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Peavey Valve King Royal 8


All-valve tone, ruggedness, simple control and portability… for how much again?

Peavey have made an absolute cracker with their take on an easy, user friendly practise amp. I say practise amp, it could easily annoy a few neighbours with its understated 5 watt power rating. The sound just comes from nowhere and really catches you off-guard the minute you turn the sassy chickenhead knobs up out of comfort zones.

One 12AX7 valve in the preamp keeps the front end mix pure and warm whereas the single EL84 power valve emulates something Angus Young would want to front. The built in no-negative feedback circuit Peavey say should offer a ‘looser’ feel to get a full dynamic range out of the amp. Not many other amps in this field offer that.

The Royal 8 is somewhat limited in design dexterity too, keeping things simple with understated Peavey wings and EQ settings better at home on a pedal rather than an amp. It really lets you know that the only thing you should be doing is plugging in and playing. Highlighted again by the two separate inputs – additionally, the only obvious omission is an external speaker output to the rear.

If you’re looking for a simple rehearsal or recording amp this is it, basically. Versatile in tone from mid range blues to full on rock; this 8 inch powerhouse will blow you away, ironically.

The Peavey Valve King Royal 8 retails at £146.