Boss Debuts TU-88 Micro Monitor & Tuner

bossBoss today is showing off their new TU-88 Micro Monitor and Tuner, for use with MP3 players.

Celebrating their release of the TU-88 as perfect timing for a potential Father's Day present at the end of the month, BOSS gives the rundown of the Micro Monitor and Tuner as being a device that allows bass and guitar players to play and tune in concert with their MP3 players via LCD. An amplifier is discreetly built into the TU-88 so as to provide the ability to listen quietly to stompboxes and the guitar via the headphones. A connection to any and all MP3 players is made possible by the MIX IN mini-stereo input, although the TU-88 also can plug into a digital recorder or home stereo system to provide a little party fun. Also featured are three tuning modes (Guitar, Bass, and Chromatic), ACCU-PITCH verification, a metronome, and Flat Tuning function. The metronome itself features full volume control and selectable rhythmic patterns.

The TU-88 runs for $69.00. Click here for more.

Source: Harmony-Central