Gadotti Introduces Buster B. Jones Legacy Model

gadottiJeff Smith and Gadotti Guitars have introduced the Buster B. Jones Legacy Guitar model. Designed to the precise specifications of Buster B. Jones, the Legacy Model has a number of notable features, particularly to those who were fans of Jones. The Nylon String Electric sports a Paduak back, Curly Maple soundboard, and 2″ width neck. Likewise, the matching fretboard features Paduak with Curly Maple binding. Also on tap is a LR Baggs Element Active pickup system (located under the bridge) and a metal Gadotti logo.

Handmade in Orlando, Florida, the Buster B. Jones Legacy Model guitar will run you $2,700, but if you have the money to throw at this luxurious instrument in this economy, it still may not be enough. The Buster B. Jones will be made as part of an extremely limited run, and an appropriate one, as well – there will only be 49 such guitars made, each commemorating a year of Jones’ life. Best get that ordering information ready!

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Source: Harmony-Central