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Pearlman Church Mic

Pearlman Church MicPearlman Microphones have released a new model that is a component-by-component reproduction of the mic created by Stanley Church in the 50’s for the Metro Goldwin Meyer. The Pearlman Church Mic incudes some featres that have been discontinued in nowadays mics like Triad transformer and although the sound is not identical the results are very optimal.

The Pearlman Church Mic is a vacuum tube condenser mic that features Neumann M7 (or optional K47) capsule, GE 5-star 6072 dual triode (12AY7) vacuum tube, and NOS Triad transformer. This mic is being fully hand made and the production run has not been unveiled but I’m sure there won’t be too much models.

The only part that is not a reproduction is the housing that has been replaced for a durable one, same as TM-1 model. The Pearlman Church Mic, being a very limited edition reproduction for such famous mic, its price could not be an affordable one, but $4,500 it may be excessive, although it’s a lot less that auctioned original models. Orders can be taken now.

Line 6 Backtrack & Backtrack with mic

Line 6 Backtrack & Backtrack with micGreat songs begin with great ideas, this is how Line 6 introduces its new product, the Backtrack, a device that is “always on” and captures all you playing moments, so if you feel that one lick or one riff is good enough you only need to push one button to mark this part as a must-listen again part.

Besides its small size and good looking the Line 6 Backtrack also features up to 12 (standard model) or 24 (mic model) hours of recording, 24 bit audio resolution, 48 kHz sampling rate, 1 (standard model) or 2 GB (mic model) flash memory, mark (to set the last part as a “favorite”), forward and reverse controls (to access favorite parts), 1/4″ input and output, and USB port (to easy-transfer files and charge battery).

There is also a Backtrack model that comes with a built-in sensitive mic, 1/8″ headphones output and gain control. The Line 6 Backtrack will be available next month and the prices will be $100 for the standard version and $150 for the mic version.

KEL Audio HM-7U Vocal Mic

KEL Audio HM-7U Vocal MicThe new mic by the KEL Audio company, the KEL Audio HM-7U Vocal Mic, will be very well received by singers, vocalists, and all the people that want to mic voices because this one is specially designed to provide a great tone and glossy sound. But not only singers can take profit of this model, based on the U-47 mic, drummers, piano players, wind instrument players, … all these instruments can be miked with this mic.

The KEL Audio HM-7U Vocal Mic is a condenser mic with a 1.1″ K-47-like capsule, small supercardioid pickup pattern, 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, class-A dual-FET transformerless circuit, low cut filter, -10 dB pad, +48V phantom power and blue activity LED.

This model comes with elastic shock and swivel mounts and a flight case. The KEL Audio HM-7U Vocal Mic will be available at the end of the month and its price will be $299.

Neumann TLM 103 D Mic

Neumann TLM 103 D MicThe German company Neumann is releasing a new model, the TLM 103 D Mic, based on the analog version with similar name, TLM 103, and that will be a very good addition to computer-driven recording studios because its high quality and easy-to-use with computer. This digital mic will make you ask if you really need those mic preamps and A/D converters.

The specifications of the Neumann TLM 103 D Mic are cardioid polar pattern, pressure gradient transducer, 28-bit audio resolution, from 44.1 to 192 kHz sampling rates, 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, built-in A/D converter, AES/EBU, AES 42 and S/PDIF outputs and +48V phantom power.

The Neumann TLM 103 D Mic comes with a shock mount and is also available in a starter kit (including digital connections and elastic suspension). Looking at the features of the Neumann TLM 103 D Mic you can say that this will not be a cheap mic, its price is near $2,000 and is now available.

Sennheiser Evolution e965 Condenser Mic

Sennheiser Evolution e965 Condenser MicThe Evolution product line has a new member that will make very happy singers who want a high-quality device with low noise or distortion that lasts all the tour because its humidity protection. The Sennheiser Evolution e965 Condenser Mic works in live and studio environments for lead singer tasks or choir tasks using its filters that cuts low frequencies on close miking.

The specifications of the Sennheiser Evolution e965 Condenser Mic are new designed capsule, true condenser, cardioid or super-cardioid pickup patterns, dual large-diaphragm transducer, -10dB pre-attenuation switch, low-cut filter, wide frequency response and integrated pop shield and windshield.

If you think, looking at its features, that this mic is not affordable for everyone… you are right, the MSRP of this product is $878 and will be available next month.

RØDE Procaster Mic

RØDE Procaster Mic

The Australian company RØDE has released a new version of the Procaster Mic, a device specially designed for broadcast tasks like podcasting or radio shows, but also for all kind of vocal tasks in any environment because it captures perfectly human voice and rejects almost all the ambient noise.

The specifications of the RØDE Procaster Mic are cardioid pickup pattern, dynamic capsule, 75 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response, low impedance output, pop-filter, very low noise, rugged construction and 10 years warranty, so don’t soubt it will last many years.

This broadcasting mic comes with a stand mount, a 3/8″ adapter and a zip pouch, but you can also buy a shock mount, a desktop stand, studio arm and a tripod. The new RØDE Procaster Mic price and availability have not been unveiled yet.

MXL Studio 1 USB Desktop Recording Kit

MXL Studio 1 USB Desktop Recording Kit

This could be a very interesting product for those who have a studio at home, the new MXL Studio 1 USB Desktop Recording Kit consists on a USB mic that doesn’t need any preamp or mixer but provides studio-quality warm sound that can be used in any recording task, from podcasting to miking instruments.

The features of the MXL Studio 1 USB Desktop Recording Kit are condenser, 2 micron diaphragm capsule, 16-bit audio resolution, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz sampling rate, 40 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, built-in headphone output (that provides zero latency monitoring) and on/off LED light.

This device works with PC and Mac computer and doesn’t need any drivers, just must be plugged on the USB port and comes with carrying case, an stand and a USB cable. The price of the MXL Studio 1 USB Desktop Recording Kit is $100 and is now available.

Mojave Audio MA-201Fet Condenser Mic

Mojave Audio MA-201Fet Condenser Mic

David Royer is the founder of the Mojave Audio company that recently introduced their first effort in condenser mics, the MA-201Fet. This is the result of 20 years experience in building mics, usually ribbon mics, to a model specially designed for almost any task, vocal, drum and guitar miking, piano, …

The Mojave Audio MA-201Fet Condenser Mic features cardioid pickup pattern, solid-state mic with military-grade FET, 3-micron diameter x 1″ thickness diaphragm capsule, Jensen transformer, 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, 48V phantom power and low-noise resistors, the result of all these is a very clean and warm sound for the studio.

This mic includes a protective case and a professional shockmount and will be available next September. The msrp of the Mojave Audio MA-201Fet Condenser Mic is $695.

RØDE M2 Live Performance Condenser Mic

RØDE M2 Live Performance Condenser MicThe Australian company RØDE has released a new model on its mic product line to use it in the studio or in the stage that has been based on the award winning S1 model. The RØDE M2 Live Performance Condenser Mic has been mainly designed for vocal tasks but can be used for other task because its versatility.

The specifications of the RØDE M2 Live Performance Condenser Mic are super-cardioid pickup pattern, 35Hz to 20kHz frequency range, 48V phantom power, small diaphragm, pressure gradient, solid state, low noise and feedback, radio-frequency protection and on/off switch with lock.

This mic includes heavy duty metal body to endure all the show you will play and RØDE provides a 10-year warranty for this model by registering on its website. Neither release date nor price for the RØDE M2 Live Performance Condenser Mic have been announced.

JZ Black Hole PE Mic

JZ Black Hole PE MicJZ adds one model to the Black Hole mic series, we talked about them before, becoming the third one. The JZ Black Hole PE Mic, that how it has been called, works in almost any kind of situation from acoustic to high-gained electric guitars or even a soprano’s voice.

The specifications of this JZ Black Hole PE Mic are fixed cardioid polar pattern, 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, single capsule, 27mm diaphragm, -5db and -10db options pad, +48V phantom power, electrostatic transducer and 3-pin XLR output.

This mic has a matching shock mount which price is $360, so this will make you realize, you probably realized before, that this is not a cheap mic, the JZ Black Hole PE Mic has a msrp of $2,000.

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