Grover Percussion Shakes New Tambourine Models

groverToday Grover Pro Percussion Inc. heralded the release of their new tambourine models. The new tambourines feature REMO Renaissance heads that can help outdoor musicians with performing in warm, humid conditions, which could otherwise prove to be quite the problem.

Designed for use in such moist conditions, the new Grover tambourines purportedly are nearly unperturbed altogether by humidity. President and Founder Neil Grover complimented his product, saying, “The new models are terrific; really great for playing at outdoor venues. I can’t wait to use this model on the Esplanade during our big July 4th concert,” commented Grover, a member of the Boston Pops. “It will work out perfectly.”

The three new tambourine models all feature a strong hardwood shell, dual-width double row jingle slots, double row hand-hammered jingles, and captive pins. The T2/GS-X German Silver jingles model carries a price of $184. The T2/GsPh Silver/Bronze combo lists at $189, and the T2/BC-X Beryllium Copper model comes in at $208. So, why not get shaking with these today? If you’re interested, the website is here with further information.

Source: Harmony-Central