Rok Box 64 Audio Computer Hits the Scene

rokboxPC AudioLabs this week has launch the Rok Box 64 Audio Computer. (We were going to open this post with Are you ready to ROK?, but decided to spare you the cheese factor. You can thank us later.)

The Rok Box 64 from PCAudioLabs is a pro at tough audio and video tasks. Optimized for said uses, the Rok Box 64 uses 64 bit technology, as its namesake suggests. But what makes the Rok Box 64 unique versus other PCs?

Versus off-the-self, standard computers, PC AudioLabs' Rok Box 64 sports an 80% improvement in performance thanks to tuning of the hardware, operating system, and overall system configuration. While we can't confirm these performance/optimization tests ourselves, we'd recommend perhaps giving the Rok Box 64 a shot if you're in the running for a new audio computer.

The Rok Box 64 from PCAudioLabs can be found now at Musicians Friend/Guitar Center. For more information on this audio computer, please click here.


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