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Logic3 Valve 80 iPod Dock & Speakers


Recently, audiophiles have scrutinised compressed audio players and the like for not creating the same tone of Hi-Fi counterparts. Things are crossing over, there’s been a compromise… The Logic3 Valve 80 iPod Dock.

We’ve seen things like this before. The idyllic idea of the portable mini-disc player – while a logical step, it didn’t really fit the portable scene. This is kind of the same story; it’s a fantastic looking amp being hooked up to an iPod. Essentially, the two are in the wrong setting. But this is no ordinary kitchen-sink plug-in, and iPod’s have got a lot better in terms of sound quality…

On the front you’ll find just a power light, the understated Logic3 logo, a sensor for the bundled remote control, the volume knob and a three way input selector. The overall feel of the amp is that it gives you this understated feel of class. It’s the kind of amp that makes you want to appreciate it first before turning it on, full of valve glow…

Using a combination of mosfets and valves to create that solid sound, the Valve 80 amp also features two weighty speakers. These beauties will stay well planted on whatever surface you want to place them on, thanks to rubberised feet. They also feature gold-plated banana plugs, instead of tack you would be expecting to find in this field. Consequently this makes for supremely good audio quality. The low and mids are punchy while keeping the headroom of the trebles and highs crisp.

If you want classy and vintage styling cradled by modern circuitry, buy this! There’s nothing out there quite like it.

The Logic3 Valve 80 iPod Dock & Speakers retail at £300.

PreSonus ADL 700 Tube Preamp

PreSonus ADL 700 Tube Preamp

PreSonus unveiled at AES show one of its newest products, that are not even on their site, the ADL 700 Tube Preamp a single channel tube preamp that has been designed by Anthony DeMaria. This device is a Class A ultra high-end tube preamp that has been on its predecessor, the ADL 600 model.

The PreSonus ADL 700 Tube Preamp features 1 channel, built-in compressor with threshold, ratio, attack, release, and gain controls, 4-band parametric EQ, impedance, high gain, high pass filter and master level controls, 3 tubes with 600 V power rails, instrument, line and mic balanced inputs and VU analog meter.

This device comes in a 2U rack-mountable format and with bright LEDs to make the controls visible in dark environments. The PreSonus ADL 700 Tube Preamp will be available in the first quarter of 2008 but its price has to be announced yet.

Summer NAMM 07: Ibanez Tube King Pedal

Summer NAMM 07: Ibanez Tube King PedalOne of the biggest returns to the Summer NAMM products is the Ibanez Tube King, a tube preamp originally released in the 90’s that comes back stronger than ever. This new version features a high voltage DC circuitry that converts the tube filter that were the previous version to a truly tube preamp.

The Ibanez Tube King TK999HT Pedal features 12AX7 preamp tube, 3-band active EQ, presence switch (hi and lo positions), void control to adjust the noise gate, level and drive controls and on/off footswitch. A great return for tube tone lovers.

An affordable way to get tube tones in your solid-state amp. The availability of the Ibanez Tube King TK999HT Pedal has to be announced yet, but its list price is $249.99.

Shanling MC-30 Music Center

Shanling MC-30 Music CenterWhen the first iPod docks appeared they look like a future thing, but now with that kind of docks you can have a very good sound for playing your music, you can record directly into the iPod and many more options. The new Shanling MC-30 Music Center accepts songs from your iPod, but also from CD or from the radio and plays them through a tube amp.

The Shanling MC-30 Music Center features two 6P1 single-ended power amp tubes, 3 W power output per channel, Burr-Brown PCM1738 digital-analog-converter, high quality AM/FM tunning system, Philips VAM-12 pickup with CD-7II servo system (provides low jitter tracking), input selector and volume control located in the device’s front feet.

If you want to hear your music with very high quality tone independently if its from your CD or your iPod you should check this cool looking aluminum music center, but you have to be careful with your pocket, the Shanling MC-30 Music Center price is $995 and you need external speakers to hear the music.

Proxon Tube Box Distortion pedal

tube-box.jpgMost rock guitar players want to have a sound like the one which made famous that guitar player, but economically is not always possible. There is always a solution, like the Proxon Tube Box Distortion pedal.

The Tube Box is a tube distortion pedal, equipped with a 12AX7, that can approach guitar players to the tube distortion sound. But the thing that makes special the Tube Box is the possibility to change, without being an expert in electronics, the tube and experiment with different tube sounds to find our favorite one.

We don’t know anything about the price of the Tube Box, but if the price is not too high and having the possibility of acquiring new tubes from $10, could be a very interesting tool to experiment.

Genz Benz SHENANDOAH Shen Pro, Acoustic & Keyboard amp

Shenpro_smWith 300 watt Neodymium 12″ loudspeaker, the Shen Pro, will combine the tonal characteristics, warmth and compression of tube and the acoustic guitar's timbre. The headroom offers 2 identic channels each with an XLR and 1/4″ input, 3 band EQ and separate DSP's with 15 sound programs each. All the signals are mixed together.

The Shen Pro offers 2 different tube pre-amps, blendable tube & fet pre-amp, first produces warm, round and full bodied character and the other produces smooth, articulate and prestine response.

Recommended price is $999, a little bit high for newbies but it assures a professional acoustic sound.

Nady GTH-100, tube guitar head


If you are a guitar player that wants a full classic gear for creating your sound, Nady introduced the GTH-100 tube guitar head amp. With 100 watt RMS output, 10 preamp tubes, four EL-34 power and six 12AX-7, high and low inputs and line output. Controls include total volume, tone shaping, tonal definition, volume, master, treble, mid, bass, presence, lead boost (up to +12dB), spring reverb with adjustable control and lead gain boost.

GTH-100 also includes a 3-way overdrive gain switch, and optional footswitch for reverb and lead gain boost. Built with vinyl cover and steel corners to protect it.