Sabian SBr Series Of Brass Cymbals


Sabian has introduced SBr a new series of brass cymbals designed to offer improved quality and value for the entry level drummer. Produced from a special-formula brass alloy at the Sabian plant in Canada, the budget-priced SBr is available in a full range of popular sizes and models, each featuring deep, large-peen hammering and pinpoint lathing. SBr is available exclusively in Natural Finish.

Said Sabian Master Product Specialist Mark Love: “SBr offers a new, higher quality of brass cymbal and sound for the entry level drummer. Despite its budget price, this series has been designed as a value-added cymbal that sets a new standard for quality at this price point in the brass category. To ensure this level of quality, SBr features the same hand-guided, high-pressure hammering and traditional hand lathing applied to more expensive professional cymbals.”

The SBr series includes hi-hats, splashes, crashes, and rides. Also available are Sonically Matched pre-packs including the Performance Set (14″ hi-hats, 16″ crash, 20″ ride), the First Pack (13″ hi-hats, 16″ crash), and the 2-Pack (14″ hi-hats, 18″ crash ride).

SBr cymbal facts:

Audience: Entry Level

Price Point Budget

Metal: Brass

Hammering: Jumbo Peen

Lathing: Pinpoint

Finish: Natural

Sizes: 10″,13″,14″,16″,18″,20″

Model #:
10″ Splash SBR1005
13″ Hi-Hats SBR1302
14″ Hi-Hats SBR1402
16″ Crash SBR1606
18″ Crash Ride SBR1811
20″ Ride SBR2012
First Pack SBR5001
Two Pack SBR5002
Performance Set SBR5003

More information: Sabian