Magneto Debuts Two Handmade Electric Guitars


Handmade instruments are integral to the Magneto brand, and now they are bringing their old world design and styling to two new guitar models straight from Matsumoto, Japan.

Born from the minds of Kei Yatsuzuka and Christian Hatstatt, the Sonnet and T-Wave are Magneto brand guitars featuring a light body shape, Canadian maple, American alder and East Indian rosewood. While the woods, output jacks, CRL Switch and CTS Pots of the Sonnet and T-Wave electric guitars are imported, all the other guitar parts and sections are made and assembled in Japan. The Magneto guitars also feature bone nut materials and custom wound pickups. Pickups are constructed using AWG 42 wire and Alnico 2, 3, and 5 rods.

Both guitars are available this fall.

3 thoughts on “Magneto Debuts Two Handmade Electric Guitars”

  1. Don’t take it as an offense, but I got a couple of things to ask you:

    First, would you mind to use a decent image resizer? This photo looks like it’s been resized in paintbrush.

    Second, right when I clicked the link from reader to ask you this, my antivirus popped up and told me there was something wrong with the website, so you might want to figure it out too.

    Thank you and keep with the good work.

  2. I have known that the Magneto brand always ensures good sound and longevity. As what their site says their guitars are “Custom handmade by experienced luthiers”. Pretty deep, huh. But you can really tell where they’re coming from. This guitar looks great, I would want one. Hmmm.. gotta start saving up.

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