VMB TL-A220 lifter

vmb_TLA220The Spanish manufacturer VMB announced the addition of the TL-A220 to its range of line array lifters.

A smaller, compact version of VMB‘s TL-A3200, the TL-A220 can raise 220 kilos of gear to a height of 5.5 metres. Designed to be a solution for applications where quick set up of the line array is required, the gear is loaded directly on to the forks of the lift, cranked up and in a matter of minutes the system is suspended from the lift and ready to play.

The TL-A220 incorporates the ALS (Auto Lock Security) which was patented by VMB in 1997. The ALS automatically locks the lift in place, releases all the pressure from the cable and ensures that the load will not drop. The new lift also comes with lateral support and rear support bars as standard, which provide further stability. The outriggers have also been carefully designed to add support and accommodate Sub Bass cabinets at ground level below the flown top cabinets.

Like all VMB lifts, the TL-A220 is BGV-C1 certified. It weighs in at 95 kg and its height for transport is 1.7 m.

The TL-A220 can lift the 220kg from half a metre out: This gives the user the chance to curve their array whilst not compromising the 220 kg safe working load, explain from the producing company.

The price of the lifter is still not available.

More information about the product can be found at http://www.vmb.es/