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UHF-R Wireless System


If you are on tour and make shows in big places you may want to move freely around the stage, so you need a wireless system. Shure released the UHF-R Wireless System, which can scan the frequency range and use infrared to sync the units and set up the configuration easily.

Features a LCD display to see all the information and can be used with any mic or any instrument with the handheld and the bodypack transmitter. Includes a flash memory to store up to six 60 channel frequency configuration and allows USB and Ethernet network control and monitoring.

The UHF-R Wireless System approximate price is $3400, only affordable if you are on tour.

Architectural Acoustics Prolinx, audio processing & control DSP


Interested in professional installations for shows or events? Architectural Acoustics introduces Prolinx a professional tool for audio control system.

With 12 inputs and outputs (with switchable balanced or unbalanced modes), increasable with an additional unit to 96 inputs and 36 outputs, 32bit parallel SHARC processor and 1,320 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) dedicated to routing tasks and 400 MIPS to DSP, frequency analysis and general communications tasks.

Connections include a front-panel USB port for connection to PC, flash drive, and PDAs. It can also operate with wired or wireless network and includes true automixing and a graphic EQ at each output.