Gibson Buckethead Signature Les Paul

gibson les paulGibson presented one of its latest guitars – the Buckethead Signature Les Paul model.

Each Buckethead Signature Les Paul is crafted from a two-piece maple top attached with ultra-strong Franklin Titebond 50 glue to a chambered mahogany body. This wood combination, one of the most legendary pairs in the history of the solid and semi-solid electric guitar, yields a best of both worlds tonal splendor.

Reflecting Buckethead's continued departure from the norm, the Buckethead Signature Les Paul looks outwardly much like a slightly modified white Les Paul Standard, but had been made with an oversized, chambered body. The chambered mahogany back serves to minimize weight, while also adding tonal nuances to the guitar's overall sound. Its high-gloss Alpine White finish is complimented with a stunning black and white 5 ply binding.

The Buckethead Signature Les Paul body woods present a combination of good clarity, definition and treble bite from the maple, and excellent depth and richness from the mahogany, elements found in the classic Les Paul Standard tone. The chambering adds a further dimension, increasing the complexity of this guitar's tone, while also increasing its acoustic volume and sustain.

The neck of the Buckethead Signature Les Paul is constructed from a single piece of solid mahogany, and glued to the body at a 4-degree angle (pitch). Mahogany is a traditional neck wood and a long-time partner to many legendary Gibson guitars. It is prized for its combination of lightness and strength.

The Buckethead Signature Les Paul's headstock is carefully angled at a tried-and-true 17 degrees, which increases pressure on the strings and helps them stay in the nut slots. An increase in string pressure also means there is no loss of string vibration between the nut and the tuners, which equals better sustain.

It is equipped with a Grade-A ebony fingerboard, which enhances note attack and articulation. A hard, dense, dark-black exotic wood, ebony has commonly been regarded as a deluxe, upgraded option on electric guitars, and has been used by Gibson in the past on the Les Paul Custom. Ebony is also extremely hard-wearing, and more resistant to humidity and climate and weather changes than many other fingerboard woods.

The Buckethead Signature Les Paul carries a single Volume control which comprises a 300k linear potentiometer for a smooth, natural roll off.

This unique guitar comes protected in one of Gibson's durable black, hardshell cases with Gibson logo silk-screened across the front in white lettering.

It is available for 4311$ MSRP.

More information: Gibson

FabFilter Pro-Q plug-in


FabFilter has released its latest product – the Pro-Q plug-in. It is a new EQ plug-in for Mac and PC that claims to provide clean and accurate sound and never-before-seen features set.

With Pro-Q it's easy and intuitive to create and edit up to 24 EQ bands with multiple curves. Pro-Q has a zero latency mode, but greater transparency and precision is possible with the option to switch to a linear phase mode with adjustable latency. There's also a built-in, real-time frequency analyzer that gives instant visual feedback of your signal's frequency content be it pre- or post-EQ.

Key features:

  • Highest possible sound quality
  • Gorgeous interface with large display for easy and precise editing
  • Up to 24 EQ bands
  • Operates either in zero latency mode, or in linear phase mode with adjustable latency
  • Filter shapes: Bell, High/Low Shelf, High/Low Cut with 6, 12, 24 and 48 dB/oct slopes
  • Each band can operate on the stereo signals or on the left or right channels independently for per-channel EQ-ing
  • Mid/side mode where you can EQ the mid and side signals separately
  • Built-in real-time frequency analyzer with Pre- and Post-EQ modes
  • Double-click text entry of parameter values
  • Different display ranges: 6 dB range for mastering use, 12 dB, and 30 dB for mixing
  • Stereo and mono plug-ins available
  • MIDI Learn
  • Undo/redo and A/B comparison
  • Smart Parameter Interpolation
  • Sample-accurate automation of all parameters
  • Extensive help file with interactive help hints
  • Available in RTAS, VST, VST 3 and AU for Mac OS X and Windows

More information about the product: FabFilter

Blackbird Guitars Ferrari Rider Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

ferraricarbonBlackbird Guitars released the Ferrari Rider Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar.

Inspired by the technology, style, and spirit of the famed Italian “supercar” manufacturer, Blackbird Guitars‘ brings you the limited-edition Ferrari-branded “Rider”. The ultra-rare Ferrari Blackbird guitars were sold at Ferrari Stores worldwide and signed by F1 drivers Philipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. Based on Blackbird Guitars‘ high-performance Rider travel guitar, it is the first instrument fit for the Ferrari namesake.

Like Ferrari, it is a study in superlativesamong the most resonant, durable and lightest guitars in the world. The Rider travel guitar is compact enough to fit in the trunk of a sports car, but it plays and sounds like a much bigger instrument. It looks like nothing else on the market: sleek, black carbon fiber speaks to the high-tech materials and construction while the exclusive Maranello Red interior, accented red A string, and Ferrari Scuderia emblem highlights the passion of world-class Italian motoring.

All Blackbird Rider models are built for the road with a virtually indestructible carbon-fiber body that is less than two-thirds the size of a standard acoustic, but has nearly an equivalent toneso players no longer need to compromise tone for portability. Each Blackbird Rider is beautifully hand-crafted, with the carbon fiber expertly constructed to balance tone, weight and strength.

Key Features of the Blackbird Rider:

Exceptional Carbon Fiber strength and environmental stability

Hollow neck with Stereo Sound Port® in head of the guitar

Asymmetric Acoustic Design® with off-set sound-hole

Ultralight for enhanced sound, comfort and balance

Full scale length (24.5″)

3D sculpted back for improved ergonomics, playability & durability

Optional electronics for amazing amplified tone

The first run of the exlusive Ferrari guitar series is now sold out, but Blackbird Guitars is accepting special, custom orders on the Rider model.

For more information, please visit: Blackbird Guitars

Bolder Sounds Handbell library

large-UnknownBolder Sounds introduced one of its latest products – The Handbell library.

It features a three octave set of handbells chromatically recorded in 9 articulations totaling 1.2 gigabytes. Flexible Kontakt scripting includes control over Envelope-Amp parameters, EQ, IR and reverb, Location (player perspective or audience) and release samples when applicable.

Handbell Clapper samples are created with the traditional technique of holding it against the shoulder, bell-upwards, and then swinging the bell through an elliptical shape to cause the clapper to strike the casting of the bell.

Suspended Handbell with a soft rubber mallet samples were recorded with the bells suspended from the ceiling of the room while being struck with a soft rubber mallet.

Suspended Handbell with a hard rubber mallet samples were recorded with the bells suspended from the ceiling of the room while being struck with a hard rubber mallet.

Suspended Handbell with a plastic chopstick samples were recorded with the bells suspended from the ceiling of the room while being struck with a plastic chopstick. This creates a great deal of high frequency content.

Singing Handbells the Singing Handbells sound is created by running a wood dowel along the rim of the handbell, similar to the way a wet finger across the edge of a crystal glass can make it sing.

Plucked Handbells is accomplished by using the thumb and forefinger to force the clapper head into the casting while the bell is on the table, producing a staccato note.

Handbell Library Specifications:

2 round-robins per bell on most articulations.

Sample resolution of 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav format

1.2 GB installed, 680 MB .rar download

Kontakt 2/3/4 and Apple EXS24 native formats

The Handbell library is available at a introductory price of $69.00 until January 1, 2010.

More information: Bolder Sounds

Native Instruments Sonic Fiction

large-NI_Sonic_FictionNative Instruments introduced Sonic Fiction – a new Kore-Powered instrument that combines inventive field recording with advanced synthesis into an arsenal of hundreds sounds.

Usable with Kore 2 and the free Kore Player, the instrument provides musicians and producers with an inspirational resource for movie and game scoring, modern sound design and various electronic music styles. Unusual, complex acoustic sources ranging from volcanic mudpots to television static were carefully captured in extensive field recording sessions, and combined with the vast synthesis and sound processing capabilities of Absynth, Kontakt and Kore. The result is an array of previously unheard, charismatic instruments that are both alien and organic in their sonic character, but also highly playable and of profound musical value.

Sonic Fiction provides 100 KoreSounds with eight morphable Sound Variations each, resulting in 800 individual sounds. Concise parameter assignments allow for immediate, intuitive sound tweaking in Kore 2 and Kore Player. Full musical metadata for all presets also makes Sonic Fiction integrate seamlessly with any individual collection of Kore-Powered instruments.

More information about the Sonic Fiction: Native Instruments

Waves Noise Suppressor

large_WNSWaves has announced one of their latest plug-ins – the WNS Waves Noise Suppressor, a real-time multiband processor for fast and effective broadband noise suppression on dialog tracks.

WNS Waves Noise Suppressor is suitable for both indoor and location recordings with constant or modulating environment noise. It delivers superior sound quality with minimal artifacts.

Designed from the ground up especially for Post professionals, the workflow, approach, and interface of the WNS will be immediately familiar to Post engineers. WNS offers all the flexibility, portability, power, and precision of software, like true Pro Tools integration, multiple simultaneous instances, and full automation.


» Zero latency means perfect picture sync
» Designed especially for dialog
» Low CPU usage
» Multiple simultaneous instances
» Significantly more affordable than hardware
» User-definable frequency range selection
» Up to 24bit, 192kHz resolution
» Supports TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU
» PC and Mac compatible


Smoothing controls the response of the noise suppression.

Threshold controls the level at which noise suppression is activated.

Low Frequency determines the lowest range of the noise suppression.

High Frequency determines the highest range of the noise suppression.

HP is a high pass filter which attenuates components of a signal below the selected frequency.

LP is a low pass filter which attenuates components of a signal above the selected frequency.

The WNS will be available for $2800.

More information about the product: Waves

Moog Multi-Pedal OS 2.0

moogMoog introduced the Multi-Pedal OS 2.0.

OS 2.0 adds a host of innovations that reinforce the Multi-Pedal’s position as the premier Analog, MIDI and USB Control Hub.

New features include: MIDI-to-CV conversion, Loopable Envelope Generators with four Envelope Shapes (Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential and Complex), CV Lag, CV Scaling and the ability to trigger Gates and MIDI events. These new features add to an already impressive list including, MIDI Clock Sync, Tap Tempo, Programmable Heel and Toe Voltages, four LFOs, four Analog Control Voltage Outputs, MIDI and USB connectivity. Many of the original features, such as Quad Mode and Noise Generation also received significant enhancements.

So that even more musicians, DJs and producers can experience the power of the pedal, Moog Music is announcing a special promotion. From November 15, 2009 through December 31, 2009, the Multi-Pedal‘s price will drop to $399 at participating US dealers and through the Moog website.

“The features in OS 2.0 take the Multi-Pedal to a whole new level” said Moog Music President, Mike Adams. “With four channels of MIDI-to-CV conversion, hooking the Multi-Pedal to a laptop sequencer gives you the flexibility and power of an analog step sequencer that can also communicate with MIDI gear.”

For more information about the updated software visit: Moog Music

StageTrix Pedal Fastener

fastenerStageTrix Products releases the Pedal Fastener an adhesive-backed, hook and loop fastener designed specifically to attach pedals to pedalboards.

This heavy-duty fastener is built to withstand high temperatures and provide rock solid grip. Now customers can move beyond the over-sized rolls of low-quality generic fasteners that have been the standard and securely attach their pedals with confidence.

Pedal Fastener features:

– Industrial strength adhesive is specifically designed to stick to the rubber backing of effects pedals

– Heavy-duty hook and loop ensures a rock solid connection between pedal and board

– Optional removable center area keeps pedals clean by preserving specification sticker

– Withstands temperatures of up to 200°F, so leaving your pedal board in your vehicle on a summer day won’t result in a gooey mess

Pedal Fastener will be available for $9.99 USD (for package of three).

StageTrix is actively seeking domestic and international retailers and distributors.

More information about the product: StageTrix Products

Steinberg CI2 Advanced Integration USB Studio

large-CI2_angleSteinberg Media Technologies announced its new product – the CI2 Advanced Integration USB Studio.

High quality audio hardware offering both recording and controller features combines with the included Cubase AI5 and Advanced Integration technology to offer a complete production solution engineered specifically for newcomers and mobile production environments.

The CI2 USB audio interface features two mic preamps with XLR/TRS combo connectors and 48v phantom power as well as a Hi-Z input, allowing connection to just about any audio signal, including large diaphragm microphones, guitars, basses and line inputs.

CI2 also features many workflow features designed to make the entire hardware and software system very easy to use. The AI Knob controller becomes a sound browser with a single push, and is integrated into browser windows in Cubase to find the right instrument sound or loop more quickly by scrolling through and (de)selecting entries in the sound browser windows. Interactive Recording mode uses the optionally available footswitch for hands-free recording, ideal for guitarists and vocalists recording their own performances. The Project Assistant is a new Cubase AI5 feature that offers a large range of templates for many production tasks and genres, allowing for setup of new projects in seconds.

The included Cubase AI5 is a streamlined version of Steinberg’s highly successful Cubase 5, with audio technology found in countless professional production environments worldwide. Cubase AI5 offers up to 48 audio tracks, 64 MIDI tracks, a range of audio and MIDI plug-ins, virtual instruments, the Cubase Key, Score and Drum editors, comprehensive automation and much more.

CI2 supports both Windows and Mac OS X.

More information about the product: Steinberg

WaveArts Tube Saturator plug-in

TubeSaturatorWaveArts has released Tube Saturator, a real-time analog modeling plug-in for Mac and PC.

Unlike other tube simulators, which use radically simplified models, Tube Saturator uses state of the art circuit simulation technology to capture every nuance of an analog circuit. With circuit simulation, the analog schematic completely defines the signal processing. The schematic is converted into a system of non-linear differential equations which is solved at each sampling period, in realtime.

Tube Saturator is in fact a basic circuit consisting of a Baxandall type three-band EQ feeding two 12AX7 triode preamp stages. It's similar to preamp stages you'd find in a guitar amp, but it is by no means a complete guitar amplifier model – that would be way too expensive to simulate even with today's fastCPUs. However, it is extremely accurate, and hence you can get the same distortion and tonal characteristics that you'd expect from a real tube preamp.

Use Tube Saturator to add a bit of analog warmth to recordings, or increase the drive for some distortion. You can use it as a saturating peak limiter too.

Increasing the Drive control increases the (digital) input gain while decreasing the (digital) output gain, so you can easily adjust distortion levels. The FAT switch changes the bias circuit of the first preamp stage to increase gain.

Technical specifications:

Accurate tube preamp simulator using 64-bit circuit simulation technology

Two common cathode 12AX7 preamp stages

Baxandall 3-band EQ

Drive control for distortion adjustment

EQ bypass

FAT mode for increased punch

Analog style metering

No latency

Up to 192 kHz sampling rate, depending onCPU speed

Mono or stereo

More information about the product: WaveArts