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Vox Mark III Limited Edition Guitar

Vox Mark III Limited Edition Guitar

Vox has released a limited edition reissue of one of the most characteristic guitars in the rock history, it has been called the Vox Mark III Limited Edition Guitar. The amp company’s replica of the guitar once owned by the late Rolling Stones guitar player Brian Jones, have the same tear-drop look and details than the original one but with improved playability.

The Vox Mark III Limited Edition Guitar features aspen hardwood body, maple neck, slight V profile, rosewood fingerboard, 22 medium jumbo frets, 2 vintage Alnico single-coil pickups, pickup selector switch and volume and tone controls.

This limited edition guitar will feature only one finish, a cool combination of white body with chrome pickguard. The Vox Mark III Limited Edition Guitar availability and price have not been announced yet.

Vox DA10CL & DA20CL Classic Range Amps

Vox DA10CL & DA20CL Classic Range AmpsAfter the success of the DA portable amps release, including the press award in MusikMesse for the DA5 model, Vox has unveiled two new amps from this serie. The Vox DA10CL and DA20CL digital amps are similar the their non-classic brothers and feature the classic design of Vox amps but with a huge range of sounds in a very compact format.

The Vox DA10CL & DA20CL Classic Range Amps feature 10 or 20-watts power output, 11 amp models (from clean to hi gain distortioned sounds), 11 built-in digital effects (including auto-wah, chorus, delay, reverb, compressor, … and some combinations between them), 2 x 6.5″ or 2 x 8″ Vox original speakers, 1/4″ jack, aux (to connect the CD or MP3 player) and mic inputs, and 1 line, to record connecting it directly to the mixer or the recorder, or headphones, to practice since this output cancels the speaker output, output.

Like the recently released DA5 model, this amps can be powered by 4 C batteries but to have a longer battery life they can lower lower its power output to 1.5 or 0.5-watts without losing the amp tone. The Vox DA10CL & DA20CL Classic Range Amps will be available on November and its approximate street price will be $280.

Vox Heritage Collection AC30H2

Vox Heritage Collection AC30H2Yesterday Vox released two new products, one of them was the amPlug amp and the other is another product to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Vox amps. The Vox Heritage Collection AC30H2 is not a reissue of an old amp, all the components are from the 50’s and 60’s and are hand-wired so it will have a true original Vox sound.

The Vox Heritage Collection AC30H2 features 2 channels (1958 EF86 preamp and 1963 top boost channels), dual inputs for both channels and o/p (pentode and triode modes) and top cut (provides a high cut) switches. The channel 1 has bass shift mode (2 modes, the first one provides a corrected bass response and the second one a tight bass response), EF86 mode (pentode and triode) and brilliance (3 modes, off, for flat response, 1, for a sound like the early AC30 amps and 2, for the original brilliance) switches and level control, while the channel 2 features 2-band EQ and volume control.

The amp has the same TV-like design that made famous the Vox amps in the beginning. The price of the Vox Heritage Collection AC30H2 is $1,865 but its availability has to be announced yet.

UPDATE (2007.10.08): Vox has unveiled 2 more models of the Heritage Collection with identical features as the AC30H2 model, the amps are AC30H2L combo and AC30HH head amps.

Vox amPlug

Vox amPlug

We have seen a lot of solutions for amp portability needs like the Boxthing Metal Monster, the Fender G-DEC or the just released Carr Mini-Mercury amps, even one that doesn’t look like an amp, the Stethoscope Amp, but the today’s new release is probably the one that surprised me most. The Vox amPlug is a really small and portable headphone amp (3.39″ width, 3.15″ depth and 1.22″ height) that has the classic Vox amp design that can be used to play anywhere or to practice at night.

The Vox amPlug features 100% analog circuit, analog modeling technology with simulated response from amps and aux input to play with you CD/MP3 player. There 3 models available, the Vox amPlug AC30, obviously, emulates the classic AC30 sound, the Vox amPlug Classic Rock, reproduces the high-gained sound of a 100W Marshall amp, and Vox amPlug Metal that will be the perfect headphone amp for US-made metal amps.

These headphone amps are powered by AAA batteries and they last up to 15 hours. The Vox amPlug amps’ approximate price will be $190, but their availability has to be announced yet.

Vox Expands DA Series Amps

Vox Expands DA Series AmpsVox released at MusikMesse two new amps for their DA Series, the Vox DA10 and Vox DA20. The DA Series features portable amps with digital effects, which amplifier output power can be 0.5 W, 1.5 W and MAX. This amps are perfect for home or on the road practice, they are small but conserve the Vox tone even at lower volume levels.

The Vox DA10 and DA20 amps feature 11 different amp styles (from clear clean to saturated overdrive sound), 11 different effects (compressor, auto wah, delay, reverb, …), 24-bit signal processing (in D/A and A/D), two 6.5″ (DA10) or two 8″ (DA20) speakers, mic (for singing while playing) and aux (for CD/MP3 inputs) inputs, line/headphones output (for practicing or recording directly to a mixer).

The Vox DA Series amps comes with black vinyl finish and can be powered with DC power or four C batteries. They will be available next June but ots price has to be announced yet.

Vox AC15 Heritage Head & Cabinet

Vox AC15 Heritage Head & CabinetVox released in Winter NAMM ’07 show the AC15 Heritage Combo to pay tribute to the AC15 as a part of the Heritage series. At MusikMesse Vox has unveiled the AC15 Heritage Head & Cabinet from the same series. This amp features the classic sound of the Vox’s first amps but modified to the nowadays guitar player’s needs.

The Vox AC15 Heritage Head & Cabinet features 15 watts, 2 channels (EF86, with 3-way Brilliance switch, and Top Boost channels), one EF86 preamp, three ECC83/12AX7, one EL84 and one EZ81 rectifier tubes, pentode/triode mode switch, bass shift switch, treble and bass controls for Top Boost channel, master VOX Top Cut control and Celestion AlNiCo “Blue” 12″ speaker.

The head (AC15HTVH) and the cabinet (V112HTV) has been designed as the amps from the vintage “TV Front” finish series that gives them a cool retro look. The Vox AC15 Heritage Head & Cabinet will be available in July 2007 but its price has to be announced yet.

Vox ValveTronix XL Amps

Vox ValveTronix XL AmpsVox is also on the MusikMesse show introducing a new line of tube amps with amp modeling, the Vox ValveTronix XL series. Specifically designed for hard rock music players, the ValveTronix XL amps feature sound from VT and Chrome series. The series consists in three models AD15VT-XL, AD50VT-XL and AD100VT-XL.

The main features of this amps are Valve Reactor technology, 11 modeled amps, 11 effects, 7 multi-effects, user custom programs (stores amp and effects settings), power amp output level control and external speaker output (only in AD50VT-XL and AD100VT-XL).

The Vox ValveTronix XL amp series availability and price is supposed to be announced in MusikMesse.