The BSM RPA California Pedal


California Jam was a music festival that was filled with a lot of musical highlights and flashy stage shows. From Keith Emerson’s spinning piano to Ritchie Blackmore’s pyrotechnics, the Rainbow-backdropped stage was one visual feast you’re not bound to forget any time soon.

More important than the theatrics,  however, was the amazing array of  live sounds that emanated from the  stage, one of which was the raw and  brutal sound of Ritchie Blackmore’s  guitar captured by the BSM RPA  California Pedal (Ritchie’s Pre Amp  emulates Ritchies AIWA reel-to-reel  tape recorder preamp stage plus the  high-pass treble booster function  from Blackmore’s hot-rodded Marshal  Major amp, to get Ritchie’s post ’74 sound with any standard amp.)

The California Pedal brings in two flavors: the “California Jam” sound and the much later razor-sharp “Live In London” tone. This pedal carries enough headroom to recreate that California Jam experience even with amplifiers such as Marshall Major or VOX AC-30, reminiscent of Ritchie Blackmore accompanying David Coverdale with aggressive yet singing tones in songs such as “Mistreated”.

Following Blackmore’s philosophy “protect your ears and play it hard”, the stompbox has no volume control, running full-throttle all the time. With the EQ control, you can tweak the stompbox to be a perfect mate for all kinds of pickups.

The booster is true bypass and can be powered by battery or via the external power supply AC jack. The unit is covered by the typical european 2-year warranty.

The BSM RPA California Pedal will be priced at 298 EUR and will be available by Autumn 2009.

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Source: Gearwire