Get On-Stage with the RS7500 Amp Stand

micstandOn-Stage Stands has announced their RS7500 Tiltback Amplifier Stand, an accessory that they hope guitarists will be interested in in order to improve the stage area and make hearing while playing an easier process.

The RS7500 Tiltback Amplifier Stand joins two other RS models from On-Stage Stands the RS7000 and RS7705. The RS7500 offers 5 different ways the amplifier can be tilted, in accordance with the musician's preference. Due to the ability to tilt the amp, players can have the amp aimed at their heads rather than their legs, improving the ability to hear tones correctly. Also, On-Stage stands suggests that, thanks to the sound being aimed directly towards the ears, the amp can be operated at a lower sound level and thus help with durability. Extra mic stands are not necessary for the RS7500, thanks to the included integrated threaded shaft end.

The RS7500 has a 28 stance, weighs just 100 lbs, and supports 1×10, 2×10, 4×10, 1×12, 2×12, and 1×15 speaker configurations. The RS7500 will run you $49.99.