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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1

Traktor_Kontrol_X1_Perspective_1_610x497Native Instruments has announced Traktor Kontrol X1.

It is the first official Traktor controller for use with any DJ software. Whether you are a DVS timecode or software DJ, simply connect the Traktor Kontrol X1 to a computer running Traktor (or other performance software) and gain instant control of your decks and effect parameters. Robust rotary knobs with a heavy-duty feel and backlit buttons provide precise visual and tactile status feedback- letting you delve deep inside Traktor Kontrol X1 without having to touch your computer.


  • Seamlessly adjustable LED brightness adapts to any environment from bright daylight to the darkest club
  • Button off glow for reading button labels in absolute darkness.
  • All buttons feature backlights in multiple colors for ease of useFX buttons: orange. Transport buttons: blue MIDI mode: green. Shift + Hotcue buttons: white.
  • Bi-directional communication with Traktor using NHL (Native Hardware Library). The NHL protocol features resolution that is almot 4 times that of regular MIDI
  • Calibration wizard precisely and individually defines mid-point of each knob
  • The controller is pre-mapped by the makers of Traktor, with the option to freely customize any individual part. Tweak the defaults or reconfigure the mapping entirely to your preferred workflow
  • Included powerful MIDI configuration software provides templates for various applications and gives access to advanced features such as encoder step size, note up/down encoder messages and more
  • Fully hot-pluggable in Traktor. The X1 runs the instant you connect it to your computer with Traktor running. If the USB connection is accidentally disconnected Traktor continues to play unaffected. Simply plug the X1 back in and it’s good to go again.

The controller will be available in February 2010 for a suggested price of 229$.

More information abut the product: Native Instruments

Vestax TR-1 Traktor Controller

vestaxVestax is now shipping the new TR-1 Traktor Controller a radical USB MIDI controller designed in cooperation with one of the pioneers of laptop-based DJing in Japan, the legendary Hiroshi Watanabe.

The TR-1 is a compact, user-friendly controller designed to emulate the touch and feel of a traditional DJ mixer while providing the features and usability that professionals demand in a laptop-based system.

The TR-1 features seamless command of Traktor Pro software for control of up to four laptops through two program channels. Key features include soft-push switches and smooth 60mm slide faders for high-precision mixing, with an adjustable Input Fader curve to adapt to any mixing style. A new Shift switch feature allows the user to customize control functions by assigning a second command to a single button.

The Vestax TR-1 comes bundled with Native Instruments Traktor LE software, can command over 160 parameters right out of the box, including live signal processing effects, beat matching, loop programming, filter sweeping, and EQ sweetening in real time.

Visually, the TR-1 features the traditional Vestax white gold faceplate and knobs, housed in a compact, road-tough chassis design that ensures reliability on tour. Hardware features include adjustable brightness of the surface’s LED lights for adaptability to any working conditions, and all control knobs are ergonomically designed for easy grabbing and smooth, noise-free adjustment.


– New soft push switches for tireless mixing.

– Smooth 60mm slide input faders or high-precision mixing.

– Selectable deck control (Max 4channels. A&C controlled by PGM1, B&D controlled by PGM2).

– New SHIFT switch feature to customize deck control functions.

– Adjustable LED light volume.

– Can control up to more than 160 parameters of compatible software.

– A compact, durable and easy-to-operate body design that ensures excellent reliability on tour

– Traditional Vestax white gold face plate and knobs.

– Bundle softwar: Native Instruments Traktor LE.

More information: Vestax

Tascam US-2000 USB interface

tascamTascam has unleashed the US-2000 – a new 16-input audio interface condensed into only one rackspace.

Eight studio-grade microphone preamps welcome condenser microphones, and two of the mic inputs are on the front panel for easy access. An additional six balanced 1/4″ line inputs are provided, as well as four balanced line outs and stereo digital I/O. The front panel features a 100-LED meter bridge for setting input and output levels. The US-2000 connects to a computer through high-speed USB 2.0, and is priced about the same as less-capable 8-channel FireWire interfaces.

US-2000 specifications:

  • 16-in / 4-out USB 2.0 audio interface
  • 96kHz / 24-bit audio resolution
  • (8) XLR microphone inputs with phantom power
  • (6) 1/4″ balanced line inputs
  • (4) 1/4″ balanced line outputs
  • (2) 1/4″ instrument inputs (chan. 7 & 8 on front panel “combi “jacks)
  • Stereo S/PDIF digital in and out
  • 100-LED meter bridge (5 segments for each input and output)
  • Zero-latency direct monitoring with mono/stereo switch for each pair of inputs
  • 1/4″ balanced stereo monitor output with its own volume control
  • 1/4″ stereo high-powered headphone output
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Steinberg Cubase LE4 48-track recording software included
  • High-tech, attractive aluminum case design

Included with the Tascam US-2000 is Cubase LE4 – a 48-track workstation for Mac or Windows computers. It includes flexible hardware controls for zero-latency monitoring during recording.

The Tascam's US-2000 is available now at a projected street price under $500.

More information about the product: Tascam

Numark effects controller for NS7 and Serato Itch

large-nsfx_angle_lgNumark, the world's leading manufacturer of DJ technology, announced NSFX – an effects controller for use with the company's NS7 premium software-performance controller.

Numark developed NS7 and NSFX in strategic partnership with software developer Serato. NSFX made its worldwide debut at Numark's stand, E10, during the 2009 BPM show, October 3 and 4, 2009 at Birmingham, U.K.'s National Exhibition Centre.

NS7 DJs can now take advantage of Serato ITCH's effects capabilities with NSFX. Designed in collaboration with Serato for the ITCH system, NSFX is designed to mate perfectly with NS7, delivering seamless integration and hands-on control of the wide range of effects built into ITCH. Those effects will sync automatically to the tempo of the track to which they are applied, allowing for quick, easy, musically satisfying results every time.

DJs attach NSFX to NS7's integrated laptop stand for convenient access to effects controls. Designed to match the high-quality fit and finish of NS7, NSFX delivers the same robust, professional feel that NS7 users have grown accustomed to. Because Numark designed NSFX in collaboration with Serato, it is instantly compatible with ITCH. Users simply plug NSFX in via USB, which will activate the effects functionality in the latest version of ITCH. All parameter controls are intelligently pre-mapped and no software-driver installation is needed so DJs literally plug and play with NSFX. Club DJs will appreciate NSFX's light-up controls that indicate each control's setting and/or status for visual feedback in virtually any lighting environment.

More information about the controller: Numark

Livid Instruments Block controller

block_multiLivid Instruments has announced their latest product – the Block controller.

It is a compact and programmable MIDI control surface designed for interactive audio performance. Built on the same bi-directional and adaptable platform as the Ohm64, Block provides a powerful interface for creating and interacting with sound in a small easy-to-transport body. Sixty four backlight led buttons provide endless possibilities for visual feedback with the instrument by connecting it to Ableton Live, Max/Msp, our open source sounds apps, or any other software that supports MIDI. The open source blockEditor application lets you reprogram any of the controller’s sixty four clip buttons, eight knobs, two faders, and seven function buttons. Block is hand crafted from lightweight wood and aluminum for easy portability.

Block has bi-directional talkback communication allowing the controller to talk to your software, and software to your device. MIDI messages can be sent to the Block to light up the buttons for an interactive performance. Completely programable and mappable, block provides a flexible control surface that be used with any software or setup. Completely USB powered means you don't have to worry about adapters and and power strips, and it is plug and play so no drivers are required.

Block is designed with a perfectly square layout allowing it to be controlled from all sides. The 8×8 keypad and corresponding 8 knobs make it easy to integrate into your setup. Two faders, seven function buttons, and an extra large tap tempo button are provided to control presets, banks, settings, and are completely reprogrammable.

Block Specifications:

– 10.25″ x 10.25″ x 1.5″ (WLH) / weight 3 lbs. (26 cm x 26 cm x 3.8 cm, 1.36 kg)

– USB Powered

– Bi-Directional MIDI communication (talkback)

– Class-compliant: no drivers needed for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

– 64 Programmable backlight buttons for talk-back and interactive performance

– Programmable MIDI mapping allows you to change the MIDI settings on the hardware

– Anodized Aluminum Faceplate

– Open Source software tools to create your own LED talkback interaction

– Editor included for MIDI editing, and LED talkback programming

– Made in the USA

– Compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn

– ROHS compliant

– USB cable included

This product will be available for $399 from November 2009.

More information: Livid Instruments

DiGiCo SD8-24 digital console

LargeDigicoSD824DiGiCo unveiled their new product – SD8-24 digital console, which features the same functionality and number of inputs and outputs as the SD8 console.

The SD8-24 has the fixed architecture of the SD8, employing the same smaller Super FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) a technology that has been around almost as long as DSP. Evolution has seen the development of much larger FPGAs and these can perform far greater numbers of calculations than the most advanced DSP. These Super FPGAs are utilised in the SD8 and the SD8-24.

DiGiCo has also applied Stealth Digital Processing to its entire SD range. This is the technology that allows it to process all mixing functions and reverb algorithms in one of the latest FPGA design components. A single chip processes an amazing amount of channels, providing more channel processing than can be found on any other live digital console.

SD8-24 features include:

* 48/8 Stage Rack and 100m Digital MADI snake

* Unlimited application areas and an exceptional cost to feature ratio.

* Up to 60 mono or stereo channels with full processing (equal to 120 channels of DSP processing).

* 24 mono or stereo busses + Stereo or LCR Master with full processing (equal to 51 busses of DSP processing).

* Onboard local I/O with 8 Mic/Line inputs, 8 Line/Mic outputs and 8 AES I/O

* Open fornat and platform recording.

* 16×12 Matrix with full output processing.

* 8 stereo floating point FX processors.

* 2 independent solo busses for monitoring.

* Snapshot cue control with crossfade.

* 25 touch sensitive faders for instant control.

* Touch screen control.
Full worksurface precision metering.

* Networking and remote control.

* Remote studio grade mic pres.

* MADI connection.

* 24×32 bands of graphic EQ.

* Offline and online session control.

* DiGiCo high grade processing and audio path.

* 8 channels x 4 bands of dynamic EQ, mono or stereo (equal to 74 dynamic EQ sections).

* 8 channels of multiband compressor, mono or stereo (equal to 48 Compressors).

* Ability to build custom banks

More information:

Studiologic Numa Nero keyboard controller

large-NumaNerokbdcontrollerStudiologic have presented one of their latest products – the Numa Nero keyboard controller with its sexy ebony stylings.

Handmade in Italy and featuring Fatar’s 88-note Grand Touch progressively graded grand hammer-action keybed, the Numa symbolizes style, grace, quality of materials, craftsmanship, and technological innovation.

Innovation permeates the Numa Nero, and its customizable velocity profiles and touch-sensitive control panel redefine control and flexibility. A brand new feature exclusive to the Numa Nero is the “you-play” system, which allows unprecedented control of the velocity response of the keyboard. Realtime sensing of a user’s actual playing dynamics allows for the most advanced, customizable velocity response system ever developed. Users can design and save over 20 personalized dynamic curve settings in addition to the preset curves installed at the factory. Black and white keys can be assigned separately for total control, and the organ option allows keys to trigger much earlier in the keypress, allowing for rapid organ style playing without the need to fully engage the hammer action.

Technical specifications:

– 88-KEY wood keys grated Hammer action Keybed (TP4OWOOD)
– TOUCH SENSITIVE control panel
– large LIGHT BLUE graphic display
– 2 assignable jack pedal INPUTS
– 1 assignable FLUORESCENT wheel
– 16 independent MIDI channels assignable to all controllers
– 4 KEYBOARD ZONES for splits and layers
– 3 factory DYNAMIC curves
-15 memory user locations for VELOCITY DYNAMIC COURVES saving
– 64 memory locations for PATCH saving
– 2 MODE operation
1st EDIT to create patches with all MIDI parameters
2nd PLAY to play keyboard and controls, and some fast MIDI changes ( program change, midi channels, transpose, mute…)
– assignable AFTERTOUCH
– PANIC buttons
– YOU PLAY feature is the best and fastest way to create a dynamic curve in REAL TIME
– MIDI out
– USB class compliant – to connect with PC to load/save FIRMWARE UPDATES presets
– XP-VISTA- MAC compatible, no drivers required
– POWERED via USB (cable not included) and/or power adapter included

Numa Nero specifications:
– size: 51.8(L) x 15.8(W) x 4.7(H) [cm 131,5 x 40,0 x 12,0]
– weight: 57.3 lbs (kg 26,0)

More information: Numa World

Allen & Heath Xone:DX DJ controller

deckAllen & Heath and Serato have released their new product –  Xone:DX, a new DJ controller and audio interface.

It is a 20-channel USB soundcard and features total integration of the brand new 4-deck Serato ITCH software. Boasting the ability to send up to 168 individual MIDI control messages, a 20-channel 96kHz/24-bit USB 2.0 soundcard, two dual layer deck simulators, and RIAA/phono inputs for external decks, as well as the central 4 channel mixer section which directly manipulates the DSP mixing within the computer, the Xone:DX is one of the most versatile, high specification professional DJ controller to date. A full version of the new Serato ITCH software is supplied with the DX, providing unique 4-deck control, and a comprehensive set of digital DJ FX, as well as looping and time-stretching.

The Xone:DX is also fully compatible with other leading DJ software brands, and has Allen & Heath's customary pro modular design build and high quality components. It also has bi-color LED feedback layer assignment, UV light sensitive legend, mix outputs on RCA and balanced XLR, a separate booth output, and measures 50mm deep to fit conveniently in a laptop bag.


Designed in conjunction with Serato

Includes full version of ITCH software

4 channel layout with FX

Two dual layer deck simulators

Bi-colour LED layer assignmnt

20 channel USB 2.0 soundcard

24bit/96kHz audio system

168 individual MIDI messages available

ITCH includes FX, looping and time-stretching

RIAA/phono inputs for external decks

Mix outputs on RCA and balanced XLR

Separate booth output

Fully compatible with other leading DJ software

Built-in hardware MIDI interface

Professional modular construction

High quality faders

50mm deep to fit laptop bag

The Xone:DX will be available for about £999.

More information about the product: Xone

JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controller

large-JBL_MSC1JBL Professional just introduced the MSC1 Monitor System Controller – a new product that integrates monitor system control and tune-ability.

It includes features that can be found in large mixing consoles to control essential monitoring functions from the mix position. Since the acoustic issues in the room can compromise the quality of the mix, the MSC1 includes JBL‘s RMC Room Mode Correction Technology that tunes the monitor system to over come low frequency problems in any room.

The MSC1 provides the ability to monitor up to three 2-channel input sources, such as a mixing console, computer workstation and personal music player while controlling the volume of the monitor system and connected headphones. The MSC allows connection of two sets of speakers and a subwoofer. The primary “A” speaker outputs include user-defined monitor EQ and JBL RMC to tune the system to the room. The subwoofer output has its own level control, selectable crossover settings and RMC to perfectly blend a sub with the “A” speakers. The “B” speaker outputs allow connection of a secondary set of studio monitors. Included MSC1 Control Center Software allows access to user-adjustable settings including speaker equalization, subwoofer crossover frequency, subwoofer polarity and level, and fine-resolution delay that can be applied to compensate for variations in speaker and subwoofer distance relative to the listening position.

“With the launch of our new LSR2300 Series Studio Monitors, we wanted to offer a most affordable solution that enhances the work-flow while tackling problems in the room. Our new MSC1 provides engineers and musicians with a highly affordable, highly functional option to turn any room into an optimized environment for mixing audio”, said Peter Chaikin, JBL Director of Recording and Broadcast Marketing.

The MSC1 will be available in October for $375.00.

More information about the product can be found at JBL.

SL Mk II MIDI controller from Novation

Novation-SL-ReMOTE-MKIINovation launched the SL Mk II MIDI control. Building on the original ReMOTE SL’s reputation on high quality hardware and control software, the SL Mk II has some additions designed to set it apart from other controllers in order to make mapping and controlling software quick and effortless.

A semi-weighted Fatar ‘fast touch’ keyboard is combined with a full DAW and plug-in control surface that visually feeds back control information to the user. All knobs and faders are touch sensitive. By simply touching a control, all mapping information automatically appears on the large 144 character LCD display. Back lit LED buttons and LED ringed encoders instantly show the status of controls. SL Mk II includes full transport control, an XY ‘Xpression Pad’, eight drum pads, sprung pitch/mod joystick and a Speed Dial encoder which enables the user to grab any parameter the cursor is positioned over. In addition to 25, 49 and 61 key versions, a keyboardless ‘Zero’ is available with longer-throw faders and a central crossfader.

Quick mapping of all 56 knobs, faders and buttons is managed by Novation’s Automap 3 PRO software which provides instant and intelligent control of all music software. As well as extensive DAW control, parameters on VST/AU/RTAS/TDM plug-ins can be assigned by simply touching the controller and clicking the parameter. Automap 3 PRO’s ‘Keystroke Assignment’ enables almost any QWERTY or ASCII keyboard shortcut (and combination shortcuts) to be instantly assigned to the SL Mk II controls. Automap 3.0 also introduces ‘Autoview’ where the ‘heads up GUI’ (showing the current status of all controls) can be programmed to automatically appear whenever a controller is touched, then disappear upon release.

More information about the product at Novation.

Source: Pro-Music-News