Reunion Blues Struts Out New Guitar Straps

reunionbluesReunion Blues is debuting a new selection of their guitar straps this week. Sure, it might not be a groundbreaking release, but it’s a way to get a little more stylistic with a music accessory that is an essential for most guitarists.

Purportedly the “world’s most comfortable” (we’d advise actually trying one out before jumping to this conclusion), the Reunion Blues straps are made of natural fiber. The three straps come in fresh colors comprised of 100% merino wool. The three new colors come in two kinds of black – black with red pinstripe and black with blue pinstrip. Also on tap is Nutmeg Beige. Each of the new colors are trimmed with full grain leather.

Below are the strap models:

* RBS-73 Beige w/Brown Tab

* RBS-92PS Black w/Red Pinstripe

* RBS-93PS Black w/Blue Pinstripe

With over 140 models of guitar straps, Reunion Blues may just have something for you, so click here for more information.

Source: Harmony-Central