Ashdown Little Giant Bass Amps

Ashdown Little Giant Bass Amps – All that You Need to Know

If you are a bass player looking for amplification power without needing an extra van for your amp only, you can check the new Ashdown amps out, the Ashdown Little Giant Bass Amps are powerful and compact bass head amps, available in 2 flavors Little Giant 1000 and 350, that provide rich sound that can be customized via its buttons and controls, and only 6.6lbs (7.7 on the 1000 version).

The specifications of the Ashdown Little Giant Bass Amps are very similar in the 2 models, but for the power output (1000 and 350 watts respectively) and the speaker output (1 or 2 4 ohms Speakon/Jack outputs), and are from 25Hz to 25kHz frequency response, 80dB SNR, hi/low instrument input, line input and output, DI output, effects loop, 7-band EQ with frequency knobs, EQ on/off, shape, active input, and deep buttons and input gain and output level controls.

Both models have a fluorescent color that will help you in dark environments.

Ashdown Little Giant Bass Amps are now available in three sizes, offering 35, 100, and 300 watts of power
Interest: The Little Giant 75 offers more than 7 lbs. of reliable, EL34-driven power
It’s an ideal companion for a bassist looking to replace his current amp or a guitarist looking for a 300-watt head to power a cab.
It has a 30-band graphic EQ with Mid shift, plus a range of engaging features including DI out, tuner, and headphone output.

Ashdown has more than 30 years’ experience in designing and building professional bass amplifiers. We are proud of our heritage and continue to produce high-quality products that will stand the test of time. With the Little Giant series, we have combined robust construction with the latest technology features to create an affordable range of amplifiers that won’t let you down.

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The Little Giant™ Bass amps are the cornerstone of Ashdown’s portfolio and have a dedicated worldwide following. Making use of patented technologies the Little Giants share the DNA of all Ashdown Audio products, they are made using only premium quality components to provide an exceptional level of performance.

Little Giant Bass Amplifiers are the world’s smallest full power bass amps. The amplifier delivers 185 Watts of power with a 2×10 or 2×8 configuration and has a flexible clean channel, sweep mid-EQ, and an adaptive overdrive channel as well as being microprocessor controlled for ultimate sound control. These amplifiers come complete with industry-leading Ashdown cover technology featuring amp cover security straps, silent tune, and built-in mains chuck.
The Little Giant is a powerful 2-channel preamp and power amp combination featuring Ashdown’s flagship Hamilton 1215 Series amplifier modules. This full-spectrum system has been carefully voiced to deliver a strong bottom end and smooth highs essential to reproducing a big bass tone. The front panel is packed with features including gain, contour, peak level, 3-band active EQ, effects loop, and XLR DI output. Use the XLR out to feed an external mixer or recorder for no loss of quality when playing live or recording direct.

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Featuring the all-new EL34 output tubes, an inverted Darlington circuit topology, high-headroom driver stages, and a new gain section that allows this chameleon of an amp to perform as either a tiny practice amp or a gigantic concert amp with power and clarity that will floor your audience. The Little Giant Bass head sounds enormous and weighs next to nothing.

The Little Giant is the perfect bass head for a gigging player who has to be on top of his game every night. It’s small, light, and loud. It has lots of useful features that can be found on other amps but in a format never before seen. The Little Giant features three channels (Clean, Crunch, and Lead), two foot-switchable channels with: – MIDI footswitch control – Terz-DI output for use with rack systems – Three digital effects built into the front panel with the bypass in real-time – 100 presets (including 50 for bass) that are easily accessible by the built.

The Ashdown Little Giant Bass Amp is a powerful bass amplifier with a 12-inch, 200-watt Neodymium speaker and loads of added features. For example, in addition to an overdrive circuit and two EQ sections, the Little Giant includes a tuner output for silent tuning, a footswitch input for amp channel control, an aux input for MP3s, and onboard reverb. A crossover adds extra punch to the low end while protecting the driver from overloading. The CCB-200 has a variety of controls that let you shape your sound with precision.

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Ashdown Little Giant bass amplifiers have emerged as one of the most widely sought after and used amp heads on the planet. The Little Giant range offers a wide choice of tones from the versatile EL84 based single-channel Series One to the classic tone of the classic triode Mode One – as well as a variety of extra features that ensure series one not only exceeds your expectations but remains easy to use at all times.

The Ashdown Little Giant series of amps provides big, high-quality power to bass players wherever they are. They’re equally at home on stage, in the studio, or at practice and come in a variety of formats to suit every player’s requirements. The Little Giant 12, packed with 400 watts of clean power, is ideally suited for larger rehearsal rooms, as well as studios and smaller venues where portability and weight are of paramount importance.

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When you want the best tone for your bass, you need a powerful amplifier. Ashdown’s Little Giants has a wide range of models with highly advanced features to ensure that every note is perfectly reproduced, and has custom-made speakers to provide true vintage sound. With its small size and user-friendly design, this range of little giants will quickly become your bass rhythm section.

Little Giant bass amps represent our philosophy that tone comes first. With a sleek color scheme incorporating the iconic Ashdown diamond, this range of lightweight and portable bass amplifiers all feature Ashdown speaker technology and include different classes of emulated speaker circuits and preamp options. The legacy of Ashdown tone lives on in the new Little Giant amps.


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