DiGiCo SD8-24 digital console

LargeDigicoSD824DiGiCo unveiled their new product – SD8-24 digital console, which features the same functionality and number of inputs and outputs as the SD8 console.

The SD8-24 has the fixed architecture of the SD8, employing the same smaller Super FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) a technology that has been around almost as long as DSP. Evolution has seen the development of much larger FPGAs and these can perform far greater numbers of calculations than the most advanced DSP. These Super FPGAs are utilised in the SD8 and the SD8-24.

DiGiCo has also applied Stealth Digital Processing to its entire SD range. This is the technology that allows it to process all mixing functions and reverb algorithms in one of the latest FPGA design components. A single chip processes an amazing amount of channels, providing more channel processing than can be found on any other live digital console.

SD8-24 features include:

* 48/8 Stage Rack and 100m Digital MADI snake

* Unlimited application areas and an exceptional cost to feature ratio.

* Up to 60 mono or stereo channels with full processing (equal to 120 channels of DSP processing).

* 24 mono or stereo busses + Stereo or LCR Master with full processing (equal to 51 busses of DSP processing).

* Onboard local I/O with 8 Mic/Line inputs, 8 Line/Mic outputs and 8 AES I/O

* Open fornat and platform recording.

* 16×12 Matrix with full output processing.

* 8 stereo floating point FX processors.

* 2 independent solo busses for monitoring.

* Snapshot cue control with crossfade.

* 25 touch sensitive faders for instant control.

* Touch screen control.
Full worksurface precision metering.

* Networking and remote control.

* Remote studio grade mic pres.

* MADI connection.

* 24×32 bands of graphic EQ.

* Offline and online session control.

* DiGiCo high grade processing and audio path.

* 8 channels x 4 bands of dynamic EQ, mono or stereo (equal to 74 dynamic EQ sections).

* 8 channels of multiband compressor, mono or stereo (equal to 48 Compressors).

* Ability to build custom banks

More information: http://www.digico.biz/

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