About Us

Editor: Alex
Co-Founder & Planner: Richard
Co-Founder & CTO: Calvin

Music is a language universal to all. Around the world, it is one common language understood and enjoyed by all and we at musicgadets.net take it upon ourselves to provide you with the honest music reviews to make your day livelier with the love of music.
How did it begin?

We are a team of passionate musicians, bonded together with the love of music in addition to the bond of friendship we share. It was one fine day that we were all enjoying the lovely musical tunes that we stumbled upon the idea of sharing our love for music and musical instruments with the people around us. And from that point onwards we started our musical journey where we review music, music instruments, and audios, make music and spread love with like-minded people in the world of music.

Although we must say, initially the task in itself was pretty daunting. With no background with tech whatsoever and having the courage to start up our own site from scratch seemed pretty frightening. However, with some thorough research and help from a couple of friends who supported the idea, we were finally able to lay the foundation of our website https://www.MusicGadgets.net!

Why Music Gadgets?

The name Music Gadgets was the brainchild of our group and we considered the need to come up with a site that did insightful blogs on music.
Of course, we did come across tons of websites and blogs which shared the material on music, however, there was a lack of properly detailed guides on instrumentation, their use, and whatnot. We felt that the community was not guided properly when it came to reviewing the audio pieces or guiding them through the process of selecting the right instrument to play.

Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to help out the community with our knowledge and experience in the field. Not only do we practice with various instruments put also present ways in which one can practice and improve from them. At the same time, we promote the care of these instruments through our review blogs, which not only critique the brands but also put forward how each of these could be played. Hence as self-evident, the name Music Gadget sounded simple, yet articulately conveyed the idea behind the website.

Now that you have an idea to the initiation of this project, and know our musical intentions to do so, you can clearly gauge whether you will benefit from the site or not. All in all, we promise to deliver the best reviews in their essence, something that you will be able to benefit from and not some random jargon that only spoils the music mood. So if you are someone looking for some serious music and cannot compromise on the quality of content then Music Gadgets is the place for you!

How Do We Rate the Gear?

One more thing that you probably are concerned about is the method or ways we deploy to test and review the various gears that we present in our blogs. Rest assured, we use each instrument and get is tested by our team of experts. Once tested we get their point of view and then that is compiled to give a ranking of what we think. In order to remove the bias, we test the instruments and music on a number of experts and not just a selected few lots. This gives us a better understanding of the various parameters to test and scale.

Another method we deploy is to get views of our audience in the comments. Whosoever has used a certain instrument, say a guitar X and guitar Y we take into account their viewpoint before coming up with our own comprehensive debate over the topic. Plus you might get confused as to how do we rate the instruments, whether it’s the price, the warranty, ease of use, the sound. Well, to put it out there, we gauge the performance not solely on a single factor, rather the ranking is a cumulative result of a number of performances criterion.

What the team of Music Gadgets has to say?

We at Music Gadgets are proud of what we do every day and love it when our audience praises and acknowledges the effort we put in to deliver the best to the music world. Each day our experts and musicians, think of creative ways to make instruments and good music accessible to the fanatics. We test and discuss the best practices of using different instruments and make sure that in no way our audience is disappointed.

Your feedback and comments are our driving forces. They tend to point out areas of improvement and at the same time motivate us to produce better and quality content for you guys on the go. So do not hesitate and let us know what you think of the content and reviews being put up on the site. Since we are relatively new in the business we welcome and cherish ideas and pointers for improvement by our audiences.
So if you feel like something needs to be improved or there is some fault with something write back to us without hesitation, we will definitely take steps to satisfy your music desires.