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Yamaha MagicStomp Acoustic

Magicstomp-Acoustic_News_Main_091704.jpgSome low cost devices like POD or V-Amp are difficult to manage on stage and the footswitch is the only way to communicate with them, but you don’t take advantage of all the features.

Yamaha released the MagicStomp Acoustic Stomp Box, a multieffects processor stomp box for acoustic guitars featuring an automatic feedback eliminator, an integrated chromatic tuner, mic, amp and speaker simulations and 198 sound programs (99 factory and 99 user presets).

It includes an easy-to-read LCD display, master volume, 3 foot switches (increment/decrement and on/off) and 3 multi-function knobs. Through its USB port you can load or save presets from/into a PC or Mac, and at you will find other users shared presets and you can share yours too. Besides the USB port, MagicStomp has balanced 1/4″ stereo outputs and headphone jack.

Price for MagicStomp Acoustic Stomp Box is approximate $150.

Lectrosonics DMPA12 Digital Power Amp and DSP

This 12-channel power amp with built-in DSP could be used with the case from last post. Lectrosonics DMPA12 has 12 inputs managed by the Digital Audio Network Interface bus and each channel is processed individually at the power amp.

The DSP unit features delay, compression, filtering and limiting. You can use two channel to double the power output.

It can be controlled by his USB or RS232 port. Price has to be announced.

Jesusonic, turn your computer into a DSP

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Justin Frankel, creator of Winamp, GNUtella, etc. launched a project called Jesusonic. The Jesusonic is a new concept of full configurable effects processor. Jesusonic has two sides, hardware and software. The hardware one is a DSP with a keyboard, screen and many buttons. There are two hardware versions of Jesusonic, the cross-form CrusFX 1000, and the more practical SKULR 500. The software one is a classic effect processing program but with all the new and brilliant features of Jesusonic.

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UAD-1e PAKs, DSP built-in the computer

Uad-1e_expert_menuUniversal Audio released two new packs of PCIe audio processor, the UAD-1e Expert PAK and the UAD-1e Express PAK. Both packs include the PCIe card that powers your computer with DSP and some very interesting plug-ins.

If you can't or don't want to connect your instrument to the computer with a preamp or an effect unit, you can record directly from the guitar and apply any plug-in from the ones included with these packs.

The list of plug-ins include vintage equalizers and compressors, superior precision mastering tools, lush reverbs, guitar FX, …

Price for Express PAK is $499 and for Expert PAK is $999.

Architectural Acoustics Prolinx, audio processing & control DSP


Interested in professional installations for shows or events? Architectural Acoustics introduces Prolinx a professional tool for audio control system.

With 12 inputs and outputs (with switchable balanced or unbalanced modes), increasable with an additional unit to 96 inputs and 36 outputs, 32bit parallel SHARC processor and 1,320 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) dedicated to routing tasks and 400 MIPS to DSP, frequency analysis and general communications tasks.

Connections include a front-panel USB port for connection to PC, flash drive, and PDAs. It can also operate with wired or wireless network and includes true automixing and a graphic EQ at each output.