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Yamaha Tenori-On

Yamaha Tenori-On

If an August release has become the most famous gadget of the moment, this is the Yamaha Tenori-On. Everybody is talking about this device created by Yamaha and Toshio Iwai that is able to work as an instrument, an input controller, a synth, a sampler, … and even as a LED paint surface.

The Yamaha Tenori-On has six operation modes: score mode, you can play notes pushing the buttons briefly and if you push one, or more, of them longer the note will be played every time the loop indicator (that goes from the left to the right of the LED display) coincides with the note selected; random mode, this mode allows you to play a note, or a note sequence, and they will be played repeatedly on the order you have played them; draw mode, you can play notes by drawing a line or a curve in the LED display that will be played and repeated endlessly, until you stop it, of course; bounce mode, this is a somehow special mode, you select one note and the Tenori-On will create a loop with the light bouncing like a ball, the sound will be played when the light reaches the bottom of the display; push mode, this mode is similar to the delay effect, if the button is pushed shortly the sound will stop quick, but if the button is pushed for a longer time the sound and flashing will continue after you released it; and the solo mode, that plays a note only while you are pushing the button.

The functions buttons of the Tenori-On allows you to do some operations like changing layers (modes), changing octaves, changing voices, adjusting the layer volume, transpose notes, …

The Yamaha Tenori-On features 256 LED buttons, 10 function buttons (5 at the left and 5 at the right), clear, ok and cancel buttons, 256 included studio-quality sounds (organized by categories, from real instruments like drums, bass or guitar to the most strange and cool synth sounds), 10 built-in effects (reverbs and delays), monochrome backlit LCD display, 1-watt built-in speaker, MIDI connections (the MIDI IN connection allows you to play with 2 Tenori-On at the same time), SD card lot reader and works with 6 AA batteries or with a AC adapter.

Toshio Iwai with the Tenori-On

It will probably be available during this month at the official Tenori-On on-line shop and its MSRP is $1,200. It reminds me to some Apple gadgets, even if you’re not a musician you’ll like this gadget.

PreSonus MegaStudio Producer

PreSonus MegaStudio Producer

If you want to professionally record your own songs into an album and don’t want to spend a lot of money renting a studio you could check the new PreSonus package that will provide you everything you need to create a professional quality studio. The PreSonus MegaStudio Producer includes software, hardware and instructional DVDs that will convert you into a professional producer.

The PreSonus MegaStudio Producer features PreSonus FP10 (FirePod) firewire interface, Steinberg Cubase 4 LE audio production software, Sony Vegas Movie Studio DVD production software, Sony DVD Architect burning software, a complete package of virtual instruments (Drumagog LE, PreSonus VI, …), real-time effect plug-ins (EyeEQ, MasterVerb, …), drum loops and sounds and instructional DVD with more than four hours of hardware and software tutorials.

The package also includes Tunecore.com and Broadjam.com memberships that will allow to share your music on the net. The PreSonus MegaStudio Producer will be available in September but its price has not been unveiled yet.

UPDATE (09.06.2007): The price of the PreSonus MegaStudio Producer pack is $650 and is now available.

Peavey MSDI Simulated Miked Guitar Cabinet

Peavey MSDI Simulated Miked Guitar CabinetPeavey released a new device that can save some work in recording tasks, the Peavey MSDI that will provide an output with a emulated miked guitar cabinet sound. You can record your own tracks as if you were playing with a full stack without changing the tone of your amp head, this is done with a passive mic emulation circuit.

The Peavey MSDI features head amp input, cabinet output, tone switch with three different operation modes, reference, a good configuration for almost any speaker, hi boost and hi cut, that will increase or decrease the tone of your amp; XLR balanced mic simulated output and output level control.

This device needs no external power supply. The Peavey MSDI will be available at the end of this year and its MSRP is $149.99.

Vestax VCI-100 Mixvibes Pro Edition MIDI Controller

Vestax VCI-100 Mixvibes Pro Edition MIDI Controller

We introduced you the Vestax VCI-100 at the beginning of the year, now Vestax has released a new version of this model that works perfectly with Mixvibes Pro, DJ production software. Its name is Vestax VCI-100 Mixvibes Pro Edition MIDI Controller.

The Vestax VCI-100 Mixvibes Edition MIDI Controller features up to 90 parameters assignable for MIDI by USB, 2 channels, two high-resolution jog wheels, 45mm crossfader and two 45mm faders with adjustable curve, rotary and small rotary volume controls per channel, touch sensivity master volume control, transport controls and backlit assignable buttons. The width of the controller is the same than a laptop, so you can put it in front of the laptop.

Of course, the controller comes with MixVibes Pro Edition and MixVibes logo is on the jog wheels and like the software is compatible with Windows and Mac OSX. The Vestax VCI-100 Mixvibes Pro Edition MIDI Controller price is a bit higher than $800 and is now available.

MixVibes U46MK2 Interface

MixVibes U46MK2 InterfaceIf you’re thinking of starting your own computer based home studio you will need a recording interface, MixVibes has released a new model for laptop or desktop computers. The MixVibes U46MK2 Interface will fulfill your needs, doesn’t mind what’s your role, guitar player, bass player, DJ, …

The MixVibes U46MK2 Interface features 4-channel recording and 6 channel playback at the same time, one phono/line/mic (with +48V phantom power) input and one phono/line/Hi-Z (for guitar) input (both with gain controls), 2 stereo line inputs, 6 line outputs, stereo mix output, headphones output (with level control) and USB port.

This interface comes equipped with the ASIO Driver, MixVibes 3DEX DJ software and other digital DJ and music software. The MixVibes U46MK2 Interface is now available and its price is $179.

PreSonus Firepod Firewire Interface

PreSonus Firepod Firewire Interface

Now that PreSonus has announced a lower price for the PreSonus Firepod interface we’ve noticed that we haven’t talked about it. This Firewire interface is a very good tool for recording in a studio any kind of instrument, even for little or medium orchestras.

The PreSonus Firepod Interface features 24-bit resolution and 96K sampling rate quality A/D conversion, hi speed Firewire connections, 8 XMAX mic preamps, 48V phantom power (with 1-4 and 5-8 inputs phantom power switches) 8 trim with clip LED, main, mix and headphone controls, 8 analog mic/line and 2 instrument inputs, 8 analog outputs, S/PDIF and MIDI ports, headphone output, daisy-chain port (for adding additional Firepod’s) and zero latency monitoring.

This interface comes with ProPak software suite that includes Steinberg Cubase LE. The new price announced for the PreSonus Firepod Firewire Interface is $399 and it’s a estimated street price, not a suggested retail price.

Rain Recording Nimbus Pro Digital Audio Computer

Rain Recording Nimbus Pro Digital Audio ComputerIf you’re considering on changing your studio computer we brought you the Terra Digital Audio MX2 computer last week and now the Rain Recording Nimbus Pro Digital Audio Computer. There are two models Nimbus Pro Q1 and Q2 whose specs change a little bit.

The Rain Recording Nimbus Pro features Intel Core 2 Quad processor (2,4 GHz in Q1 and 2,66 GHz in Q2 model), Intel mainboard, DDR2 RAM memory (4 and 8 GB, respectively), 2 hard disk drives, 500 GB for OS and 500 GB (Q1) and 1 TeraByte (Q2) for audio, dual layer DVD+/-RW/CD-RW combo optical drive, 8 USB 2.0 and 5 Firewire ports, Nvidia GeForce 7300GT PCI-express 256MB DDR2 Dual DVI HDTV graphics card, 7.1 audio system and noise reduction.

This computers come with Windows Vista an feature an aluminum chassis that make them lighter and helps heat dissipate. Price for both models of Rain Recording Nimbus Pro start at $2,810 for Q1 model and $4,216 for Q2 model.

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 Producer Pack

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 Producer PackIf you ever wanted to have a home studio to record your guitar or bass tracks and you didn’t know how to start maybe this pack is the perfect starting. The Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 Producer Pack is a combination of hardware, software and libraries that will allow you to start recording your own guitar/bass tracks, producing and arranging them.

This Guitar Rig 2 Producer Pack features the Audio Kontrol 1 interface, 24-bit / 192 KHz quality with 3 assignable buttons and USB and MIDI ports in a compact device, the Guitar Rig 2 Software Edition, an awarded software that provides you lots of heads and combos amps, cabinets, mics and built-in effects to create your own personal sound, Steinberg Cubase LE sequencer software, Keyboard Collection library, which provides you 8 different keyboards, organs and pianos, and Traktor 3 LE, DJ software for mixing your MP3 files.

All the software in the pack works with PC and Mac, except for the Cubase LE that is only available in Windows XP. The Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 Producer Pack is a very good option to start building your own home studio for its quality products and for its affordable price, $399.

Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha VHD Preamp

Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha VHD Preamp

There’s some people that feel that digital sound processors don’t give the same audio quality than analog devices, if you agree and need studio gear you must take a look at the Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha VHD Preamp. This mic/line/instrument preamp features 100% analog signal path

The Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha VHD Preamp features four ultra-clean SSL preamps, gain 75dB per channel, four independent Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) systems, 1/4″ front jack input (with passive DI type impedance detection and level matching), rear XLR mic/line inputs and outputs, Hi Z, pad and 48V phantom power buttons and input, output and VHD level controls. Increasing the input gain control will add to your tone a warm valve-style distortion with 2nd or 3rd harmonic from the VHD circuit.

This 4-channel recording system could be the perfect tool to get that wanted tone in your recordings. The Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha VHD Preamp is now available and its price is $1,695.95.

MusicXPC Professional S3

MusicXPC Professional S3If you are searching for a computer that gives its best at the studio, has enough capacity to fulfill your expectations and don’t need to mount it yourself, the MusicXPC Professional S3 is the answer. This computer will fill the gap for the most processor and memory demanding tasks in your studio.

The MusicXPC Professional S3 features Intel Core Duo 2 2.4 GHz processors, motherboard with Intel P965 chipset, three PCI-Express x1, one PCI-Express x16 and three PCI 2.3 slots, 2 GB RAM DDR 2, storage system of 1.2 TB in 4 serial ATA hard drives, 18X dual layer DVD optical drive, 50-in-1 card reader, 10 USB 2.0, 2 FireWire and E-SATA on the Go ports, Gigabit Ethernet, ADI 8-channel high definition audio, …

This computer is specifically designed for music operations, the components and services that could lower the music tasks performance have been disabled. It also has a backup system that will allow you to recover the information after a catastrophe. The price of the MusicXPC Professional S3 is $2,799.