HLH100 guitar amp system

large-3rd_Power_HLH1003RD Power Amplification Systems has introduced its first product – a unique professional guitar amp system.

The HLH100 Series system combines patent-applied-for technologies in both its tube amplifier and triangular 3×12 speaker cabinet to produce the ultimate medium-to-high gain guitar rig. This unique, large-format rig was designed for serious guitarists by 3RD Power president and pro audio industry veteran Jamie Scott. To achieve the sound he was looking for, Scott perfected the DirecDRIV tube preamp section, which produces a sweet-sounding overdrive that transmits every nuance from guitar to cabinet, at any volume. An innovative Smooth/Bold voicing switch gives the player a choice of tonalities between a classic late-60s sound (Smooth) and an assertive, more lyrical tube quality (Bold). The HD100 amp is hand-wired point to point and produces a classic 100 watts of power designed for use in combination with the HLH 312 cabinet.

The physical design of the HLH 312 speaker cabinet, while visually striking, has very specific sonic benefits. With no parallel walls, many of the audio artifacts inherent in more traditional cabinet designs have been eliminated. The shape also allows closer spacing of the speaker cones, creating a distinctive, point-source sound that retains coherency across the entire sound stage.

A full-blown HLH 100 Series amp rig achieves big volume, but maintains its rich tonal quality even at modest gain settings. The HD100 tube amplifier carries an MSRP of $2999. The companion 312 speaker cabinet weighs in at 70 pounds, stands 30 inches tall and is priced at $1699.

Both components are now shipping.