Bluezone Releases Score and Break Producer

breakproducerHere’s a little something different for our readers today. Bluezone Corporation is talking up their newest piece of software, Score and Break Producer. The trick to this package is that it specifically targets music and sounds from television, movies and video games, with trends running from break, to acoustic, to electronic.

Acting as “the new reference for composers of TV series and films”, the sound compilation consists of themes including war, action, “mysterious”, and more. 558 loops and samples are included in high quality. The pad-atmo and FX/hit-FX folders focus on war and action, while the drum loops – recorded at 136 bpm – can be fully edited by additional external software. Outside of the typical genres of sound in film and TV, the miscellaneous folder provides some unique treats for those looking for something different.

The following are the full contents:

–    Bass
–    Drumloops
–    Drums
–    FX
–    Hit-FX
–    Misc

For more on the 1128 file package, visit the website here. Demos are included on the site.

Source: Harmony-Central