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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1

Traktor_Kontrol_X1_Perspective_1_610x497Native Instruments has announced Traktor Kontrol X1.

It is the first official Traktor controller for use with any DJ software. Whether you are a DVS timecode or software DJ, simply connect the Traktor Kontrol X1 to a computer running Traktor (or other performance software) and gain instant control of your decks and effect parameters. Robust rotary knobs with a heavy-duty feel and backlit buttons provide precise visual and tactile status feedback- letting you delve deep inside Traktor Kontrol X1 without having to touch your computer.


  • Seamlessly adjustable LED brightness adapts to any environment from bright daylight to the darkest club
  • Button off glow for reading button labels in absolute darkness.
  • All buttons feature backlights in multiple colors for ease of useFX buttons: orange. Transport buttons: blue MIDI mode: green. Shift + Hotcue buttons: white.
  • Bi-directional communication with Traktor using NHL (Native Hardware Library). The NHL protocol features resolution that is almot 4 times that of regular MIDI
  • Calibration wizard precisely and individually defines mid-point of each knob
  • The controller is pre-mapped by the makers of Traktor, with the option to freely customize any individual part. Tweak the defaults or reconfigure the mapping entirely to your preferred workflow
  • Included powerful MIDI configuration software provides templates for various applications and gives access to advanced features such as encoder step size, note up/down encoder messages and more
  • Fully hot-pluggable in Traktor. The X1 runs the instant you connect it to your computer with Traktor running. If the USB connection is accidentally disconnected Traktor continues to play unaffected. Simply plug the X1 back in and it’s good to go again.

The controller will be available in February 2010 for a suggested price of 229$.

More information abut the product: Native Instruments

Vestax TR-1 Traktor Controller

vestaxVestax is now shipping the new TR-1 Traktor Controller a radical USB MIDI controller designed in cooperation with one of the pioneers of laptop-based DJing in Japan, the legendary Hiroshi Watanabe.

The TR-1 is a compact, user-friendly controller designed to emulate the touch and feel of a traditional DJ mixer while providing the features and usability that professionals demand in a laptop-based system.

The TR-1 features seamless command of Traktor Pro software for control of up to four laptops through two program channels. Key features include soft-push switches and smooth 60mm slide faders for high-precision mixing, with an adjustable Input Fader curve to adapt to any mixing style. A new Shift switch feature allows the user to customize control functions by assigning a second command to a single button.

The Vestax TR-1 comes bundled with Native Instruments Traktor LE software, can command over 160 parameters right out of the box, including live signal processing effects, beat matching, loop programming, filter sweeping, and EQ sweetening in real time.

Visually, the TR-1 features the traditional Vestax white gold faceplate and knobs, housed in a compact, road-tough chassis design that ensures reliability on tour. Hardware features include adjustable brightness of the surface’s LED lights for adaptability to any working conditions, and all control knobs are ergonomically designed for easy grabbing and smooth, noise-free adjustment.


– New soft push switches for tireless mixing.

– Smooth 60mm slide input faders or high-precision mixing.

– Selectable deck control (Max 4channels. A&C controlled by PGM1, B&D controlled by PGM2).

– New SHIFT switch feature to customize deck control functions.

– Adjustable LED light volume.

– Can control up to more than 160 parameters of compatible software.

– A compact, durable and easy-to-operate body design that ensures excellent reliability on tour

– Traditional Vestax white gold face plate and knobs.

– Bundle softwar: Native Instruments Traktor LE.

More information: Vestax

Virtuasonic Mijoy Pro 4

MIJOY PRO4Virtuasonic introduced their latest product the Mijoy Pro 4.

It is a VSTi MIDI plug-in that allows you to use a joystick or gamepad as a MIDI controller. It can be used to control other VSTi instruments, FX plug-ins and even MIDI hardware in real-time.

Nowadays synthesizers, samplers and effects offer an incredible range of possibilities. So much power and flexibility also means many parameters to be managed. Programming the automation by hand is a possible approach to this issue, but certainly more suitable for refining a track than for creating it from scratch.

Mijoy Pro is a premium application designed to let you control virtual instruments, hardware synthesizers, samplers and effects processors in a more friendly and effective way, as well as opening up new possibilities of approaching them. It can be used alone, but it’s also a perfect complement to a masterkeyboard or other MIDI controllers. For instance, it can be configured for key-switching, as well as for controlling filters and other parameters.

Mijoy Pro 4 represents a step forward in the way joystick axis data is handled.

This version introduces some key features that greatly improve the flexibility of the plug-in:

eight slots assignable to every joystick axis of your choice between X, Y, Z, Slider1, Slider 2, Z-rotation and their inversions.
now the same axis can be assigned to more than one MIDI command at the same with independent MIDI settings (Ch, min/max, etc.).
axis inversion.
new axis display with four switchable pointers, one for each couple of axes.
improved MIDI monitor.
new navigation menu with buttons

More information: Virtuasonic

Livid Instruments Block controller

block_multiLivid Instruments has announced their latest product – the Block controller.

It is a compact and programmable MIDI control surface designed for interactive audio performance. Built on the same bi-directional and adaptable platform as the Ohm64, Block provides a powerful interface for creating and interacting with sound in a small easy-to-transport body. Sixty four backlight led buttons provide endless possibilities for visual feedback with the instrument by connecting it to Ableton Live, Max/Msp, our open source sounds apps, or any other software that supports MIDI. The open source blockEditor application lets you reprogram any of the controller’s sixty four clip buttons, eight knobs, two faders, and seven function buttons. Block is hand crafted from lightweight wood and aluminum for easy portability.

Block has bi-directional talkback communication allowing the controller to talk to your software, and software to your device. MIDI messages can be sent to the Block to light up the buttons for an interactive performance. Completely programable and mappable, block provides a flexible control surface that be used with any software or setup. Completely USB powered means you don't have to worry about adapters and and power strips, and it is plug and play so no drivers are required.

Block is designed with a perfectly square layout allowing it to be controlled from all sides. The 8×8 keypad and corresponding 8 knobs make it easy to integrate into your setup. Two faders, seven function buttons, and an extra large tap tempo button are provided to control presets, banks, settings, and are completely reprogrammable.

Block Specifications:

– 10.25″ x 10.25″ x 1.5″ (WLH) / weight 3 lbs. (26 cm x 26 cm x 3.8 cm, 1.36 kg)

– USB Powered

– Bi-Directional MIDI communication (talkback)

– Class-compliant: no drivers needed for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

– 64 Programmable backlight buttons for talk-back and interactive performance

– Programmable MIDI mapping allows you to change the MIDI settings on the hardware

– Anodized Aluminum Faceplate

– Open Source software tools to create your own LED talkback interaction

– Editor included for MIDI editing, and LED talkback programming

– Made in the USA

– Compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn

– ROHS compliant

– USB cable included

This product will be available for $399 from November 2009.

More information: Livid Instruments

Moog MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor Software

large-Moog_MIDI_MuRF_pattern_editor_printMoog‘s newest Moogerfooger, the MF-105M MIDI MuRF has been an instant success. With 8 analog filters under MIDI and CV control, the MIDI MuRF is one of the most powerful and flexible sound design tools around.

Now the producer is releasing the MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor.

Available as a free download to MIDI MuRF owners, the Pattern Editor software allows players to create, modify and save their own filter sequence patterns. Its point-and-click user interface makes pattern creation a breeze and the on-screen knobs and sliders let users optimize patterns to real-world settings without taking their hand off the mouse.

The MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor provides easy access to parameters only available through MIDI CC commands and saving and storing patterns on a computer allows for an unlimited number of available variations.

“With a possible 64 steps per band and the ability to create polyrhythmic patterns, the MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor lets users tailor their patterns for a sound that’s uniquely their own,” explained the Moog Applications Engineer, Amos Gaynes. “You can store up to 22 custom patterns at a time on the MIDI MuRF itself, so you can take your unique grooves with you anywhere.”

The MIDI MuRF is already being snapped up by guitarists, keyboardists, producers, and DJs worldwide. With the new Pattern Editor, they’ll be able to take their explorations further; faster and easier than ever before.

We should mention again – this product is available now as a free download.

More details about the Pattern Editor software at Moog Music.

The Ohm64 Class-Compliant MIDI Controller

large-ohm64frontLivid Instrument has just released their new product – the Ohm64, a meticulously crafted MIDI control surface, with a comprehensive set of faders, knobs, and buttons, and programmable LEDs.

Impressively programmable, all controls in it can be custom-edited to send a variety of MIDI commands. The lighting behind the LEDs can be controlled with user-defined MIDI commands. USB-powered and class-compliant, the Ohm64 is genuinely plug-and-play on Mac and Windows (and has even tested well on Linux). Stylishly cased in a hand-finished wood body with an aluminum face, the Ohm64 is a handsome alternative to the plastics that dominate the MIDI controller market.

The Ohm64 is an adaptable, programmable, and interactive MIDI control surface designed to give you hands-on control over your performance. All of our controllers are proudly hand crafted and assembled for artists by artists, said the producers.

The Ohm64 Class-Compliant MIDI Controller specifications:

– 17.5″ x 10.5″ x 2″ (WDH) / weight 6.5 lbs.
– USB Powered
– Bi-Directional MIDI communication (talkback)
– Class-compliant: no drivers needed for Mac, Windows, or Linux.
– 75 Programmable backlight buttons for talk-back and interactive performance
– Programmable MIDI mapping allows you to change the MIDI settings on the hardware
– Aluminum Faceplate
– Open Source software tools to create your own LED talkback interaction
– Ohm Editor included for MIDI editing, and LED talkback programming
– Cell DNA video performance software included
– Standard MIDI IN and OUT jacks
– Made in the USA
– Compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn
– ROHS compliant

It is available now for $599.00

For more information: Livid Instrument.

SL Mk II MIDI controller from Novation

Novation-SL-ReMOTE-MKIINovation launched the SL Mk II MIDI control. Building on the original ReMOTE SL’s reputation on high quality hardware and control software, the SL Mk II has some additions designed to set it apart from other controllers in order to make mapping and controlling software quick and effortless.

A semi-weighted Fatar ‘fast touch’ keyboard is combined with a full DAW and plug-in control surface that visually feeds back control information to the user. All knobs and faders are touch sensitive. By simply touching a control, all mapping information automatically appears on the large 144 character LCD display. Back lit LED buttons and LED ringed encoders instantly show the status of controls. SL Mk II includes full transport control, an XY ‘Xpression Pad’, eight drum pads, sprung pitch/mod joystick and a Speed Dial encoder which enables the user to grab any parameter the cursor is positioned over. In addition to 25, 49 and 61 key versions, a keyboardless ‘Zero’ is available with longer-throw faders and a central crossfader.

Quick mapping of all 56 knobs, faders and buttons is managed by Novation’s Automap 3 PRO software which provides instant and intelligent control of all music software. As well as extensive DAW control, parameters on VST/AU/RTAS/TDM plug-ins can be assigned by simply touching the controller and clicking the parameter. Automap 3 PRO’s ‘Keystroke Assignment’ enables almost any QWERTY or ASCII keyboard shortcut (and combination shortcuts) to be instantly assigned to the SL Mk II controls. Automap 3.0 also introduces ‘Autoview’ where the ‘heads up GUI’ (showing the current status of all controls) can be programmed to automatically appear whenever a controller is touched, then disappear upon release.

More information about the product at Novation.

Source: Pro-Music-News

Akai MPD32 Pad Controller

Akai MPD32 Pad ControllerAkai has released some new products early this year, this new product is a MIDI controller that is specially designed for working precisely with a music software, the Akai MPD32 Pad Controller is fully programmable and works with any DAW software, this and the high quality pads will make this device very successful.

The Akai MPD32 Pad Controller features 16 pads with velocity and pressure response, 8 swtiches, 8 faders and 8 endless knobs assignable controls, tap tempo, preset adjusting and transport controls, 2 footswitch and 1 expression pedal inputs, 4 banks, 30 user presets, LCD display and MIDI connection.

The transport controls allow us to control the DAW or the sequencer software in both Mac or Windows. The Akai MPD32 Pad Controller is now available and its price is $300.

Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal [Winter NAMM 2008]

Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal [Winter NAMM 2008]This new Moog device that will be present at Winter NAMM show can be a great and very important tool for synth or DJ-gear absed musicians, if you are on this group and sometimes you have felt you need another hand take a look at this. The Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal is a foot pedal MIDI controller that can be used with effects processors, synths, laptops, … even to adjust parameters from different devices at the same time.

The Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal features 4 footswitches each one with LED, expression pedal, 1 rotary encoder with push switch, 2 momentary switches (for editing presets), LFO signal generated by user’s rate, amount and waveform (available waveforms: triangle, square, sawtooth, ramp and sample and hold) adjusments, random noise cv (control voltage), preset Voltage levels, USB port (with MIDI over USB), MIDI in and out connections, 4 CV 1/4″ TRS outputs and 5 operation modes.

The operation modes include using footswitches to select programs or channels (single channel mode) or using footswitches as channel on/off and the pedal as an expression pedal for all the channels, among others. The Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal price and availability have to be announced yet.

RME DMC-842 Digital Mic Controller

RME DMC-842 Digital Mic Controller

RME announces that their last effort in mic controllers, that was officially introduced at last AES show, is now available for shipping, but the RME DMC-842 Digital Mic Controller is probably one of the first devices in the market specially designed for digital mics. This controller has a similar design to other RME devices like the Firewire interfaces with blue front panel with independent areas, meters and LED panels for each channel.

The RME DMC-842 Digital Mic Controller features 8 channels, 24 bit audio resolution, up to 192kHz sampling rate (with selector switch), digital phantom power switch and gain control per channel, 8 AES digital inputs, 8 analog, 4 AES and 2 ADAT outputs and MIDI and wordclock connections. This controller can also work as a power supply supporting the 2 modes (asynchronous and synchronous) of AES42 standard that allows you to control some parameters remotely through the digital mic.

This controller is 19″ rack-mountable and comes with a computer MIDI communication software (only for Windows). The RME DMC-842 Digital Mic Controller is now available and its list price is $4000 (approximately street price $2800).