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Solid Cables Eleph speaker cable

solid cableSolid Cables has unveiled its entry into the speaker cable market.

The new Eleph speaker utilizes ultra pure copper conductor of different diameters to better carry the full frequency spectrum of sound any amplifier could create.In doing this, the Eleph cable provides a truly transparent link between the amplifier and the speaker.

Solid Cables believes they are the first to make the innovation of using not only an ultra pure copper 10 gauge conductor, but one made up of different diameter strands to better carry the full spectrum of sound. The conductors are in a helical wind pattern to resist electrical and mechanical noise and housed in a 6000 PSI tear resistant armor. All conductors are permanently isolated in an avionics grade adhesive to eliminate internal breakage, shorting or solder joint failure.


– Suspended polymer insulator
– All metal shell
– Armor and ends permanently fused with avionics grade heat shrink
– Hand soldered using premium audio grade silver alloy
– Helical wound ultra pure copper conductor, multiple diameter
– Quadruple strain relief
– 6000 PSI tear resistant protective outer armor
– Available with Speakon connectors
– Available in Carbon Black only

The cable is available for $135 (for 3 foot Eleph speaker cable).

For more information about the product, please visit: Solid Cables

Hosa’s new HDMC-300 Series HDMI to mini HDMI cables

large-HDMC-300_HiHosa Technology announced the expansion of its HDMI cable line with the addition of the new HDMC-300 Series HDMI to mini HDMI cables. Further, Hosa introduces the new NHD-518 HDMI female to mini HDMI male adaptor.These new product offerings bring a new level of assurance to A/V installers, home hi-fi enthusiasts, and others that no matter what combination of cable/satellite receivers, DVD/Blu-ray Disc players, game consoles, and other equipment they may want to integrate into a unified audio-visual system, Hosa is ready and able to facilitate all the necessary connections.

Hosa’s new HDMI to mini HDMI cable offerings are ideally suited for integrating a variety of digital media devices such as digital cameras, camcorders, small format DVD players, and related equipment into an audio-visual system. As many of these devices incorporate mini HDMI ports, Hosa’s new HDMC-300 Series HDMI to mini HDMI cables bridge the gap between the camera and the display monitor, which usually incorporates the larger HDMI connector. Hosa’s new HDMI to mini HDMI cables are available in 3-, 6-, and 10-foot lengths.

From a technical perspective, Hosa’s new HDMC-300 Series HDMI to mini HDMI cables are the perfect match for use with the most sophisticated A/V equipment. Hosa Technology HDMI cables are certified to carry an HD signal up to full 1080p resolution and beyond. They are also ideal for 720p/1080i signals that are capable of increased refresh rates (above 60 Hz) or Deep Color. In addition, the Blu-ray specification requires a device to be 340 MHz compliant in order to display full 1080p picture quality. With Hosa’s new HDMI to mini HDMI cables, you are assured full compliance. These cables support a maximum single-link bandwidth of 340 MHz (10.2 Gbps), making them the perfect choice for interconnecting a Blu-ray Disc player with a 1080p video display monitor.

As the HDMI specification includes audio, knowing that one’s HDMI cable is up to the task is equally important and Hosa’s HDMC-300 Series HDMI to mini HDMI cables make a great choice. These cables provide support for uncompressed 7.1 digital audio up to 192 kHz. This includes backward compatibility with all standard HDMI interfaces, including stereo, 2.1 (left-right speakers plus LFE channel), and 5.1 surround sound.

For those with an existing standard HDMI cable wishing to integrate a new component into an A/V system that utilizes the mini HDMI connector, Hosa’s new NHD-518 HDMI female to mini HDMI male adapter is the solution. The NHD-518 simply connects onto either end of the standard HDMI (male-male) cable to facilitate the desired connection. Featuring gold plated contacts, this adapter preserves pristine sound and picture quality.

Hosa Technology’s HDMC-300 Series HDMI to mini HDMI cables range in price from MSRP $28.00 to $45.00, depending upon length and cable terminations. The NHD-518 female to mini-HDMI male adapter carries a MSRP of $27. All products are available now.

Source: Harmony-Central

CME U2MIDI Interface

CME U2MIDI InterfaceIf you use a laptop for your recordings but you don’t have an external sounds card that gives you some additional connections, if you need specially MIDI connections you could think on buying a MIDI-to-USB interface. CME U2MIDI Interface is the first one available in cable-format, it’ll save a lot of space and will make a lot easier to connect MIDI devices to the computer as it’s plug-and-play.

The CME U2MIDI Interface doesn’t need any external power supply, features one MIDI IN and one MIDI OUT connections, USB 2.0 port, on/off LED and provides a faster transmission that other MIDI-to-USB interfaces. You can use multiple interfaces at the same time to connect multiple MIDI devices.

This interface only works with PCs with Windows XP or Macs with Mac OS. The CME U2MIDI Interface is now available and its MSRP is $34.95.

Lava Cable FT-1 Flow Tester

Lava Cable FT-1 Flow TesterThis could be a very interesting tool for all the musicians around here because I’m sure that, at least once, you found getting too much noise in your instrument sound and wondering if the problem comes from the instrument pickups, the cable or the amp. The Lava Cable FT-1 Flow Tester will solve the cable doubt, if the noise comes from other things… that’s a bigger problem.

Checking that all the cables work properly is a very important task before a show, specially if you use different pedals or the cable is very long. The Lava Cable FT-1 Flow Tester will check for you if the cable works correctly or not, the parameters checked are the connector, the data signal and the ground signal and the tester works with mono and stereo cables.

This device has a pedal shape design so you can carry it in the bag or place it in a pedalboard. The Lava Cable FT-1 Flow Tester is now available and its price is $42.95 and as all the products from Lava Cable this tester comes with lifetime warranty.

Fender 20′ Premium Cables

Fender 20′ Premium CablesThe accessories division of Fender wants to repeat the success they achieved with their 12′ Premium Cable for guitar, bass and acoustic guitars with the new Fender 20′ Premium Cables. This new cables are also available in Gold and Platinum Series and each series includes the three models already available on 12′ model (Acoustasonic, Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar cables).

The Fender 20′ Premium Cables has very similar features as the previous 12′ models, these include one straight and one angled connectors, 3 or 4 way Differential Cable Architecture, OFC copper or multi-gauge conductors, 2 separate shields for maximum isolation, durable and resistant PVC jacket or nylon over-braiding, polyethylene dielectric (guitar cable features polyethylene and polypropylene materials) for improving signal transfer and switchcraft connectors.

These cables come with limited lifetime warranty and, of course, they also feature a longer distance than previous 12′ model. The Fender 20′ Premium Cables will be available this month but their prices have to be announced yet.

Lava Cable Retro-Coil Cable

Lava Cable Retro-Coil CableAlthough not every people thinks it, cables are one of the most important things in your gear so spending a little more on high-quality cables is a sure bet for improving your sound. Lava Cable is one of the companies that provides high-quality cables, and now they’ve released the Retro-Coil cable that looks like those Queen’s Brian May cables.

The Lava Cable Retro-Coil is a 25″ long extensible cable that features specially annealed low strand count copper conductors and G&H Ultra-Clear plugs. The plug options are 1/4″ to 1/4″, 1/4″ to R/A, 1/4″ to G&H Silent, R/A to R/A, R/A to G&H Silent, TRS to TRS, R/A TRS to R/A TRS and R/A TRS to TRS, and all of them include G&H Silent plug.

Like all the Lava Cable products, the Retro-Coil cable comes with lifetime warranty. Its price is $69.95.