Moog MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor Software

large-Moog_MIDI_MuRF_pattern_editor_printMoog‘s newest Moogerfooger, the MF-105M MIDI MuRF has been an instant success. With 8 analog filters under MIDI and CV control, the MIDI MuRF is one of the most powerful and flexible sound design tools around.

Now the producer is releasing the MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor.

Available as a free download to MIDI MuRF owners, the Pattern Editor software allows players to create, modify and save their own filter sequence patterns. Its point-and-click user interface makes pattern creation a breeze and the on-screen knobs and sliders let users optimize patterns to real-world settings without taking their hand off the mouse.

The MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor provides easy access to parameters only available through MIDI CC commands and saving and storing patterns on a computer allows for an unlimited number of available variations.

“With a possible 64 steps per band and the ability to create polyrhythmic patterns, the MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor lets users tailor their patterns for a sound that’s uniquely their own,” explained the Moog Applications Engineer, Amos Gaynes. “You can store up to 22 custom patterns at a time on the MIDI MuRF itself, so you can take your unique grooves with you anywhere.”

The MIDI MuRF is already being snapped up by guitarists, keyboardists, producers, and DJs worldwide. With the new Pattern Editor, they’ll be able to take their explorations further; faster and easier than ever before.

We should mention again – this product is available now as a free download.

More details about the Pattern Editor software at Moog Music.