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Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano

large-Korg_SV-1_73_Photo1Korg have presented their new product the SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano.

The SV-1 offers the most complete compendium of hit-making vintage electric pianos, funky clavs, classic and cult-fave organs, string machines, analog/digital electronic contenders and world-class acoustic pianos ever available in a single instrument. Available in lightweight 73-key and 88-key models, the SV-1 features Korg‘s premium RH3 Real Graded Hammer Action for a solid, expressive feel.

The SV-1 recreates the look, feel and satisfaction of performing on a vintage instrument. Absent are the crowded displays and parameter menus that are so common on today’s keyboards. In their place, the SV-1 provides a streamlined front panel where each knob serves a single function and LED indicators cue the performer to each knob’s current setting. Pressing any knob recalls its original saved setting.

Crafted using Korg‘s RX (Real eXperience) Technology, each of the 36 onboard sounds is a detailed and authentic re-creation (complete list below). The RX engine accurately captures the full range of expression and dynamics of the original instruments, including the snap of the tine, release of the hammer, click of the contacts and other definitive sonic elements.

The SV-1 also re-creates the effect pedals and studio processing that gave these sounds their original character. In addition, the proven, tube-driven (12AX7) Valve Reactor circuit combines with period-accurate amplifier modeling to deliver the warmth, bite and snarl that brings these sounds to life. Each of the tone modifying sections features its own dedicated On/Off switch and controls for easy editing.

The SV-1 can be transposed into any key, and the tuning can be adjusted to match another instrument or existing track. Eight velocity curves match the keyboard response to any playing style. Unlike the original instruments, the SV-1 is virtually maintenance-free and always in tune.

The SV-1 features balanced XLR and ¼” outputs, eliminating the need for noisy or costly direct boxes. Convenient audio inputs are also provided, along with a front-mounted headphone jack. A half-damping sustain pedal is included. Two aux pedal inputs can accommodate an additional switch pedal and an additional sweep pedal (to control the Wah effect and Rotary speed, for example). Both inputs can accept switch pedals, providing the Soft and Sostenuto pedals for the piano performer.

The SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano will be available early November 2009.

The 73-key SV-173 will carry an MSRP of $2700.00; the 88-key SV-188 will carry an MSRP of $3000.00.

Gear4music Introduces PL-400 Piano

pianoGear4music has released their latest digital piano, the PL-400. The lowest price digital piano in the range Gear4music offers, the PL-400 sports 88 weighted keys, seven touch sensitivity settings, and 64 voice polyphone. There are also eight sample sounds that provide for sounds such as the organ and Harpsichords, in additional to the traditional sound of the instrument.

Like other PL range pianos, the PL-400 features a USB MIDI interface, allowing for simple integration into software setups. The PL-400 is also available in both Dark Apple and Maple cabinets. Full specifications are as follows:

  • High resolution sampled audio for super realistic sounds
  • Sounds 2 x Acoustic Pianos, 2 x Electric Pianos, Church Organ, Harpsicord, Vibes, Strings
  • Sounds can be layered
  • 9 Reverb settings
  • Built in metronome
  • Assignable Beat and speed settings
  • Transpose to any key
  • Set your own tuning curve
  • Play/record your compositions – songs can be recorded and played-back
  • USB MIDI interface
  • 7 touch sensitivity settings to suit your style
  • 20 Demo songs
  • 2 x Headphone sockets
  • Built in 20W speakers
  • Aux In, Aux Out connections
  • Dimensions: 1360 (width) x 789 (height) x 425 (height)

For more information, visit the official site. The only confirmed price point thus far is $369.95 in the UK, although a two-year warranty is standard, along with a 14-day money back guarantee. There are only 26 in stock at the online store though, so act fast!

Source: Gear4music

Casio new Privia Digital Piano models

Casio new Privia Digital Piano models

Casio has released 2 new models under the Privia Digital Piano series with a very elegant design and a slim and lightweight construction but with the tone and playability of a grand piano. The Casio Privia PX-120 has a silver and dark grey or light brown finish while the Casio Privia PX-720 features ash walnut and wenge or cherry and maple tone finishes available.

Both models feature scaled hammer action keyboard with 3 sensitivity levels and 88-keys, 128-note maximum polyphony, acoustic & intelligent filtering (that provides the tone of a grand piano) and acoustic resonance (emulates the sound of a damper pedal) systems, 2 built-in bass-reflex speakers, 8 built-in digital effects, 3 included pedals (damper, soft and sostenuto), onboard metronome, duet mode (for playing 2 at the same time) and recorder and lock functions.

You can do piano lessons with these models, they include 60-songs with score book music library and right/left turn off functions. The price of these pianos are £485 for the Casio Privia PX-120 and £585 for the Casio Privia PX-720.

Summer NAMM 07: Roland RG-3M Digital Grand Piano

Summer NAMM 07: Roland RG-3M Digital Grand PianoSome more news from the Summer NAMM by Roland, this time the Roland RG-3M Digital Grand Piano that has been released after the success of its little brother, the RG-3 Digital Grand Piano. This digital piano should be mainly used in places where a good looking instrument must be on the stage like hotel bars, restaurants, …

The Roland RG-3M Digital Grand Piano features 88 keys, PHA II technology that emulates the feel of the ivory keys, multi-sample sound for each key that responds to the power of the playing, built-in CD drive, USB port to load music, 100-watt sound system and a remote control.

It can even play itself with the Moving Keys function and has a key-cover lock system to prevent intruders touch the piano while playing or when nobody is near. The price and availability of the Roland RG-3M Digital Grand Piano have to be announced yet. And remember, although it could look like a grand piano, it has no strings

Yamaha NP30 Contemporary Digital Piano

Yamaha NP30 Contemporary Digital Piano

Although this Yamaha product is not listed on its website yet, it was introduced at last Winter NAMM, the Yamaha NP30 Contemporary Digital Piano is meant to be a new class of digital pianos, it can work as a MIDI controller or a piano keyboard so it can be useful for your home studio or live shows. It also has a very affordable price.

The Yamaha NP30 Contemporary Digital Piano features 76 keys, graded touch semi-weighted piano-style keys (more robust than other digital pianos), 10 voices, 32 polyphony notes, 4 different reverbs, tempo control (from 32 to 280 bpm), sustain pedal, headphones output and MIDI input/output. This digital piano is indicated for people who suffer arthritis or repetitive stress disorders.

This digital piano will be available in July says the press release but some stores are announcing that it will be available in June. The price of the Yamaha NP30 Contemporary Digital Piano will be $299.99.

Yamaha Disklavier DGC1B

Yamaha Disklavier DGC1BYamaha has released another model in their acclaimed Disklavier series, that has win six consecutive years the Dealer’s Choice Product of the Year award of the Musical Merchandise Review magazine, the Yamaha Disklavier DGC1B. This model not only allows to play a grand piano but also record and playback your songs.

The Yamaha Disklavier DGC1B features ebony/mahogany/American walnut finish, two 60W speakers (with tone and volume controls), more than 500 included songs, piano and ensemble music level controls, 64MB storage capacity, Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) tone generation technology (that provides professional instrument sounds), SmartKey software (that teaches to beginners easy melodies while the piano does the accompaniment music), MIDI and aux input/output, 2 headphones outputs, CD control and foot controller input.

This piano can also include wireless remote control or PianoSoft sample disk (optional accessories). The Yamaha Disklavier DGC1B is now available and its approximate price is $15k.

Yamaha Remote Lesson


Well lookie here, it seems that all you folks with money burning holes in your pockets no longer have an excuse to put off learning a musical instrument. Yamaha announced a remarkable concept at Winter NAMM 2007. Check out Remote Lesson, an internet based teach & learn solution for Yamaha’s elite line of Disklavier reproducing pianos.

The Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV builds upon the sophistication of previous generations of the award-winning line of Yamaha reproducing pianos by adding a variety of new features. Yamaha’s continual innovation of this product has led to an industry first: the Disklavier has been honored for the sixth consecutive year with Musical Merchandise Review Magazine’s “Dealer’s Choice Award” as “Product of the Year.”

The Disklavier also won the Music Teachers National Association’s (MTNA) Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award for 2006. Typically awarded to educators, this marks the first time a music product has received the honor.

Remote Lesson is a software innovation from Yamaha that will allow students and teachers to communicate in real time, utilizing the reproduction features of compatible Disklavier pianos (specifically the Mark IV), and a broadband internet connection. As the student plays a piece, the instructor can watch the keys reproduce on his own piano, as well as ensure the students focus with help from the video-conferencing capabilities of this future software upgrade.

Remote Lesson represents the virtual elimination of geographic barriers in piano education,” states Jim Presley, Disklavier Marketing Manager.

Yamaha’s Remote Lesson won’t be available in the Disklavier 2.0 software updates, but Yamaha says it will be included in future updates.

Yamaha MODUS H01 Digital Piano

Yamaha MODUS H01 Digital PianoIf you want to have a piano at home but you don’t want a large piano, you can choose a digital piano, but if you also want an instrument with a very cool design you might check the new Yamaha MODUS H01 Digital Piano. Based on the Slimline CLP-FO1 Clavinova, the instrument features a minimal design that provides space saving.

The Yamaha MODUS H01 Digital Piano features 88–note natural wood keyboard, 3-level dynamic stereo sampling AWM (volume and timbre changing depending on playing touch), 64-note polyphony, 10 instrument voices, 3 pedals (damper with half-pedal effect, sostenuto and soft), built-in 40W sound system and USB port (to connect the instrument to a computer).

The Yamaha MODUS H01 Digital Piano is available in amber glow, velvet rouge and deep brunette finishes and its approximate price is $7,000, you know design is expensive. The instrument will be available in early 2007.

Korg Pa800 Keyboard

Korg Pa800

Korg introduces a new product on its keyboard line, the Korg Pa800 is a professional arranger keyboard. Features many different styles, each style consist of drum, percussion and bass tracks and up to 5 different instrument tracks.

The main features of the Korg Pa800 are 61 keys with velocity and after touch, 960 styles, color LCD screen, USB ports (from where you can read or write to USB devices), 2 programmable switches, 2 programmable sliders and a joystick, 22 W amplifiers, 2–way speaker system, built-in EQ, many audio outputs, etc.

The Korg Pa800 can have a 2.5” HD to store data and can connect to EC5 pedalboard (5 programmable switches). Its price is $3,400.

Yamaha PSR-E403 Portable Keyboard


If you are thinking on learning to play the keyboard, or you started to play not much time ago, you may be interested in the new Yamaha product, Yamaha PSR-E403 Portable Keyboard. This keyboard includes the Yamaha Education Suite to help your learning.

The main features for the PSR-E403 are real time sound control knobs (to control the EQ, effects, filters and tempo), 6–track sequencer, 504 voices, 155 styles (and 1 user style, only one!), several different effects (including 9 reverbs, 4 choruses, 26 harmony types, …), pitch bend wheel, headphones output, USB port, 2–way stereo speaker system, internal Flash ROM, etc.

The Yamaha PSR-E403 looks like a very complete keyboard at an affordable price, $349.95.