Quik Lok double-tier SL-820 Keyboard Stand

001-004 PRIME PAGINE GBQuik Lok are now shipping their new product the double-tier SL-820 Keyboard Stand.

The SL-820 features fully adjustable tiers that can be quickly set at any of nine height positions or four angle positions. Telescoping arms accommodate virtually any size keyboard and controller up to 16.1 inches (41cm) deep, as well as drum machines and sound modules. The stylish V-shaped base provides plenty of support while still leaving room for volume, sustain, and control pedals.

The solid all-steel construction of this gear provides maximum sturdiness and ensures excellent structural support for this new two-tiered, slant-style stand. The exclusive, patented foldable design of tiers and base allows lightning-fast setup and fold-down with no loose parts, and the folded size is compact and convenient for storage and easy transport.

The SL-820 features a rear leveling foot that compensates for uneven floors, and eliminates vibration and shaking during a performance. Also available in a single-tier model (SL-810), the SL-820 is the perfect solution for home studio and live performance and is quite attractive with a non-reflective, powder-coated black enamel finish.

Quik Lok‘s Slant Stands can be expanded by adding the SL-823 optional tier set. An optional SL-827 telescopic mic boom and SL-825 laptop holder add-ons are also available to complete the line and fit any keyboard player’s needs.

The double-tier SL-820 Keyboard Stand:

Leg depth: 20 – 51 cm

Base width: 29.1 – 74 cm

Stand height: 47.2 – 120 cm

Main tier usable depth range: from 12.6 to 16.1 (from 32 to 41 cm)

Upper tier usable depth range: from 9 to 12.6 (from 23 to 32 cm)

Tiers height adjustment positions: 9

Tiers angle adjustment positions: 4

Weight capacity: 220 lb – 99 kg

Weight: 26 lb – 11.7 kg

Color: Black

Prices will be available soon.

More information: Quik Lok