iZotope Preps Audio Libraries for iPhone/Touch

izotopelogoiZotope, Inc. is getting on the Apple-created mobile craze that is the iPhone. Since the platform’s introduction in 2007, thousands of apps of been created for the iPhone, and now iZotope sees a market for their high quality audio algorithms on the iPod Touch and iPhone alike.

“We are seeing a significant demand for our audio effect libraries on the iPhone as thousands of developers are flocking to this revolutionary platform. These developers are redefining the way consumers interact with their music and audio,” explained Mark Ethier, CEO of iZotope. “With our offerings for the iPhone, we are excited to enable their innovation as the first to offer high quality audio algorithms for developers to integrate into their applications.”

iZotope’s new Mobile Audio software development library is predicated upon audio DSP code from iZotope’s consumer and professional lines. iZotope believes their technology can make a big splash in this part of the mobile market by allowing 3rd party iPhone/iPod Touch developers to incorporate it into their apps. The first of these developers will be Marcus Satellite and Audiofile Engineering, with their “FiRe” and “SmackTalk!” applications.

“We already rely on iZotope’s expertise and audio DSP for our Mac OS X line of products, so it was natural for us to work with iZotope to bring high quality audio processing to the iPhone,” explains Matthew Foust, Co-founder of Audiofile Engineering.

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Source: iZotope.com