Meisel COM-80 tuner

large-MEISELCOM-80Tuner.JPGMeisel Accessories has launched their new clip-on instrument tuner that features a large backlit LCD display and broad calibration range. Its name is Meisel COM-80 chromatic tuner and it can tune any instrument, but has selectable calibration for guitar, bass, violin, and even ukulele.

This is also one of the few available tuners with a calibration range that extends to A=410Hz – an important feature to Renaissance, Baroque, and other “early music” players. While it is small in overall size, the COM-80 tuner features a large-and-bright display that shows the target note and the calibration setting. When the note is in perfect tune, the display changes from bright red to bright green, speeding up the tuning process. The tuner has a swivel mount and a gel-padded clip that won’t mar an instrument’s finish.

The COM-80 is very light and compact and it is powered by one CR2032 3V coin-type battery (supplied). This tuner is small enough to fit in all instrument bags and/or cases.

The Miesel COM-80 tuner specifications:

Tuning Range: A0 (27.5Hz) to A3 (1760Hz)

Calibrated tuning for: Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukelele and Chromatic.

A Calibration: 410Hz-450Hz in 1Hz steps

A= 410Hz 450Hz

Silica-Gel Padded Clip

Weighs 1 oz.

Battery: 1 CR2032 3V coin type (supplied)

The MSRP for the Meisel COM-80 is $34.95.

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