A new era for keyboards: Mellotron M4000 from Streetly Electronics

MellotronM4000_3_lStreetly Electronics has announced the release of their new M4000 cycling tape replay keyboard instrument. It surely improves on the classic Mellotron M400 design of the 1970s to offer as standard a total of 24 individual tape sound sets, plus an additional 16 two-sound combinations, with programmable attack, a much lighter keyboard feel, improved playing height, and an air filtration system and positively-pressurized cabinet.

This product is the first cycling tape replay keyboard instrument to be manufactured anywhere for nearly 40 years. Unlike the nearly four-decades-old M400 and present day reproductions, which offer only three sets of sounds, the M4000 incorporates an improved tape cycling mechanism based on the original Mellotron Mk. I, Mk. II and M300 design. Eight stations that each includes three sets of prerecorded sounds (designated A, B, and C) may be individually selected.

The height of the keyboard relative to the older M400 has been raised by five inches to provide a comfortable standing playing position. The single manual keyboard most closely replicates the action of the Mk. II, considered to be the best of all Mellotron models. The M4000 keyboard's light and very playable feel is a revelation. The signal-to-noise ratio of the M4000 is optimized by the use of the replay amplifier and other electronics from Streetly Electronics' later model M400 and Novatron instruments. The instrument output automatically mutes when the tapes are cycling between stations.

M4000 is available now for about $8000 and with a roadcase for about $750.

More information about this keyboard can be found here: Streetly Electronics