QuikQuak Announces UpStereo 2.00

qwikqwakUpStereo 2.00 works as a stereo enhancer, a tool designed to take mixes and increase their power and stereo width, thanks to control boosts, overdrive options, and more.

UpStereo 2.00 debuted today and is available for Windows & Max OSX. The program provides a stereo width slider that “slides” from mono to wide. This produces the effect of bring the stereo image out to the person listening. Also featured in UpStereo 2.00 is a loudness control boost, air and bass boosters that act to lift the audio, an overdrive option, and an adjustable 3D interface. This adjustable 3D interface sports both colors that can be changed and also light positions that can be fully altered. Further, UpStereo prides itself on its “very” low CPU usage, so ideally your computer shouldn’t be very bogged down, no matter what kind of unit you are working with. (Actually, take that last phrasing with a grain of salt, of course. We hope you have a respectable computing rig in your home or studio.)

Perhaps the best thing about the UpStereo 2.00 is that it is absolutely free. Save your pocketbook some hurt in this bad economy and check out the UpStereo 2.00 here.

Source: QuikQuak.com