Effectrode Delta-Trem Stereo Optical Tremolo

effectrodedeltatremEffectrode's new product is now available and its name is Delta-Trem Stereo Optical Tremolo.

This pedal authentically recreates the alluring, hypnotic tone and feel of a vintage amp tremolo. This is accomplished by using a filament lamp and photocell assembly in conjunction with a vacuum tube signal path. This gives an exceptionally warm and musical tremolo effect that blends well with clean and overdriven guitar sounds. The dual signal path allows the pedal to operate in mono tremolo mode into a single amp or stereo where the sound is ping-ponged between two amps for a huge, spacious tone.

Delta-Trem Stereo Optical Tremolo features:

100% Tube Signal path: Vacuum tubes and photo-resistors are utilised to create the tremolo effect. Custom photo-cells ensure absolute minimum harmonic distortion for an exceptionally pure tremolo tone.

Powerful Mixed-Wave Modulator: Advanced L.F.O. technology allows continuous control of 32 waveforms! Standard mode reproduces smoothed triangle (linear) to sine and psuedo-square with all the wave variations between to recreate a range of authentic tube amp tremolo tones. The pedal can be further configured to produce variations of rising and falling sawtooth waves, for “Leslie style” acceleration effects. The Delta-Trem is unique that all waveforms have rounded edges for a sweet and musical tremolo – very usable and quiet operation.

Twin L.F.O. Operation: In standard mode the signal is ping-ponged between left and right outputs. The Delta-Trem can also be configured so that the “Depth” knob operates as an independent L.F.O. control. This creates some unique amplitude modulation effects as the channels drift in and out of phase.

Amber/orange LEDs pulsate with modulation speed for visual song tempo matching. The orange LED indicates the modulation rate for the second L.F.O.

For more information, visit http://www.effectrode.com/.