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Tonebone Plexitube


Valve power married with preamp circuitry, it’s been done before but the Tonebone Plexitube’s features make this a versatile, pioneering beast…

Canada’s Radial Engineering has been producing Tonebone effects pedals and switching boxes since 2002 and can boast a number of high-profile users, including Toto’s Steve Lukather and Mettalica’s Kirk Hammett. This pedal’s aim? To deliver ‘four generations of Marshall Plexi tones.’ Along with this monumental claim also comes the equally substantial price tag. It’s got a lot to prove, let’s see what it’s got…

First of all, the construction is sound. Made of very sturdy solid sheet steel gives it the ruggedness to be worthy of a good thrash on stage. Whereas the boasted features are personified through various knobs and switches. The two main footswitches, one to bypass the effect and the other toggling between two sets of settings that effectively act like separate amp channels, work well but mean there are a lot of other knobs to fiddle around with as a result.

Amidst the 12AX7 all-valve heart of this pedal beats a tin soul of circuitry genius. The EQ provides a hugely wide tone-shape. The shared low and high EQ controls mean that you can manipulate this Marshall JCM800-esque sound into anything from reserved crunch to a more bowel-moving fuzz. The excellent creamy tones of the Tonebone Plexitube make this an expensive, but equally good contender against Electro Harmonix’s Black Face.

The Tonebone Plexitube retails at £353.36.

Duesenberg Pomona 6 pedal steel


Not like any other guitar you’ll see out there, granted, but playability-wise the Duesenberg Pomona 6 is a gem…Whether it be Hawaiian, blues, blue-grass, Western swing or even rock and pop, the lap steel is a hugely versatile instrument. Tuned to open chords, most guitarists will be able to bang out a few blinders with a bottle neck.

The Pomona’s build quality is top rate.  A great slab of mahogany is used for the neck/body and shaped to fit the time period when Art-Deco was around. Regardless of however long ago it was, it looks timeless today.

Apart from the shape of this horizontal-sound, delve a little further to check out the features; the most impressive being the capo system. Changing the key of what you want to play in could never be simpler; undo the capo bar and move up to where you need it. Much like the of the capo system, user-friendliness is echoed in the bending leavers. You can easily get two semitones out of this. All in all, simple – less to go wrong.

Duesenberg’s Little Toaster pickups are so called because they cry Rickenbacker. To be more specific; the 1950’s ‘toaster top’ humbuckers. Response is similar to that of a standard guitar because of the surprisingly similar scale. The tonal response follows suit, it is clear, from trying it out working with a clean channel, that there is a slightly less fat and chewy overall sound in the mids. The higher frequencies prove to show no sign of decay and compromise to sustain.

While the volume pots leave something to be desired when performing swells, this little nit-pick is only a nit-pick. I’ve had to think hard to come up with something bad to say about it!

The Duesenberg Pomona 6 retails at £889.

GAC-1 Ultra Pro Cable On Sale from Lava Cable

lavacableIn need of an instrument cable? Lava Cable is stepping up to the plate and hoping they can be of service.

Lava Cable today is announcing a new addition to the Gotham Audio library of instrument cables. The GAC-1 Ultra Pro is a cable that utilizes a double Reussen shield (sounds fancy, at least) to provide what Lava Cable and Gotham Audio are calling the “best RF-protection available”, thanks to the use of dual conductive PVC layers that also help establish a quiet cable of high quality. The cable is manufactured on order using G&H Ultra High Clarity plugs, and sports a low capacitance of 21 pF per foot.

Unfortunately, those looking for some style may be out of luck, as color options and combinations are non-existent. The GAC-1 Ultra Pro only comes in a cool blue, so the fashion minded among us will have to make due with the simplicity. But a cord’s a cord, right? All the same, Lava Cable seems to expect that to change in the future, but until it does GAC-1 Ultra Pro cables in blue will run you $44.95 for a 20-foot cable, and can be purchased via Lava Cable‘s official web destination here.

Source: Harmony Central

Music Gadgets Banzai

The blog will not be updated for 2 weeks because I’m going on vacations to Japan, there will be a lot of news from NAMM show when I come back so I’ll try to show the best or most curious ones. I’ll try also to inform you of some interesting Japanese things… Hello Kitty guitars, maybe, Tenori-on, I’d like to, but will see.

Vox JamVox Jam & Practice Tool

Vox JamVox Jam & Practice Tool

I’m sure that some of you, just like me, have found yourselves trying to play along with your favorite band’s new CD but in some cases it gets really difficult, but Vox will release a tool to make it easy, the Vox JamVox Jam & Practice Tool. This device can extract the guitar track of your favorite songs and mix your guitar into the original song… you can record yourself that song you felt that need a new guitar track.

The Vox JamVox Jam & Practice Tool system consists in a music application called GXT (Guitar XTracktion), that is the one that cancels the guitar track, and a USB monitor speaker (with guitar and mic inputs) that allows you to hear the new mix. The software also includes 19 guitar amp models and 54 effects to create almost any famous sound you want with a very user-friendly interface and 2 play-along CDs with 28 rock classics to improve your guitar technique.

Although the system includes a CD you can also import your own music from your CDs, hard disk (or removable media units) or even your portable media player. The price and availability of the Vox JamVox Jam & Practice Tool have not been announced yet.

Silverlit V-Beat Air Drums

Silverlit V-Beat Air Drums

This is one of those kind of devices that are released periodically and you have to say something about it… this time is the Silverlit V-Beat Air Drums an air drum device, similar to the Gipsy MIDI controller or the Odbol Drumpants, but this one includes “all necessary” accessories to play the air drums wherever you are.

The Silverlit V-Beat Air Drums works with movement sensors that detect beats with needing to hit anything, it also includes different drum sounds, factory rhythms and even a learning wizard that teaches you how to play drums. The complete set features 1 pair of sticks, 1 pair of foot pedals and a waist station (to control all the parameters).

The only problem is that the store that sells them only accepts orders with more than 5 units, so you’ll need to find some friends. The Silverlit V-Beat Air Drums are now available and its price is £29.99.

Guitar Blog Ring Project

I’ve seen the “guitar ring” project initiated by ATOMIC Guitarist and the first thing I must say is thanks to Jason to include us in the list. This list can be really helpful for readers and for bloggers too, we can know some new places where read some interesting news or learn something about guitar techniques, or things like that.

Definitely, a great idea, and here is the list:

Guitar Noize | IG Blog | Strat-O-Blogster | Guitar MX | Mad Stratter | Guitarz | Building the Ergonomic Guitar | Guitritus | Musician’s Notebook | GuitarToyBox | IGUITARGOD | Mr. Blues Guy | | Acoustic Guitar Player | iFingers Guitar Experience | Play Like a Girl | Electric Guitar Review | Guitar Novice | Truth in Shredding | Thumbrella | Music Ramble | The Soul of Rock and Roll | Guitar Lifestyle | GuitaroJam News | Music Gadgets | The Guitar Channel | The Guitar Resource | Guitar Stuff | Axe Victim | Guitar Flame | Desafinados (spanish)

UPDATE: The only problem I see on this list is where we can find the most updated version, I suppose you don’t need to have it, but well some sites could be interesting. I’ve added the Guitar Flame blog to the list, it looks interesting but its quite new, I’ll saty tuned to see if it continues this way.

UPDATE 2: I suppose I forgot to write the links HTML code.

<a href=””>Guitar Noize</a> | <a href=””>IG Blog</a> | <a href=””>Strat-O-Blogster</a> | <a href=””>Guitar MX</a> | <a href=””>Mad Stratter</a> | <a href=””>Guitarz</a> | <a href=””>Building the Ergonomic Guitar</a> | <a href=””>Guitritus</a> | <a href=””>Musician’s Notebook</a> | <a href=””>GuitarToyBox</a> | <a href=””>IGUITARGOD</a> | <a href=””>Mr. Blues Guy</a> | <a href=””></a> | <a href=””>Acoustic Guitar Player</a> | <a href=””>iFingers Guitar Experience</a> | <a href=””>Play Like a Girl</a> | <a href=””>Electric Guitar Review</a> | <a href=””>Guitar Novice</a> | <a href=””>Truth in Shredding</a> | <a href=””>Thumbrella</a> | <a href=””>Music Ramble</a> | <a href=””>The Soul of Rock and Roll</a> | <a href=””>Guitar Lifestyle</a> | <a href=””>GuitaroJam News</a> | <a href=””>Music Gadgets</a> | <a href=””>The Guitar Channel</a> | <a href=””>The Guitar Resource</a> | <a href=””>Guitar Stuff</a> | <a href=””>Axe Victim</a> | <a href=””>Guitar Flame</a> | <a href=””>Desafinados</a> (spanish)

MegaHouse Air-Musician Virtual Guitar

MegaHouse Air-Musician Virtual GuitarThe air-guitar community is growing very fast and there are contests, documentaries and even MIDI controllers that capture your moves, but here we have the first device that will allow you to train you air guitar skills with real music, the Air-Musician Virtual Guitar made by the Japanese company MegaHouse.

The MegaHouse Air-Musician Virtual Guitar features an adjustable wrist strap that captures your “air strums” that create the rhythm of the song (each strum plays a chord, so you will have to train to get the correct rhythm), 5 available classic songs Deep Purple’s Black Night and Smoke on the Water, Aerosmith’s Walk This Way, T-Rex’s 20th Century Boy and Lenny Kravitz’s Are You Gonna Go My way, song selection button and built-in speaker.

This device is available in red, blue and silver colors and is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The MegaHouse Air-Musician Virtual Guitar is now available and its price is $19.99.

Meyer Sound MM-4XP Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound MM-4XP LoudspeakerIn some audio installations, studios, conference rooms o similar places, there isn’t always room enough for every component you have to install, for that kind of situations Meyer Sound has released the MM-4XP Loudspeaker a small loudspeaker based on the MM-4 model, that can be placed anywhere even on hidden locations.

The Meyer Sound MM-4XP is a self-powered loudspeaker that features 4″ cone transducer, low distortion, 120 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response, 113 dB SPL peak and 5-pin EN3 input (for balanced audio and DC power). This miniature loudspeaker must work with MPS-488 external rack-mountable power supply that features 8 XLR inputs and 8 EN3 outputs, so it can handle up to 8 loudspeakers at the same time.

The loudspeaker needs to be connected with composite multiconductor cables (like Belden 1502R) to get the audio and power signals at the same time. The Meyer Sound MM-4XP Loudspeaker price and availability have to be announced yet.

SKB Stagefive Professional SKB-PS-55 Pedalboard

SKB Stagefive Professional SKB-PS-55 Pedalboard

The pedalboard systems are great tools when using a huge number of pedals on the stage, if you are using one, and considering a change, or thinking of buying one you should take a look at the new SKB pedalboard, the Stagefive SKB-PS-55 Professional, a pedalboard that can handle any kind of pedal or stompbox available in the market.

The SKB Stagefive SKB-PS-55 Professional Pedalboard features two 1.3 A (for pedals like Digitech and Line 6), 2 variable DC (from 4V to 12V, even it can simulate an almost dead battery), four 9V DC (for Boss-like pedals), one 18V DC, one 24V DC and two 9/12V DC (for more pedals) isolated and filtered jacks (with polarity switch), cable tester, headphone amp and buffered preamp (for long cables) outputs and “true stereo” setup (output a pedal signal to the front input and the effect loop of 2 different amps).

This pedalboard comes with a 5-year warranty on the electronics and a million mile (that means lifetime) warranty on the case, so this will probably be your last pedalboard. The SKB Stagefive SKB-PS-55 Professional Pedalboard is now available and its price is $300.