FatLoud Drops New Hip-Hop Sample Pack

hiphopFatLoud is dropping a new sample collection, and the first in their new FatLoud “Construction King” series.

Hip Hop Construction King from the “Construction King” series is a pack featuring 8 studio quality construction kits. The kits, put together by a team of producers with over ten years of sweet beat-making talent and experience, is influenced by the experience of these producers in the r’n’b, hip-hop and modern pop categories. Hip Hop Construction King features 150 loops across these three genres, and each is licensed as royalty free, thus opening up their usage in commercial compositions without requiring any further payments by the composer.

The formats included in FatLoud’s Hip Hop Construction King kit are Wav, Rex2 Loops and Acid Loops. A quick and easy download is all that is required to get your mitts on this sample pack, although you better have $29.21 (£17.35) in change lying around somewhere. For more information and the download, click here.

Source: FatLoud.com

VHT Releases Classic 6 Amp

amplargeVHT is heralding the release of their Classic 6 amp. Designed for low-wattage usage, the Classic 6 was created with a 12″ VHT Special Design speaker. VHT believes this design allows the amp to be cranked up (to 11, so to speak) without sound distortion or frying the speakers.

The Classic 6 from VHT comes complete with two controls, Tone and Volume, and also has low and high inputs. The power amp is a 6V6 model, while the amp is a single 12AX7 tube. VHT particularly talks up the versatility of the amp here, citing its supposed ability to mimic both a British amp and a classic American tube amp. We’ll let readers be the judge. Also heralded is the simplicity of the amp design, with the tone control options allowing for quick adjustments and easy manipulation of harmonics.

If players are looking for simplicity, the VHT Classic 6 will run them a somewhat complex $549.99. Visit the official website for more details.

Source: Harmony-Central

Cluster Sound Introduces New Sound Tools

minimalimpact1Cluster Sound this week has announced their sound tool suite Minimal Impact. An 810 Mb package of construction loops, digital noises, percussive loops, synth loops, unique basslines and more, Minimal Impact was designed for a wide range of productions in mind.

Cluster Sound’s Minimal Impact comes with 15 multi-sample synthesizers, all based on the Kontakt KSP engine. The UI features five organizational sections and the ability to apply a filter to an LFO oscillator. Effect insertion is designed to be streamlined and user-friendly in this manner.

The content is wide and varied, so the full rundown is below. For further details, click here. The full package runs for 29.95 $, although a free package can be attained via the above address.

* Size: 810 Mb
* Content: 960 Wav – 310 Rex2 – 1940 Instruments
* 90 Impact Kicks loops
* 90 Impact Snare loops
* 60 Impact HH loops
* 60 Low Freq loops
* 108 DSP Glitch loops
* 75 AD Filter Perc loops
* 120 Impact Impulse loops
* 60 Ripped Noise loops
* 75 High Freq loops
* 60 Lopass Bass loops
* 75 LFO Synth loops
* 60 Gold Athmo loops
* Impulse Kits: 30 MIDI Clips + 30 Drumkits
* Simper Drums: 350 Devices
* Simpler Synths: 45 Devices
* Sampler Synths: 45 Devices
* Kontakt Drums: 350 Instruments
* Kontakt Synths: 15 Instruments
* ReDrum Kits: 30 Drumkits
* NNXT Synths: 15 Instruments
* NN19 Drums: 350 Instruments
* NN19 Synths: 15 Instruments
* Contain: WAV – REX2 – Dracks versions

Source: Cluster Sounds

iZotope Preps Audio Libraries for iPhone/Touch

izotopelogoiZotope, Inc. is getting on the Apple-created mobile craze that is the iPhone. Since the platform’s introduction in 2007, thousands of apps of been created for the iPhone, and now iZotope sees a market for their high quality audio algorithms on the iPod Touch and iPhone alike.

“We are seeing a significant demand for our audio effect libraries on the iPhone as thousands of developers are flocking to this revolutionary platform. These developers are redefining the way consumers interact with their music and audio,” explained Mark Ethier, CEO of iZotope. “With our offerings for the iPhone, we are excited to enable their innovation as the first to offer high quality audio algorithms for developers to integrate into their applications.”

iZotope’s new Mobile Audio software development library is predicated upon audio DSP code from iZotope’s consumer and professional lines. iZotope believes their technology can make a big splash in this part of the mobile market by allowing 3rd party iPhone/iPod Touch developers to incorporate it into their apps. The first of these developers will be Marcus Satellite and Audiofile Engineering, with their “FiRe” and “SmackTalk!” applications.

“We already rely on iZotope’s expertise and audio DSP for our Mac OS X line of products, so it was natural for us to work with iZotope to bring high quality audio processing to the iPhone,” explains Matthew Foust, Co-founder of Audiofile Engineering.

For more information, click here.

Source: iZotope.com

Macro-Tech i Amp Series Gets Refresh

macrotechThe Macro-Tech i series of amplifiers from Crown is getting a refresh in the line, thanks to three new models. The MA-5000i, MA-9000i and MA-12000i amp models all feature the Macro-Tech i proprietary Class-I circuitry design, which provides impressive power while cutting the amp’s weight by roughly fifty percent.

New to the latest Macro-Tech i series is dual-port capability, eliminating the need for a separate cable to run from the switch to the different, individual amplifiers.

“The professional sound reinforcement community knows what to expect from the Macro-Tech i series. They are getting the best sounding, most reliable analog power amplifier in the world. The best just got better with these updates. The upgraded power and features reflect the needs of our customers and our desire to provide them with a solution that best meets their needs,” stated Brian Divine, director of marketing for touring and installed sound for Crown.

For more information, visit the official site here.

Source: Harmony-Central

Alfred Rocks Out With Rush TAB Collections

alfredmusiclogo1Alfred is apparently feeling nostalgic for some good ‘ole classic rock, as is evident in their announcement today of the Rush Deluxe TAB collections.

For 30 years Rush, led by bassist Geddy Lee, have been creating their own brand of highly-recognizable rock, and now Alfred is bringing Rush fans and music aficionados in general two 22-song collections to fulfill their need for the group's sound. Both collections are transcribed in authentic TAB, and feature some of the following titles: The Big Money; Closer to the Heart; Distant Early Warning; Dreamline; Far Cry; Fly by Night; Freewill; Ghost of a Chance; The Larger Bowl; Limelight; New World Man; One Little Victory; Red Barchetta; Show Don’t Tell; The Spirit of Radio; Subdivisions; Test for Echo; Tom Sawyer; The Trees; Vital Signs; Working Man; YYZ.

Deluxe Guitar TAB Collection (1975-2007) and Deluxe Bass TAB Collection (1975-2007) are available now for $24.95 each. The official site is here.

Also and in related news, Ultimate Bass Play-Along: Rush allows the beginner to learn Rush songs and play-along via an included CD. The CD sports two iterations of each song, the second of which acts as a play-along and comes without bass. Titles include Anthem; Closer to the Heart; Spirit of Radio; Temples of Syrinx; Tom Sawyer; YYZ. The CD set runs for $19.95.

Bluezone Releases Score and Break Producer

breakproducerHere’s a little something different for our readers today. Bluezone Corporation is talking up their newest piece of software, Score and Break Producer. The trick to this package is that it specifically targets music and sounds from television, movies and video games, with trends running from break, to acoustic, to electronic.

Acting as “the new reference for composers of TV series and films”, the sound compilation consists of themes including war, action, “mysterious”, and more. 558 loops and samples are included in high quality. The pad-atmo and FX/hit-FX folders focus on war and action, while the drum loops – recorded at 136 bpm – can be fully edited by additional external software. Outside of the typical genres of sound in film and TV, the miscellaneous folder provides some unique treats for those looking for something different.

The following are the full contents:

–    Bass
–    Drumloops
–    Drums
–    FX
–    Hit-FX
–    Misc

For more on the 1128 file package, visit the website here. Demos are included on the site.

Source: Harmony-Central

Boss Debuts TU-88 Micro Monitor & Tuner

bossBoss today is showing off their new TU-88 Micro Monitor and Tuner, for use with MP3 players.

Celebrating their release of the TU-88 as perfect timing for a potential Father's Day present at the end of the month, BOSS gives the rundown of the Micro Monitor and Tuner as being a device that allows bass and guitar players to play and tune in concert with their MP3 players via LCD. An amplifier is discreetly built into the TU-88 so as to provide the ability to listen quietly to stompboxes and the guitar via the headphones. A connection to any and all MP3 players is made possible by the MIX IN mini-stereo input, although the TU-88 also can plug into a digital recorder or home stereo system to provide a little party fun. Also featured are three tuning modes (Guitar, Bass, and Chromatic), ACCU-PITCH verification, a metronome, and Flat Tuning function. The metronome itself features full volume control and selectable rhythmic patterns.

The TU-88 runs for $69.00. Click here for more.

Source: Harmony-Central

SoundStage Virtual Instrument Software Available

soundstage1SONiVOX today announced their latest virtual instrument release for mass musician consumption, SoundStage.

Designed for Mac and PC by the Boston-located company, SoundStage keeps songwriters, musicians, and educators alike in mind by offering up a wide collection of virtual instruments. Over 200 instruments are on hand, all based on the GM GS spec. These 200 samples include basses, guitars, synths, ethnic percussion, drums, and more. These samples are all programmed by sound designer Jennifer Hruska.

Also included in soundstage's virtual instrument engine are quality FX from iZotope and SONiVOX, ranging from Delay, to Reverb, to EQ effects. Envelope and filter controls are also on hand to aid the user and to help them mold their experience in as precise a manner possible.

SoundStage operates as a plug-in with all AU, VST or RTAS hosts, and also acts as a standalone instrument for the PC and Mac. The software carries an MSRP of $99. The trial download is available for free here.

Source: Sonivoxmi.com

Finale 2010 Software Ships

finaleNew from MakeMusic, Inc. today is Finale 2010, the latest in the best-selling family of music notation software for the past twenty years.

Aimed at educators and music professionals, Finale 2010 looks to make everyone’s job easier by offering a number of updates in this new iteration of the software. Fresh changes to the 2010 version include the automated creation and sequencing of rehearsal marks, ease of use in percussion notation, and the simplification of chord entry via the use of fewer keystrokes. More than 350 sounds make the cut in this update, including new handbell, bass, guitar, organ, synthesizer and brush kit drum set samples. Also included are over 350 worksheets, VST/AU effects and instrument plug-ins, and expanded graphic import/export support.

“The best tools are designed by the people who use them,” stated Ron Raup, MakeMusic’s CEO. “The varied improvements in Finale 2010 reflect the work of the musicians of MakeMusic and their ongoing communication with other Finale users. More than 80% of MakeMusic employees are musicians, participating in nearly 2000 performances each year. We’re thinking, talking, living and breathing music – and interacting with other Finale users – every day. This close interaction, whether it occurs at the office, tradeshow, studio, school, place of worship or performance hall, informs every decision we make. We’re confident that our customers will find the changes in Finale 2010 will contribute to improved workflow while maintaining the robust power customers expect.”

Finale 2010 is now shipping. More information can be found via the official site.

Source: Finalemusic.com