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Stanton Scratch mixer

m207_bigStanton introduced its latest product – the Scratch mixer.

It is a two-channel scratch mixer, perfect for the club and scratch DJ market, made of heavy gauge stamped steel with a sleek black and silver color scheme. The M.207 is not only reliable, it is also innovative. It includes a unique user interface for controlling effects, the FXGlide. The FXGlide is a continuous strip touch controller, utilizing the same innovative touch-slider technology that is used in Stanton’s DaScratch MIDI Controller. In addition to providing real-time performance capabilities, the FX control can also be automated in real-time. This allows the DJ to create a custom modulation of the FX parameter, and then have that play back instead of the normal sweeping FX.

A new class of frequency dependent effects are also available on the M.207. With this feature, the FX can be applied to any of three specific frequency bands, without affecting the other frequencies. The M.207 also features an integrated phrase/loop sampler.


– Rugged steel design

– Soft Start feature for no noise when powering on/off

– Integrated digital effects, including phase/flange, echo/strobe, pan/transformer & filters

– Unique FXGlide control for real-time control of effects

– Built-in phrase/loop sampler with up to 5 different loops/samples

– New frequency-dependent effects create entirely new sounds unique to the M.207

– Built in sequencer so FXGlide moves can be automated and recalled.

– Adjustable fader curves and fader reverse

– 2 phono/line inputs with fader start

– 3-band EQ per channel with complete KILL(-64dB)

– Pre, Post & Master Headphone cueing w/ FX CUE

– Mic and AUX inputs

– Professional ¼ balanced outputs and RCA main/record outputs

– Powerful headphone amplifier

– 45 mm crossfader – long-life Alpha fader (user replaceable)

– 2 10-segment LED ladder meters

– Striking Black/gray color scheme with blue LED lighted accents

– Ergonomic control layout facilitates tweaking and performance

– Reverse indicator LEDs: The LEDs indicate the status of the fader and crossfader reverse functions

More information about the product: Stanton

Behringer SX Series Mixers

Behringer SX Series Mixers

Behringer is one of the companies that has been more active lately releasing some new products and the last one to be unveiled have been the new SX Series Mixers, similar to the SL Series, the 2 new models (SX2442FX and SX3242FX) have same size than the SL models, the potential buyers are professional or semi-professional musicians that need high quality at mid-range prices.

The specifications of the Behringer SX Series Mixers are 24-bit stereo FX processors, 100 included presets (reverb, chorus, …), 4-band EQ on the stereo inputs, British 3-band EQ and 9-band stereo graphic EQ, 60 mm logarithmic-taper faders, 4 aux sends per channel (2 pre and 2 posts fader), 1⁄4″ and XLR balanced, control room, headphones and stereo tape outputs. The main differences between these models are, 24 channels, 2 stereo inputs and 16 Xenyx mic preamps on the SX2442FX model and 32 channels, 4 stereo inputs and 20 Xenyx mic preamps on the SX3242FX.

These products can be used for mixing and recording tasks and includes also some basic functions like talkback and mute-all (but the auxiliary input). The Behringer SX Series Mixers will be soon available and its msrp are $740 for the SX2442FX model and $880 for the SX3242FX.

Gemini PS-626EFX & PS-828x Mixers

Gemini PS-626EFX & PS-828x Mixers

There are 2 new options for professional DJs, they can improve or enlarge their gear with the new professional mixers released by Gemini, the PS-626EFX & PS-828x Mixers

The features of the Gemini PS-626EFX Professional Mixer are 3 channels, built-in effects (filter, flanger and phaser), effect send, 3-band EQ and fade and gain control per channel, 1 rail glide crossfader, adjustable EFX jog wheel, mic volume and 2-band EQ, 6 line and 2 combo phono/line RCA inputs and 2 RCA and headphones outputs.

While the second model, the Gemini PS-828x Professional Mixer, features 4 channels, 3-band EQ, -30dB cuts, cue buttons, fader and gain control per channel, Rail Glide crossfader, mic volume and 2-band EQ, 7 line, 2 mic and 2 phono inputs and balanced XLR and headphones (with volume control) outputs.

Both models come in 10″ rack-mountable format, includes iPod cable and its crossfader can be easily replaced by the user. The availability of these models have not been announced but their prices are $240 for the Gemini PS-626EFX Mixer and $280 for the Gemini PS-828x Mixer.

Cortex MIX-R1U Professional Audio Mixer

Cortex MIX-R1U Professional Audio Mixer

Another mixer release today, now it’s the turn for Cortex that has released a new model similar to the previous one, also for bars and nightclubs which need a compact and lightweight device with high quality results. This is the Cortex MIX-R1U Professional Audio Mixer, that will make difficult the decision of choosing a new device for your rig.

The specifications of the Cortex MIX-R1U Professional Audio Mixer 2 channels, 2-band EQ and gain control per channel, master volume control, cue rotary and adjustable cue volume, mic volume, 45mm super-smooth crossfader, 2 stereo RCA per channel and 2 mic (XLR and 1/4″) inputs and headphones, balanced master XLR, 1/4″ aux (with gain controls) and record outputs.

This lightweight and compact mixer comes in a 19″ 1U rack-mountable format with steel chassis to make it more durable, but also, the Cortex MIX-R1U Professional Audio Mixer has no release date nor price, so we will have to wait again.

Gemini MM 4000 DJ FX Mixer

Gemini MM 4000 DJ FX Mixer

Gemini is one of the most successful brands in the club gear market, so DJs and clubbers should be happy to know that they have released a new mixer model, the Gemini MM 4000 DJ Mixer that comes in the same 19″ rack-mountable format that its product line brothers and its specially designed for voice recording and mixing tasks.

The features of the Gemini MM 4000 DJ FX Mixer are 4 channels, 16 high quality built-in effects (including room reverbs, chorus, flange or delays) that can be chose with a 16-way rotary knob, fader and 3-band EQ per channel, RailGlide crossfader, dry / wet effect control, 4 unbalanced mic inputs, 1 balanced XLR master mic input and phones, balanced master XLR and master, zone and record RCA outputs.

Some of the places where this mixer could fit perfectly are a karaoke bar, a club with DJ shows or a small show stage. The Gemini MM 4000 DJ FX Mixer price and availability have not been announced yet.

Allen & Heath Xone:4D Mixer

Allen & Heath Xone:4D MixerThe new model from Allen & Heath Xone series is a USB mixer with a new soundcard that includes the same features than the Xone:3D but with some interesting news like multi-track recording, running 4 simultaneous decks in Native Instruments Traktor or, like a lot of people requested, panels that can be read in very low light using a ultra violet sensitive paint.

The specifications Allen & Heath Xone:4D Mixer are 24-bit audio resolution and 96 kHz sampling rate, 8 different setups for the USB soundcard (that removes the need of using the computer software utility like the Xone:3D model), 225 assignable MIDI controls, real-time LFO waveform edit function, 4 stereo and digital outputs and 4 stereo and digital inputs and FX2 RCA sockets that can be converted to recording outputs.

This mixer works with both PC and Mac and could be a very interesting tool for DJs. The Allen & Heath Xone:4D Mixer will be available next month and its approximate price will be $2,000.

Ecler EVO4 Digital DJ Mixer

Ecler EVO4 Digital DJ MixerAt last we can see an image of the Ecler EVO4 DJ Mixer, the gear device that has been the topic of so many posts during last months. This product is the little brother of the EVO5 that was released one year ago at MusikMesse, and it looks like it this will be introduced there too.

The Ecler EVO4 DJ Mixer, that will be perfect for DJs live shows at clubs, discos, …, features 4 channels, 24 bit audio resolution, 96 kHz sampling rate, 3-band EQ, 1 fader and gain control per channel, 1 crossfader, 2 effects processors (placed one at each side of the channels) with wet/dry crossfader (included effects are filters, delays, flanger, phaser and loop sampler, among others), 25 assignable (MIDI), shape and monitor controls and headphones output.

But even if we see some units at MusikMesse we will have to wait until June to have our own Ecler EVO4 DJ Mixer. The price has not been announced yet.

Allen & Heath Xone:42 Mixer

Allen & Heath Xone:42 MixerAllen & Heath mixer product line is growing every day providing devices for any kind of musician, from beginners to professionals. Its last model is specially designed for professionals, the Allen & Heath Xone:42 Mixer includes a X-FX function that allows to send the input signal to an external effects processor and return to the mixer.

Other specifications of the Allen & Heath Xone:42 Mixer are 4 dual stereo channels, filter effects (high-pass, band-pass and low-pass filters), 1 fader and cue button per channel, mix and booth master controls, VCA crossfader, mic XLR, phono and line inputs and headphones outputs (1/4″ and 1/8″), 3-band EQ per channel, 2-band EQ for mic input and USB connection.

This mixer will be useful for live shows or to use with a DAW and its USB port allows to not only record but also play audio from any USB-capable device. The Allen & Heath Xone:42 Mixer is now available and its approximate price is $1,000.

Allen & Heath ZED FX Mixers

Allen & Heath ZED FX MixersWe announced last year the release of the new mixer series from Allen & Heath that was called ZED and the next step taken by this company is adding effects to their USB mixers. There will be, at first, 2 models Allen & Heath ZED-12FX and Allen & Heath ZED-22FX that have similar features to their “non-effected” brothers.

The effects included in the Allen & Heath ZED FX Mixers are delays, reverbs (long and short) and modulation (flanger or chorus) that make a total of 16 different effects (2 banks with 8 each) that can be activated and adjusted through the effect and bank selection and tap tempo buttons. Other features of these mixers are 6 or 16 mono (depending on the model) and 3 dual stereo channels, 100mm faders, 3-band EQ on mono and 2-band EQ on stereo channels, DuoPre padless preamps, dual stereo input, 2 pre and 2 post fade auxiliary sends and many more.

This mixers have been designed for being comfortable on a studio (or at home) desktop, with characteristics like the top placed connectors taken from the Allen & Heath professional mixers, and come with Cakewalk's Sonar LE music production software. The Allen & Heath ZED FX Mixers will be available in March and their list prices are $600 for the ZED-12FX model and $900 for the ZED-22FX model.

Alesis iMultimix 16 USB Mixer

Alesis iMultimix 16 USB MixerAlmost one year after the release of the iMultimix 8, Alesis updates its mixer-to-iPod product line with this new model, the Alesis iMultimix 16 USB Mixer, a mixer that also features an iPod dock and can be used for studio and home recording or for live events.

The features of the Alesis iMultimix 16 USB Mixer are 16 channels, 16-bit resolution and 44.1 and 48kHz sampling rate audio recording quality, 28-bit digital effects (reverb, chorus, delay, … more than 100), 3-band EQ per channel, iPod jog wheel and record and playback levels, +48V phantom power, 4 high-gain mic/line preamps, 2 guitar mic/line inputs and aux send and returns.

This mixer works only in Windows and Mac OS and includes the Cubase LE 4 software. The Alesis iMultimix 16 USB Mixer is now available and its price is $600.