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The new V-Pick Traditon guitar pick

medium-TraditionV-Picks, one of the best producers of hand crafted guitar, bass and mandolin picks in the USA, have introduced their new product – V-Pick Tradition pick. It has the same size and shape of a regular guitar pick that we all grew up with. Only this pick adds a bit of a twist to that old formula.

You will not drop this guitar pick due to the V-Pick “grippage” that you have heard so much about. They will cling to your fingers when your body temperature warms up the pick. They also give you much more volume than a regular pick. A great sounding tight bottom end, a huge mid range, and a beautiful, singing high end. Much like a human voice.

The new V-Pick Tradition is available in three thicknesses. Ultra lites at 0.8mm, Lites at 1.5mm, and Regular at 2.75mm. So, for all of you players out there that are very fussy about your guitar picks, and those of you that just can’t change your ways, this pick is perfect for you.

So whether you are an old dog or a young dog, V-Picks think you will be blown away by this new series of V-Picks.

Guitar picks for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. Carlos Santana plays V-Picks Guitar Picks live and in the studio! V-Picks are the Cadillac of Guitar, Mandolin & Bass picks. V-Picks guitar picks will change your music life, this is how the producer describes his products.

For more information about them, you can visit their official site:

Swineshead Pickups New Telecaster Pickups

Swineshead Pickups New Telecaster Pickups

The British company Swineshead now offers 2 new models for telecaster players, the Spotlight-TC and the Dragonfly-TC, that provide more low end and clean high tone, the first one, and more low end and a little bit less high tone that the classic telecaster sound.

These 2 models are similar but their main difference is the resistances, 8.5k in the bridge and 7.1k in the neck for the Dragonfly-TC and 7k in the bridge and 6k in the neck for the Spotlight-TC, besides that the other features are the same for both models, Alnico 5 Rods magnet and ferrous metal baseplate on the bridge position pickup.

Both models are available in a wide range of colors and woods, if you choose wood nor plastic, and come with all the accessory necessary to mount it on your guitar. The prices of these pickups are $84 (plastic) and $103 (wood) for both Swineshead Dragonfly-TC and Spotlight-TC models.

Lace Aluma P Bass System Pickups

Lace Aluma P Bass System PickupsThe same day of the Earth Day Lace has released, probably, the first ecologic pickup system, the Aluma P Bass System Pickups, that have been designed to contaminate less than standard pickups. Belonging to the Alumitone pickup series this model is available in 4- and 5-/6-string version and produces a great tone in a light-weight format.

The Lace Aluma P Bass System Pickups includes some ecologic features like a 95% less of copper wire and eliminates the need of using batteries for the preamp, but this doesn’t mean the pickup has a worst sound, this model produces the same tone and performance of other pickups and without any noise but consuming almost no natural resources.

The pickup includes a recyclable aluminum cover available in chrome and black finishes. The Lace Aluma P Bass System Pickups price will be $160, in black finish and $180 in silver finish, but the release date has not been announced.

Seymour Duncan SH-15 Alternative-8 Humbucker Pickup

Seymour Duncan SH-15 Alternative-8 Humbucker Pickup

The latest release of the pickup company Seymour Duncan is a new humbucker pickup that is the answer to those who demanded a better symbiosis between the huge gained amps and the pickups. The Seymour Duncan SH-15 Alternative-8 Humbucker Pickup is the first to feature the Alnico 8 magnet, that includes hot coils wound to get a bigger output level.

Although this pickup is specially designed for those who have an amp with a lot of gain power, it can also be used in almost any rock style providing a powerful low tone with fat midrange but not being too much dark.

The recommendations for this pickup are: bridge position, combination with SH-1n '59 or the SH-2n Jazz Model and a warm guitar with rosewood fingerboard. There have been no info about the price nor the release date of the Seymour Duncan SH-15 Alternative-8 Humbucker Pickup.

Swineshead Venom 7 & EMG MG-707TW 7-string Pickups

7-string guitars are progressively winning fans and this reason is making the pickup manufacturers release more models for this kind of guitars that are mainly used by metal guitar players for its extra bass sound. 2 companies have recently announced new 7-string humbucker models, Swineshead, that already released other 7-string models, with the Venom 7 and EMG with the MG-707TW pickups.

Swineshead Venom 7 7-string PickupThe specifications of the Swineshead Venom 7 pickup are large ceramic bar magnet, 17.3k and 12.2k bridge and neck, respectively, resistances and 14 black hex head polepieces. The pickup provides a clear, bright and high output tone with any amp configuration (from clean to heavily distortioned) and is handmade and is available in wood and plastic version with many finishes available for each version, the prices are £60 for the plastic and £75 for the wood version.

EMG MG-707TW 7-string PickupWhile the EMG model, the MG-707TW, based on the also 7-string model EMG-707, is an active humbucker model with single-coil (with push/pull function) and triple-coil (activating the humbucker and the single-coil using the dual internal preamps) options and alnico magnets.

Both pickups include all the material and tools necessary to mount them, but if you are not sure we recommend to ask it to a professional.

Fishman Matrix Infinity Undersaddle Pickup [Winter NAMM 2008]

Fishman Matrix Infinity Undersaddle Pickup [Winter NAMM 2008]

Fishman is probably the pickup company that is inside more different guitar models, mainly acoustic ones, and they continue releasing new models with improved technologies, their new product is the Fishman Matrix Infinity Undersaddle Pickup, a redesigned pickup that produces a high quality and balanced sound using the Acoustic Matrix pickup.

The Fishman Matrix Infinity Undersaddle Pickup features Acoustic Matrix active preamp, volume and tone (that goes from flat tone to scooped sound) controls located under the soundhole, voice switch (bass boost or flat sound) to adjust to the environment, battery checker LED, solderless connections and available in 2 saddle widths 1/8″ or 3/32″.

This pickup system is preferred to be installed by professionals but you can replace easily the battery when its over. The Fishman Matrix Infinity Undersaddle Pickup is now available and its MSRP price is $210.

Shadow Electronics SH 1110-UK Pickup

Shadow Electronics SH 1110-UK PickupThe pickup company Shadow Electronics announces a new product for its ethnic pickup product line, an undersaddle pickup system for acoustic ukuleles. The Shadow Electronics SH 1110-UK Pickup is easy to install, remains almost invisible and provides a clean, string-balanced and amplified sound of you ukulele.

The Shadow Electronics SH 1110-UK Pickup fits in all acoustic ukuleles, features a high quality stereo endpin output and includes input and output jacks cables. This model requires no battery because it’s a passive pickup but it can be combined with an external preamp to make it active.

This pickup system comes with all the necessary accessories to install the pickup in your ukulele. The Shadow Electronics SH 1110-UK Pickup is now available and its price is $60.

EMG EMG-81TW Active Pickup

EMG EMG-81TW Active PickupIt looks like EMG is updating one of its most famous products, the EMG-81 pickup, used by guitar players like Zakk Wylde or Kirk Hammett, by releasing the new EMG EMG-81TW Active Pickup. This pickups is based on the EMG-81 but includes some improvements in tonal range and connectivity, lets take a look.

The EMG EMG-81TW Active Pickup features the already known (and loved) dua-coil sound but you can also get single-coil sound activating a push/pull knob. To provide both sounds with the best quality and the lower noise this pickup features dual active preamps and triple-coil arrangement, so, in fact, you have a humbucker and and single-coil pickup in the same device.

This pickup comes with prewired push/pull knob and battery clip set, output jack and Quick Connect cable that allows you to connect easily to other EMG products like Presence Control, EXG Expander or PA2 Preamp Booster. The EMG EMG-81TW Active Pickup will be introduced at Winter NAMM, so its price and availability has not been announced yet.

BG Pups Pure90 Pickup

BG Pups Pure90 PickupWe talked about the BG Pups company when they released the Melody Maker and the Strat version of the P90 pickup, and now they are releasing a humbucker version of this famous pickup, the BG Pups Pure90 Pickup. Now you can install P90 pickup in your humbucker guitar model and have a great rock, blues or jazz tone.

The BG Pups Pure90 Pickup features alnico magnets, nickel silver baseplate and plastic cover (as chromed covers affect the tone). There are two models on for neck and one for bridge positions and they are calibrated for each position.

This pickup is hand-made, have lifetime warranty and you have a 7-day return period. The BG Pups Pure90 Pickup is now available and its price is $90.

Epiphone EpiActive Pickups

Epiphone EpiActive PickupsThe Lab of the Dr. Epiphone is where the Gibson low-cost company develops some of their new products and this week they have announced a new active pickup, with the obvious name of Epiphone EpiActive Pickup. This pickup is the result of a long development by Epiphone engineers.

The Epiphone EpiActive Pickups features a built-in active preamp circuit, low noise, low distortion op amps, high output dynamic signal and shielded housing to provide noise immunity. The result is an active pickup that boosts the output signal and will be perfect for highly distortioned tones.

We don’t know what products will include this new Epiphone EpiActive Pickups or if Epiphone will sell this pickup as a stand-alone product which price will it have, but I’m sure we will have some updates soon.