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Solid Cables Eleph speaker cable

solid cableSolid Cables has unveiled its entry into the speaker cable market.

The new Eleph speaker utilizes ultra pure copper conductor of different diameters to better carry the full frequency spectrum of sound any amplifier could create.In doing this, the Eleph cable provides a truly transparent link between the amplifier and the speaker.

Solid Cables believes they are the first to make the innovation of using not only an ultra pure copper 10 gauge conductor, but one made up of different diameter strands to better carry the full spectrum of sound. The conductors are in a helical wind pattern to resist electrical and mechanical noise and housed in a 6000 PSI tear resistant armor. All conductors are permanently isolated in an avionics grade adhesive to eliminate internal breakage, shorting or solder joint failure.


– Suspended polymer insulator
– All metal shell
– Armor and ends permanently fused with avionics grade heat shrink
– Hand soldered using premium audio grade silver alloy
– Helical wound ultra pure copper conductor, multiple diameter
– Quadruple strain relief
– 6000 PSI tear resistant protective outer armor
– Available with Speakon connectors
– Available in Carbon Black only

The cable is available for $135 (for 3 foot Eleph speaker cable).

For more information about the product, please visit: Solid Cables

Open Labs SoundSlate

openOpen Labs introduced SoundSlate – the ultimate virtual instrument player and hardware DAW for your keyboard workstation or MIDI controller, contained in a sexy 1U rackmountable case.

SoundSlate redefines music production and performance by incorporating Open Labs‘ music operating environment including the critically acclaimed virtual instrument host Riff, 8000+ of sounds and effects, a robust audio i/o, and a powerful computer core running Windows XP into a 1U-ultra compact case that packs a punch.

Technical specifications:

Intel® Core2 Duo ® (2.8GHz)

2 GB (upgradeable to 4GB)

500 Gigabyte (upgradeable to 2TB)

Slimline CD/DVD Burner

(8) USB 2.0 ports
(1) Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet port
(2) DVI Video ports (1 DVI-I, 1 DVI-D)
(1) E-SATA port

Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 96, 192kHz from internal crystal or externally supplied clock (no sample rate conversion)
Bit Depths: 24-bit I/O, 32-bit processing
E-MU E-DSP 32-bit DSP with 67-bit accumulator (double precision w/ 3 headroom bits)
Hardware-accelerated, 32-channel mixing, and multi-effects processing
Zero-latency direct hardware monitoring w/effects
ASIO 2.0, WDM/MME/DirectSound Drivers
EDI (E-MU Digital Interface) proprietary 64-channel audio link over CAT-5 cable
Anti-Pop speaker protection minimizes noise during power on/off
Ultra-low jitter, clock subsystem: < 1 ns in PLL mode (44.1kHz, Opt. S/PDIF Sync)

Analog Line Inputs (2)
Type: servo-balanced, DC-coupled, low-noise input circuitry
A/D converter: AK5394A
Level (software selectable):
– Professional: +4dBu nominal, 20dBu max (balanced)
– Consumer: -10dBV nominal, 6dBV max (unbalanced)
Frequency Response (20Hz – 20kHz): +/- .05dB
Dynamic Range (1kHz, A-weighted): 120dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted): 120dB
THD+N (1kHz at -1dBFS): -110dB (.0003%)
Stereo Crosstalk (1kHz at -1dBFS): < -115dB

Analog Line Outputs (2)
Type: Balanced, low-noise, 3-pole low-pass differential filter
D/A converter: CS4398
Level (software selectable):
– Professional: +4dBu nominal, 20dBu max (balanced)
– Consumer: -10dBV nominal, 6dBV max (unbalanced)
Frequency Response (20Hz – 20kHz): + 0.0/-.35dB,
Dynamic Range (1kHz, A-weighted): 120dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted): 120dB
THD+N (1kHz at -1dBFS): -105dB (.0006%)
Stereo Crosstalk (1kHz at -1dBFS): < -115dB

Digital I/O
– 2 in/2 out coaxial (transformer coupled)
– 2 in/2 out optical (software switched at ADAT)
– AES/EBU or S/PDIF format (software selectable)
– 8 channels, 24-bit @ 44.1/48kHz
– 4 channels, 24-bit @ 96kHz (S-MUX compatible)
– 2 channels, 24-bit @ 192kHz
– 1 in, 1 out

Internal crystal sync at 44.1, 48, 96, 192kHz
External sample rate sync via
– ADAT (44.1 – 192kHz)
– S/PDIF (opt. or coax 44.1 – 96kHz)

Power Supply
250 Watt Power Supply, Whisper Quiet Cooling Fans (Internal Chassis, Processor & Power Supply)

19(W) X 12(D) X 1U(H)

More information: Open Labs

Brace Audio DWG1000-TX Digital Wireless Guitar System

inst_side_beltBrace Audio announced the shipping of the DWG1000-TX Digital Wireless Guitar System.

A breakthrough in wireless technology, the Brace DWG-1000 blows away traditional analog wireless systems and gives you something cables can't: natural tone and freedom to roam the stage or control room.

Frequency response of 10Hz to 15kHz delivers thunderous lows and crystal-clear highs rivaling the most expensive audio cables without the static, pumping, breathing, and dropouts found in dynamics-destroying companding and other side effects of analog systems.  Brace Audio‘s unique internal dome antenna design helps immensely for drop out avoidance and also prevents antenna breakage.

The DWG-1000 is rugged and a no-brainer to use. ALL Automatic Channel Selection and Locking transparently links the transmitter to the receiver the moment the units are powered on.  Depending upon conditions, up to twelve DWG-1000 Digital Wireless Systems can be used simultaneously onstage and up to six DWG-1000-TX transmitters can link to a single DWG-1000 receiver.

Operating at 2.4 GHz, the DWG-1000 includes a declaration of conformity, so you’ll never worry about their wireless being confiscated when traveling internationally and is certified for use in USA, Canada and the EU.


*RF Output Power:  16 dBm
*Maximum Input Level:  2.75v peak to peak
*THD:  <2% @ 800 mV pp 1 kHz tone
*S/N Ratio:  more than 90 dB
*Battery Life:  5 hours (AA size battery)
*Output:  33mm, 1/8 in. mono Jack
*System gain: 1
*Frequency:  2.4 GHz, FHSS
*Input Impedance:  600K ohm
Operating Power Voltage:  3.0V Typical
Audio Frequency Response:  10 Hz – 15 kHz
Lower Battery Alert:  15 minutes of life left
Antenna:  Internal dome
Units operating at same time: 8-12

Frequency Type:  2.4 GHz, FHSS
Battery Life:  7 hours (AA size battery)

Product contains
1 Transmitter
1 Receiver
2 – 1/4″ to 1/8″ Guitar Cables
Belt Clip

More information: Brace Audio

Hinton Instruments SwitchMix

SwitchMix1-flat1Hinton Instruments has introduced their latest product – the SwitchMix.

It is actually a compact switched routing matrix for both audio and dc coupled control voltages. According to Hinton, the SwitchMix offers all the advantages of pin matrices without the problems.

SwitchMix may have balanced or unbalanced compatible inputs and outputs, extending its use beyond synthesizer patching to other audio routing applications including multitrack and effects routing and headphone mixes. The balanced inputs make it suitable for interfacing DAW sound cards into a synthesizer for Silent Way and Volta users.

Two Eurorack versions of the SMX8 are available, with or without front panel jacks. Rear connections are via DB25 sockets conforming to the Tascam balanced analogue pinout. The SMX8EJ (shown) has front panel 3.5mm unbalanced jacks for synthesizer connections and occupies 42HP of Eurorack space. The SMX8EB has balanced Bantam/TT jacks. Other combinations and custom normalling are possible.

Custom build options are available. Prices start from £399, EC orders received before 1st January 2010 will be charged with 15% VAT.

More information about the product: Hinton Instruments

Keith McMillen Batt-O-Meter battery tester

keith mcmillenKeith McMillen presented its new innovative product – the Batt-O-Meter which is the first battery tester for musicians.

Frequently described as ‘indispensable’, Batt-O-Meter saves musicians from that dreaded moment when a battery dies during a gig by telling you the hours of life remaining in your batteries without removing them from your gear. Retailers are excited to now be shipping this necessary and useful device to their customers at an affordable price.

Batt-O-Meter is a simple to use device, yet so much more than a voltmeter or multimeter. When plugged into a ¼” jack, it tells the user what they want to know: how many hours of usage are left until their battery is going to die. This provides invaluable peace of mind to anyone that worries about a dead battery marring his or her performance and saves them from the costly habit of replacing healthy batteries ‘just in case’. It is also crucial for gear techs that want to know the status of the batteries onstage without wasting time opening up all the gear. Batt-O-Meter also tells you the voltage being delivered and can test stand-alone 1.5V and 9V batteries. A side switch selects from alkaline, carbon zinc, and rechargeable chemistries, so whatever type of battery you use, Batt-O-Meter has you covered.

More information about the Batt-O-Meter: Keith McMillen

Mutec MC-7 amplifier and audio clock converter

pic_mc7_fMutec now ships the new MC-7 a Word Clock distribution amplifier and audio clock converter.

The Mutec MC-7 converts and distributes Word Clock, AES3/11 and S/P-DIF. The outputs can be individually multiplied by x1, x2, x4 to adapt low-clock-rate-signals to modern and higher-clocked equipment. An incoming reference signal passes latest audiophil-optimized PLL circuits, to be distributed and output as Ultra low-jitter, high-quality clock signal, regardless of the condition of the reference signal. Thus, connected audio devices will benefit from the MC-7's signal regeneration abilities, which improve their sound qualities audibly.

Additionally, for live or broadcast use, a special ‘Hold' functionality can be activated which guarantees interruption-free output signal supply in cases when the external reference is of insufficient quality or lost completely. Therefore, the MC-7 is predestined to be used as centralized clock stabilizer and distributor, where reliable signal availability is a must.

Mutec MC-7 features:

– Word Clock, AES/EBU and S/P-DIF interfaces working in one box

– Handles clock rates up to 192.0kHz/768.0kHz

– Extracts and regenerates clock signals out of digital audio signals

– AES11, Grade 1, internal reference clock (0.5ppm)

– Built-in international power supply


– Stellate Word Clock distribution

– Audiophil clock recovery and regeneration

– Interconnection of consumer and professional digital audio devices

– Line extension for e.g. theatre or broadcast installations

– Output expansion for Mutec’s iCLOCK, iCLOCKdp, iD, iDdp, MC-3, MC-3.1 and MC-3.2.

More information about the product: Mutec

Focal Professional CMS SUB

wooferFocal Professional introduced its latest product the CMS SUB.

It is an active subwoofer designed to extend the frequency response of the CMS studio monitors. Its very high efficiency and dynamic capabilities guarantee a perfect integration with the CMS50 & 65 monitors. The CMS SUB offers tight and controlled bass, capable of reproducing every nuance and detail. Its great neutrality and dynamic range make adjusting EQ and compression settings on your tracks an absolute breeze. Thanks to the large front laminar port, the CMS SUB ensures a perfect reproduction regardless of the listening level, and the numerous settings facilitate its integration into even the smallest recording studios.

The 11″ Polyglass® cone woofer used in the CMS SUB is both very light and extremely rigid for a neutral and distortion-free response. This incredible weight-to-rigidity ratio is obtained by applying a thin layer of hollow glass spheres on top of a cellulose-based cone. The high excursion capabilities of the CMS SUB woofer offer tight and controlled bass, able to reproduce even the most minute detail. The CMS SUB woofer was designed to be extremely efficient, to make the most out of amplifier headroom, making sure that you can hear the slightest changes to compression settings.

The CMS SUB features stereo inputs and outputs to facilitate the connection of a pair of CMS monitors. A dedicated LFE input allows the use of the CMS SUB in a multi-channel system. The subwoofer's LO PASS settings have been optimised for an optimal integration with the CMS 50 & 65 permitting a quick and easy setup. Phase inversion, phase adjustment and a mute switch can be remotely controlled by a standard foot pedal.

The CMS SUB is available from October 2009. Its public retail price excluding taxes is 650 euros.

More information: Focal Professional

Dunlop MXR FullBore Metal Distortion pedal

large-imageDunlop released their latest product – the FullBore Metal Distortion pedal from MXR.

This compact but powerful device is all you need to unleash the most devastating contemporary metal guitar tones ever heard. The FullBore pedal turbocharges your guitar signal with lethal amounts of ultra high gain. This is combined with a built-in Noise Gate to knock out the noise associated with extreme gain levels while also adding definition and tightness to syncopated metal riffs.

Extensive EQ controls, with Bass, Mid, sweepable Mid-Freq, and Treble knobs let you sculpt your tone with fiendish precision. The additional Scoop switch provides an instant high and low frequency boost that’ll rumble the room while also adding clarity.


– Super high gain distortion

– Three band EQ with sweepable mid frequencies

– Tight, fast, switchable Noise Gate for syncopated metal riffage

– Internal Gate Trigger control lets you set the Noise Gate’s sensitivity

– Scoop Switch boost the highs and lows while the EQ stays active

– True Bypass with LED

– All analog circuit path

The initials MXR are synonymous with the effects pedal innovations that have shaped the tone of modern electric guitar. Since the 1970's, MXR has produced the best stomp boxes available; now comes the inspired MXR Fullbore Metal. Starting with its proprietary circuit design that delivers rich harmonic content, the Fullbore Metal carries on the MXR tradition of tough, rugged and tonally tasty stomp boxes. With its die cast chassis, robust stomp switch and carefully selected components, the Fullbore Metal is truly a modern day classic.

More information: Dunlop

TC Electronic Staccato’51 bass head

large-staccato51_frontTC Electronic and Rocco Prestia made their new product called Staccato’51 bass head – a custom-tuned version of the RH450 that’s been made to Rocco’s exact specification and ear. Rocco’s sound design on Staccato’51 fits his legendary finger-muting technique like a glove. The full-bodied tone with plenty of highs and lows as well as the ultra fast precision response enhances the percussive elements of Rocco’s playing to perfection.

In addition to the sheer tone shaping, Rocco has added a touch of TC’s SpectraComp per-string compression to tighten the sound even more. And finally a touch of TubeTone brings out the growl of Staccato’51 when really digging into those low-end notes with his powerful right hand technique.

Staccato’51 features:

Classic Tone section Based on the classic virtues of bass tone stacks, tailored to Rocco’s liking

TubeTone TubeTone emulates every characteristic of both pre-amp and power amp to deliver the full tube sound. Rocco has this dialled in so the TubeTone gives him to growl when diggin’ in

SpectraComp Most bass players know that integrated compressors generally don’t sound that good. A regular compressor tends to be dominated by the lower string, but Staccato’51’s SpectraComp technology allows virtually ‘per string’ compression that evens out the compression across all strings.

Integrated Chromatic Tuner Ultrafast chromatic bass tuner built in.

Wide range instrument input Covers both Active and Passive pickup instruments.

Integrated Linedriver Output Quality can vary wildly with built-in Line drivers, but Staccato’51’s DI is transformer balanced and galvanically isolated from the rest of the amp, which means no ground loops or hum. And don’t worry about long cable runs Staccato’51 will draw at least 100m of cable with no drop in audio quality.

Speaker Output and Linedriver Mute

Effects Loop Insert point (pre-amp out, power amp in)

Auto-sensing PSU The ultimate in convenience for you if you are a gigging musician. The built-in power supply operates from 90 to 240 Volts, making your life a lot easier as there’s no complicated fuse changing just plug and play!

Speaker output Combined Speakon and ¼” speaker output for maximum versatility

4kg / Compact package

450w power handling (800w peak) The high power output level of Staccato’51 is accomplished by using Class D amplifier technology in combination with our Active Power Management. APM effectively means that the amp behaves very much like a tube amp when getting close to maximum performance by optimizing the power impact, contrary to the hard clipping tendencies of transistor amps and most other Class D amps.

Staccato’51 is fully compatible with all of our RS cabinets and it will drive any triple combination of the existing models (RS112, RS210, RS212, RS410).

Staccato’51 bass head will be available for $1559 MSRP (USD) from October 2009.

More information: TC Electronic

Meisel COM-80 tuner

large-MEISELCOM-80Tuner.JPGMeisel Accessories has launched their new clip-on instrument tuner that features a large backlit LCD display and broad calibration range. Its name is Meisel COM-80 chromatic tuner and it can tune any instrument, but has selectable calibration for guitar, bass, violin, and even ukulele.

This is also one of the few available tuners with a calibration range that extends to A=410Hz – an important feature to Renaissance, Baroque, and other “early music” players. While it is small in overall size, the COM-80 tuner features a large-and-bright display that shows the target note and the calibration setting. When the note is in perfect tune, the display changes from bright red to bright green, speeding up the tuning process. The tuner has a swivel mount and a gel-padded clip that won’t mar an instrument’s finish.

The COM-80 is very light and compact and it is powered by one CR2032 3V coin-type battery (supplied). This tuner is small enough to fit in all instrument bags and/or cases.

The Miesel COM-80 tuner specifications:

Tuning Range: A0 (27.5Hz) to A3 (1760Hz)

Calibrated tuning for: Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukelele and Chromatic.

A Calibration: 410Hz-450Hz in 1Hz steps

A= 410Hz 450Hz

Silica-Gel Padded Clip

Weighs 1 oz.

Battery: 1 CR2032 3V coin type (supplied)

The MSRP for the Meisel COM-80 is $34.95.

For more information, visit the producer's web site at