Flexible Piano, take the piano with you everywhere


Would you like to bring your piano with you everywhere you go? Yeah, also would we, but we are not so strong and even my old Roland is too big for taking it for a casual play. With the Flexible Piano you can play wherever you are. In the bus, you say? Hell yeah!

You can roll it up and put it in your bag to get some jamming whenever you feel. It has 100 differet tones and 100 different rhytms and it can even record what you play. It costs $49.

Hope I could do something like this with my guitar.


Tronical PowerTune, don’t worry about tuning your guitar


Want to change the tuning in the middle of song? You should have very fast fingers and great ears or you can use the Tronical PowerTune, an automatic guitar tuner. And when I say automatic it’s automatic, not a tuner where you see the current note and have to turn the knobs. You only have to press a button and everything gets done for you.

It works with servomotors in the knobs and an analyzer in the bridge, controlled by a knob where you can select the tuning. There are kits for Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul, SG and Flying V, with a price of $800, not so high as I had expected.

Gypsy MIDI Controller, play with your body

GypsymidiWhen we talk about playing music we think automatically of an instrument, which we must learn to play in order to get some sounds from it. With MIDI the line delimitating what is an instrument gets blurred. Everything might become an instrument, even our body as the Gypsy MIDI Controller shows.

It captures our movements and converts them to a MIDI signal, opening a great deal of possibilities. Now air-guitar or air-drums may become a reality.

It’s comercially available at $2210, in a kit composed by controllers for both arms, a wireless interface, software and manuals.