Boyana Atanasova

Best SACD Player

Are you a person who enjoys listening to quality music and watching high-quality videos? If yes, then an SACD player is the best option for you. In the market, there are various models and brands of SACD players, so it is difficult to identify the best one. Worry less; this article is going to guide …

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Best Grand Piano

Best Grand Piano

Do you just love the sound of a digital piano? Which one really is the best digital grand piano?    I know that with a wide variety of choices, it is difficult to narrow down your options to just one. But you need make up your mind, in order to actually obtain your dreams of having …

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best el84 tubes

Best EL84 Tubes

If you are using tube amp for quite a sometime, then you must know how hard it is finding a suitable replacement amp tubes in the market. Most of the standard tube amp either get blown out easily or worn out after a short period. Another major issue with an ordinary tube amp is that …

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Piano Key Sizes

The piano is an aural, stringed and wired pleasant-sounding instrument that was first devised in Italy. Initially, the device was played by striking the hammers on the strings present in the setup. The instrument is designed with a keyboard set which contains multiple black and white keys. By pressing the keys alternatively or simultaneously using …

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Types of piano brand

Types of piano brand

Pianos for the past more than three centuries have evolved in many ways. And only during the twentieth-century electric pianos that are also vintage instruments were made to create music.  But it was in a mechanical method of capturing the sound by an electromagnetic transducer.  But still, there is a demand for the traditional acoustic …

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