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Lava Cable FT-1 Flow Tester

Lava Cable FT-1 Flow TesterThis could be a very interesting tool for all the musicians around here because I’m sure that, at least once, you found getting too much noise in your instrument sound and wondering if the problem comes from the instrument pickups, the cable or the amp. The Lava Cable FT-1 Flow Tester will solve the cable doubt, if the noise comes from other things… that’s a bigger problem.

Checking that all the cables work properly is a very important task before a show, specially if you use different pedals or the cable is very long. The Lava Cable FT-1 Flow Tester will check for you if the cable works correctly or not, the parameters checked are the connector, the data signal and the ground signal and the tester works with mono and stereo cables.

This device has a pedal shape design so you can carry it in the bag or place it in a pedalboard. The Lava Cable FT-1 Flow Tester is now available and its price is $42.95 and as all the products from Lava Cable this tester comes with lifetime warranty.