Vestax TR-1 Traktor Controller

vestaxVestax is now shipping the new TR-1 Traktor Controller a radical USB MIDI controller designed in cooperation with one of the pioneers of laptop-based DJing in Japan, the legendary Hiroshi Watanabe.

The TR-1 is a compact, user-friendly controller designed to emulate the touch and feel of a traditional DJ mixer while providing the features and usability that professionals demand in a laptop-based system.

The TR-1 features seamless command of Traktor Pro software for control of up to four laptops through two program channels. Key features include soft-push switches and smooth 60mm slide faders for high-precision mixing, with an adjustable Input Fader curve to adapt to any mixing style. A new Shift switch feature allows the user to customize control functions by assigning a second command to a single button.

The Vestax TR-1 comes bundled with Native Instruments Traktor LE software, can command over 160 parameters right out of the box, including live signal processing effects, beat matching, loop programming, filter sweeping, and EQ sweetening in real time.

Visually, the TR-1 features the traditional Vestax white gold faceplate and knobs, housed in a compact, road-tough chassis design that ensures reliability on tour. Hardware features include adjustable brightness of the surface’s LED lights for adaptability to any working conditions, and all control knobs are ergonomically designed for easy grabbing and smooth, noise-free adjustment.


– New soft push switches for tireless mixing.

– Smooth 60mm slide input faders or high-precision mixing.

– Selectable deck control (Max 4channels. A&C controlled by PGM1, B&D controlled by PGM2).

– New SHIFT switch feature to customize deck control functions.

– Adjustable LED light volume.

– Can control up to more than 160 parameters of compatible software.

– A compact, durable and easy-to-operate body design that ensures excellent reliability on tour

– Traditional Vestax white gold face plate and knobs.

– Bundle softwar: Native Instruments Traktor LE.

More information: Vestax