transfers signals to every nook and corner without a hassle. We know you want to have such a receiver, perfect for new or existing AV systems because having a professional audio system is a must. Whether for sound …

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Best Record Players Under $100 (Honest Reviews) | Top 10 Turntables

We are living in a global village. Every possible process is being digitized for remote communications. But some physical quantities are more fascinating in their classical form as compare to the digital one. The most common example is ‘music’. The analog version of the sound is more pleasing. One of the beautiful aspects of nature …

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