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Jesusonic, turn your computer into a DSP

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Justin Frankel, creator of Winamp, GNUtella, etc. launched a project called Jesusonic. The Jesusonic is a new concept of full configurable effects processor. Jesusonic has two sides, hardware and software. The hardware one is a DSP with a keyboard, screen and many buttons. There are two hardware versions of Jesusonic, the cross-form CrusFX 1000, and the more practical SKULR 500. The software one is a classic effect processing program but with all the new and brilliant features of Jesusonic.

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Samic PianoDisc Opus 7, turn you piano into a jukebox


The Samic PianoDisc Opus 7 appeared at the end of last year. Like the ones that appeared in western movies, this device can play the piano on his own. The PianoDisc is installed on the piano with a tactical LCD display to control what you want to play. Also, with the help of Bluetooth protocol you can carry the tactical LCD around and control the device with a PDA or laptop. And to be more realistic it also can generate movement for the keys or the pedals.

With the MX3 HDD you can make lists of audio files or piano songs, it can play up to 40 hours of digital stereo sound.

External battery for active electronics


Remember when you had to change the active-pickup batteries? It’s annoying, isn’t it? PMT thought the same and released X-Bat, an external battery for active electronics.

Powered by the jack cable included, the X-Bat warns about low battery before the tone suffers. Can be used with multiple instruments, like guitar, bass or any instrument with active pickups, and avoid multiple changing batteries.

Can be purchased from $69.95.

Controlling a grand piano with a XBox 360 pad

XboxpianoDo you think something good can come from a piano controlled by a gamepad? At first, I thought “no” and now I think “no”. Well, maybe your opinion is different, but that’s because you haven’t seen the video from the two Microsoft developers who hacked this up.

Anyway, even if they sing horribly it’s a neat example of how technology can be combined to create music, even bad one.

The horizontal axis of the joystick controls the pitch of the sound and the vertical axis controls the velocity, while one of the buttons controls the sustain pedal.

Of course, this is not something you would like to see playing in a classical orchestra.