VHT Releases Classic 6 Amp

amplargeVHT is heralding the release of their Classic 6 amp. Designed for low-wattage usage, the Classic 6 was created with a 12″ VHT Special Design speaker. VHT believes this design allows the amp to be cranked up (to 11, so to speak) without sound distortion or frying the speakers.

The Classic 6 from VHT comes complete with two controls, Tone and Volume, and also has low and high inputs. The power amp is a 6V6 model, while the amp is a single 12AX7 tube. VHT particularly talks up the versatility of the amp here, citing its supposed ability to mimic both a British amp and a classic American tube amp. We’ll let readers be the judge. Also heralded is the simplicity of the amp design, with the tone control options allowing for quick adjustments and easy manipulation of harmonics.

If players are looking for simplicity, the VHT Classic 6 will run them a somewhat complex $549.99. Visit the official website for more details.

Source: Harmony-Central