Rok Box 64 Audio Computer Hits the Scene

rokboxPC AudioLabs this week has launch the Rok Box 64 Audio Computer. (We were going to open this post with Are you ready to ROK?, but decided to spare you the cheese factor. You can thank us later.)

The Rok Box 64 from PCAudioLabs is a pro at tough audio and video tasks. Optimized for said uses, the Rok Box 64 uses 64 bit technology, as its namesake suggests. But what makes the Rok Box 64 unique versus other PCs?

Versus off-the-self, standard computers, PC AudioLabs' Rok Box 64 sports an 80% improvement in performance thanks to tuning of the hardware, operating system, and overall system configuration. While we can't confirm these performance/optimization tests ourselves, we'd recommend perhaps giving the Rok Box 64 a shot if you're in the running for a new audio computer.

The Rok Box 64 from PCAudioLabs can be found now at Musicians Friend/Guitar Center. For more information on this audio computer, please click here.


Gadotti Introduces Buster B. Jones Legacy Model

gadottiJeff Smith and Gadotti Guitars have introduced the Buster B. Jones Legacy Guitar model. Designed to the precise specifications of Buster B. Jones, the Legacy Model has a number of notable features, particularly to those who were fans of Jones. The Nylon String Electric sports a Paduak back, Curly Maple soundboard, and 2″ width neck. Likewise, the matching fretboard features Paduak with Curly Maple binding. Also on tap is a LR Baggs Element Active pickup system (located under the bridge) and a metal Gadotti logo.

Handmade in Orlando, Florida, the Buster B. Jones Legacy Model guitar will run you $2,700, but if you have the money to throw at this luxurious instrument in this economy, it still may not be enough. The Buster B. Jones will be made as part of an extremely limited run, and an appropriate one, as well – there will only be 49 such guitars made, each commemorating a year of Jones’ life. Best get that ordering information ready!

For more information, click here.

Source: Harmony-Central

Reunion Blues Struts Out New Guitar Straps

reunionbluesReunion Blues is debuting a new selection of their guitar straps this week. Sure, it might not be a groundbreaking release, but it’s a way to get a little more stylistic with a music accessory that is an essential for most guitarists.

Purportedly the “world’s most comfortable” (we’d advise actually trying one out before jumping to this conclusion), the Reunion Blues straps are made of natural fiber. The three straps come in fresh colors comprised of 100% merino wool. The three new colors come in two kinds of black – black with red pinstripe and black with blue pinstrip. Also on tap is Nutmeg Beige. Each of the new colors are trimmed with full grain leather.

Below are the strap models:

* RBS-73 Beige w/Brown Tab

* RBS-92PS Black w/Red Pinstripe

* RBS-93PS Black w/Blue Pinstripe

With over 140 models of guitar straps, Reunion Blues may just have something for you, so click here for more information.

Source: Harmony-Central

Numark Introduces Laptop Stand at NAMM Show

laptopstandNumark has seen a slew of releases this week thanks to the Summer NAMM Show, located at the Nashville Convention Center. Ending today, Numark had an additional couple pieces of music gear to show off, including the Laptop Stand.

Numark's Laptop Stand acts as the DJ's computer-elevation station. Designed for DJs who utilize laptops (such as those working with Omni Control, Stealth Control, Total Control, MixMeister Control, etc.) to producers, the Laptop Stand is made with DJs in mind and offers a purportedly unparalleled combination of great, solid construction and low-weight design. Assembly is fast and a protective case aims at making transport a cinch.

“There is no other laptop stand designed specifically for the DJ with this mix of rugged construction, affordability and included carry case,” said Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark.

Look for Numark’s Laptop Stand beginning Q3 2009. It will be available at DJ and professional audio dealers. For more information, click here.


Numark Debuts CD DJ IN A BOX

medium-image003Numark this week announced their new complete CD DJ system, the CD DJ IN A BOX. The world’s leading manufacturer of DJ technology, the CD DJ IN A BOX is a centerpiece of Numark’s presence at the Summer NAMM Show, concluding Sunday at the Nashville Convention Center.

Numark‘s CD DJ IN A BOX provides something for beginner, intermediate, and advanced DJs, with two Numark NDX200 scratch CD players, a M1a two-channel DJ mixer, headphones and assorted cables. The set includes Numark‘s Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection technology, keeping music safe from vibration-related skips. Other features include seamless looping, mic input, smooth faders, two input channels, and more.

“Many DJs need a complete package for getting started or as a secondary system, and CD DJ IN A BOX was designed with that intention,” said Mark Matthews, Director of Product Development, Numark.

Numark’s CD DJ IN A BOX is available Q3 2009 from DJ and professional audio retailers. Click here for more information.


Equitek Announces E100S Mic

equitekmicEquitek today has introduced their new E100S large-diaphragm supercardioid condenser mic.

Built in the USA, the E100S mic model from Equitek sports the lowest noise floor available in its class, at 3.7dBA. The mic features traditional CAD vintage tones, as well as a bootstrapped, full differential Quadra-FET front-end. The full differential Quadra-FET front-end serves to promote low distortion and high sensitivity. Also featured is a twin 5087 output driver, 80Hz hi-pass filter and a 10dB pad.  With these specifications, the E100S is a jack of all trades, providing the ability to record vocals, acoustic instruments, percussion, and more.

The E100S large-diaphragm supercardioid condenser mic will run you $799. However, the mic also comes with a stealth shock mount and a cherry wood carrying case. Full specs below:

* Sensitivity: -30dBV (28mV) @ 1Pa

* Impedance: 150 ohms

* Max SPL: 150dB (Pad Engaged)

* Self-Noise: 3.7 dBA (best in class)

* Hi-Pass: 80Hz

* Attenuator: 10dB

* Power requirements: P48

Magneto Debuts Two Handmade Electric Guitars


Handmade instruments are integral to the Magneto brand, and now they are bringing their old world design and styling to two new guitar models straight from Matsumoto, Japan.

Born from the minds of Kei Yatsuzuka and Christian Hatstatt, the Sonnet and T-Wave are Magneto brand guitars featuring a light body shape, Canadian maple, American alder and East Indian rosewood. While the woods, output jacks, CRL Switch and CTS Pots of the Sonnet and T-Wave electric guitars are imported, all the other guitar parts and sections are made and assembled in Japan. The Magneto guitars also feature bone nut materials and custom wound pickups. Pickups are constructed using AWG 42 wire and Alnico 2, 3, and 5 rods.

Both guitars are available this fall.