Mutec MC-7 amplifier and audio clock converter

pic_mc7_fMutec now ships the new MC-7 a Word Clock distribution amplifier and audio clock converter.

The Mutec MC-7 converts and distributes Word Clock, AES3/11 and S/P-DIF. The outputs can be individually multiplied by x1, x2, x4 to adapt low-clock-rate-signals to modern and higher-clocked equipment. An incoming reference signal passes latest audiophil-optimized PLL circuits, to be distributed and output as Ultra low-jitter, high-quality clock signal, regardless of the condition of the reference signal. Thus, connected audio devices will benefit from the MC-7's signal regeneration abilities, which improve their sound qualities audibly.

Additionally, for live or broadcast use, a special ‘Hold' functionality can be activated which guarantees interruption-free output signal supply in cases when the external reference is of insufficient quality or lost completely. Therefore, the MC-7 is predestined to be used as centralized clock stabilizer and distributor, where reliable signal availability is a must.

Mutec MC-7 features:

– Word Clock, AES/EBU and S/P-DIF interfaces working in one box

– Handles clock rates up to 192.0kHz/768.0kHz

– Extracts and regenerates clock signals out of digital audio signals

– AES11, Grade 1, internal reference clock (0.5ppm)

– Built-in international power supply


– Stellate Word Clock distribution

– Audiophil clock recovery and regeneration

– Interconnection of consumer and professional digital audio devices

– Line extension for e.g. theatre or broadcast installations

– Output expansion for Mutec’s iCLOCK, iCLOCKdp, iD, iDdp, MC-3, MC-3.1 and MC-3.2.

More information about the product: Mutec